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ROH Death Before Dishonor V: Night 2 Review

An 8 Man Street Fight headlines Night 2 of Death Before Dishonor

ROH Death Before Dishonor V: Night Two
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 8/11/07

1.) Falls Count Anywhere - Mark Briscoe vs. El Generico: ***1/4

Both The Briscoes & Steenerico have singles matches against each other tonight, and it looks liek this one's up first. This was good opening match and a great way to get the crowd going. While I think Jay is a little better, Mark is still a good singles wrestler in his own right.

2.) Jack Evans vs. Deranged: *3/4

Wasn't Deranged part of Special K? I have no idea because I don't care about Deranged. This match is skippable.

3.) Nigel McGuinness & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Hero & Jigsaw: **3/4

Sweeney apparently hired Jigsaw for the night so he can be Hero's partner in this one. It was a decent match. Nothing really outstanding.

4.) SHIMMER Title Match - Sara Del Rey vs. Lacey: ***

This was actually a VERY good women's match. Probably one of the better ones ROH has ever put on.

5.) Bryan Danielson vs. Mike Quackenbush: ***3/4

Here we had a clash between The Best in the World against The Man of a Thousand Holds. This was a very good match. Two Great Wrestlers just going at it and having a great wrestling match. No complaints here.

6.) Lights Out Match - Kevin Steen vs. Jay Briscoe: ***1/4

Much like the opening match, this was another good match in the Steenerico/Briscoes feud. Entertaining.

7.) ROH World Title Match - Takeshi Morishima vs. Brent Albright: ****

WOW...I did not in any way expect this to be as good as it was. The crowd was so into it and it looked like at points that Albright was actually going to win the belt. This ranks up their with the NWA World Title Match at Death Before Dishonor VI the next year as one of Albright's best ROH matches.

8.) Philadelphia Street Fight - No Remorse Corps & Matt Sydal vs. The Resilience & Delirious: ****1/2

I gotta say that I REALLY enjoyed watching this match. It was a Street Fight, and it was a heck of a lot of fun to watch. They were all over the building. A lot of entertaining stuff happened in this one. Really good main event.

Overall: 8.5/10

This is another great ROH show from 2007. While not quite as good as some of the PPV's from 2007, this is certainly a great show to watch regardless. There's something for everyone on this one, and it makes for a very enjoyable wrestling show.

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ROH Driven 2007 Review

Bryan Danielson & Nigel McGuinness battle for a shot at the ROH World Title

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ROH Driven 2007
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 6/23/07


1.) Roderick Strong, Rocky Romero & Davey Richards vs. Erick Stevens, Matt Cross & Delirious: ***3/4

ROH Stars off the PPV with the NRC taking on Delirious & The Resilience. This was a great opening match, probably one of the best ROH has ever had. Great stuff here.

After the match, Austin Aries saves the good guys from a further beat down and announces his intentions on returning to ROH, signing his new ROH contract on one of the turnbuckles in the process.

2.) Matt Sydal vs. Claudio Castagnoli: ***1/2

These guys were partners challenging for the Tag Team Titles at Respect is Earned, but lost. Sydal blames Claudio for the loss, leading to this match. It was a good contest. As I've mentioned on previous reviews, Sydal & Claudio have always seemed to have good chemistry together. 

After the match, Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. comes out and Larry Sweeney offers Sydal a contract with his group, promising success. Claudio advising against it, calling Sweeney a scumbag, then going on to rip up the contract and attack Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. Sydal makes his decision by attacking Claudio, thus becoming apart of Sweeney's group.

3.) Naomichi Marufuji vs. BJ Whitmer: ***

There wasn't a whole lot here, but it was am entertaining match.

4.) Pelle Primeau vs. Brent Albright: DUD

Pretty much a squash for Albright....moving on.....

5.) ROH World Tag Team Titles – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico: ****

These two teams always seem to have great to fantastic matches against each other. A great Tag Team Title Match here. Briscoes win here, but a post match attack by Steen with a Ladder serves as a sign of things to come.

