Thursday, September 20, 2012

ROH Redemption Review

Here's my review of ROH Redemption I actually consider myself very lucky to have found this. I got it on the ROH store early last year (before SBG) right before it went OOP. 

ROH Redemption
Dayton, Ohio 8/12/05

1.) Four Corner Survival - Delirious vs. Matt Stryker vs. Ace Steel vs. Sterling James Keenan: **3/4

EDIT: Apparently there were TWO Matt Stryker's. Both wrestled in ROH at some point or another. I guess the Stryker who isn't in WWE is in this match. Whatever. I don't think there was any commentary for this match, but I enjoyed it. It was a decent Four Corner Survival & a good way to open the show.

2.) Spanky vs. Colt Cabana: **3/4

Another decent match. This is actually the only ROH show I have that features Spanky. CM Punk got in the ring afterwords and cut a promo about the main event.

3.) ROH Tag Team Titles - BJ Whitmer & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer: **1/2

This match was kind of average. Enjoyed it but it didn't really have anything special.

4.) Six Man War: The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley & Abyss) vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong & Matt Sydal): ***3/4

If Generation Next won (which they did) Sydal would get a spot in the group. This match was A LOT of fun. I especially enjoyed how Abyss meshed up with the smaller guys.

5.) Grudge Match - Low Ki vs. Jay Lethal: ***

This match disappointed me. Their were some nice spots but it kind of fell flat, imo. The no contest (I think it ended as a no contest) didn't help

6.) Matt Hardy vs. Homicide - ***1/2

I think any of the shows from 2005 with Matt Hardy are definite pick ups (Just to see Matt Hardy in ROH when his whole situation was going down). This was actually pretty good. Crowd was split since they knew Hardy was going back to WWE, but it was still pretty good.

7.) ROH World Title Elimination Match - CM Punk vs. Christopher Daniels vs. James Gibson vs. Samoa Joe: ****3/4

This is probably one of my favorite ROH matches EVER. I REALLY enjoyed this match, and ESPECIALLY the way it was booked. It was more than just a wrestling match. It told a GREAT story, and had lots of emotion, not to mention the fact the crowd when nuts when Gibson came back & won. This really (imo) had the "Big Match Feel" to it. Just......AWESOME stuff.

Overall: 8.5/10

I think this show is a must grab for the historical value, since it was both apart of the Summer of Punk & Matt Hardy 2005 venture in ROH. Plus, unlike the new Punk DVD, this actually has his entrance music with his Cult of Personality theme. But overall it was a good show. I might have overrated it (in some people's view) but I really enjoyed this show. If you can find it at all, anywhere, GET IT!!!

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