6.) ROH World Title – Takeshi Morishima vs. Jimmy Rave: **

Eh...not one of Morishima's better title defenses. More of a squash to be honest....

7.) ROH World Title #1 Contender’s Match – Bryan Danielson vs. Nigel McGuinness: ****3/4

This match was taped from the June 9th Show (Domination) in Philly. One of the best matches Danielson & McGuinness have ever had against each other. It brought both guys up to a whole new level, especially Nigel. Great PPV Main Event.


1.) Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew vs. Daizee Haze & MsChif: **

The MHWC consists of Lacey & Rain. This wasn't that good of a women's match. Just ok.

2.) Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero: ***

Some of this was good, other parts...just ok. A decent match.

3.) ROH World Title – Takeshi Morishima vs. Adam Pearce: *1/2

Morishima's second title defense of the night....and it's worse than the first one...

4.) KENTA vs. Bryan Danielson: ****1/4

This the big one on one rematch from Glory By Honor V Night II last year when Danielson retained the ROH World Title. Their match on that show was a little better (and had more drama because the title was on the line) but this was a great match as well. KENTA is able to avenge his loss by getting the win here. A good way to end the night.

Overall: 9.5/10

ROH's second PPV was definitely a good one overall. The PPV Card was pretty good save for one match, and the Bonus isn't bad either, though the Danielson/KENTA match is the only bonus match worth seeing really. Speaking of Danielson, both of his matches on here are reason enough to see this show.

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CHIKARA Chikarasaurus Rex: How To Hatch A Dinosaur Review

CHIKARA Returns to iPPV with a Massive, Action-Packed Lineup!!

CHIKARA Chikarasaurus Rex: How To Hatch A Dinosaur
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 6/2/12

1.) UltraMantis Black vs. Ophidian: ***

CHIKARA's second iPPV starts off with a battle of CHIKARA's Most Devious. This was a good opening contest and a great way to start of the show.

2.) Loser Leaves Town – Colt Cabana & Mixed Martial Archie vs. The Throwbacks: ***1/4

This match has A LOT story behind it, and whoever looses the fall in this one must leave town! Mid-Match Mixed Martial Archie gets taken out by Touchdown, but returns as Archibald Peck!! The match was very entertaining and the story contributed greatly to that greatly. Archie gets pinned an thus has to leave town.

3.) Ladder Match – Special Guest Referee: Greg Iron – Gran Akuma vs. Icarus: ****

Here is the final match of the Gran Akuma Trial Series. If Akuma wins, he's back in CHIKARA, but if Icarus wins, Akuma's done with CHIKARA for good. This was a great ladder match, and much like the previous match the story only added to it. Akuma ends up getting the win & is back in CHIKARA. I think this is one of my new favorite ladder matches.

4.) Sara Del Rey & Saturyne vs. The Batiri: **1/2

So the story here is that The Batiri has been harassing Sara Del Rey on Twitter for months, and it has spilled over into the ring with several matches, including this one. It was a decent affair. Del Rey was her usual self and Saturyne has a promising future. During the match, Delirious makes his way out to ringside and eventually gets involved, causing a DQ. He then kisses all 3 members of The Batiri on the forehead and they follow him to the back.

5.) Lucha de Apuesta – Mask vs. Hair – Hallowicked vs. Tim Donst: ***1/2

This is the second match these two have had on CHIKARA iPPV (the first being a Tag Team Match) with both guys, much like their first iPPV match, putting something of value on the line. Donst initially get's the win using an unseen shoe lace to choke out Hallowicked and it looks like he's going to unmask, but the ref (Bryce Remsburg) notices it and restarts the match. Hallowicked proceeds to pick up the win using Donst's own finisher, and Donst gets his head shave. Taking everything into account, this was pretty entertaining.

6.) Eddie Kingston, Jigsaw, The Colony (Green Ant & Soldier Ant) & Mike Quackenbush vs. GEKIDO: ***3/4

Here we have an all out war between CHIKARA and the outsiders known as GEKIDO. Fire Ant was attacked by GEKIDO before the show and is thus unable to compete, making this 5 on 4 at the start. Mike Quackenbush eventually makes his in ring return to even up the sides. This was a very entertaining match. It was a good mix of tag team action and an all out brawl that went out of control at times. Props to Green Ant for the dive off the balcony.

7.) Campeonatos de Parejas – F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano) vs. The Young Bucks: ****

This is an interesting contest as Rudos battle Rudos in the Main Event. All match-ups for the Campeonatos de Parejas are two out of three falls. The Young Bucks pick up a huge win 2 Falls To 1 and capture the Titles!! The match was pretty good. I'm proud CHIKARA is giving The Young Bucks a chance here, but I find it kind off odd. Ring of Honor somehow fails to use these guys to their full extent yet they win CHIKARA's Campeonatos de Parejas and are regularly stealing the show in PWG. 

Overall: 8.5/10

I tip my hat off to CHIKARA. They were able to top themselves on this iPPV and produced probably their best show of 2012 up to this point. Much like the other CHIKARA shows I have reviewed so far, their was not a single bad match on here, and entire show was able to provide a mix of entertainment and great wrestling.

CHIKARA Hot Off The Griddle Review

CHIKARA kicks off Synergy in Chicago!!

CHIKARA Hot Off The Griddle
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 4/28/12

1.) Jigsaw & The Colony vs. The Swarm & The Shard: ***1/4

The Swarm & The Shard make their entrance through the crowd and Jigsaw & The Colony waste no time making their way out & going after the outsiders. This was a very good opening tag. Starting things off with a bang and the crowd was into it.

2.) Mixed Martial Archie vs. Kobald: **1/2

Archie, I gotta say, is great no matter what role he's playing, he's always entertaining. I loved how Archie really played up the MMA thing, not knowing what a cover was. Very funny stuff that has to be seen.

3.) The Throwbacks vs. The Batiri: **3/4

Here we have another entertaining tag team match, something CHIKARA does very well. I thought the dynamic between Hatfield & Touchdown was great, with Touchdown acting heelish (or Rudo-ish) with Touchdown not approving of Touchdown's actions. 

4.) Tianlong vs. 17: DUD

This was more of just a segment as 17, a member of GEKIDO, injures the debuting Tianlong, a student of Mike Quackenbush, who was injured by 17 a few shows back. Afterwords, Quack goes out to check on his student.

5.) Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin vs. The Young Bucks: ***1/4

Here we have, you guessed it, another entertaining tag team contest. Come to think of it, when have The Young Bucks ever been not entertaining? Cannon & Corbin impressed me in this one.

During intermission, Hallowicked was in the ring signing autographs, but was attacked by a disguised Tim Donst. This has an impact on the next match...

6.) 3.0 & The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked) vs. Die BrĂ¼derschaft des Kreuzes (Tim Donst & Jakob Hammermeier) & The Bravados: ***

Because of what happened at intermission, this match starts off as 4 on 3. Hallowicked eventually makes his way back out & the tecnico team takes the win. While not as good as the earlier 8 Man Tag, this was still good. 

7.) CHIKARA Grand Championship – Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen: ***1/2

This was set up after what happened at ROH's 10th Anniversary Show. This was a pretty good match between these two. The DQ did hurt the match a little, but it left the door open for future encounters to come.

8.) Gran Akuma vs. FIST: **1/2

Handicap Matches are an extreme rarity in CHIKARA I believe, as Gran Akuma takes on his former stable. Gregory Iron comes out during the match and helps Akuma get an upset win. This was decent, as it kept the Akuma/FIST story going.

9.) Sara Del Rey vs. El Generico: ****

The Main Event sees Sara Del Rey take on the Generic Luchador. This was the best match on the show. Really impressed with what these two were able to do. Definitely a big win for the Queen of Wresting.

Overall: 8.0/10

Once again CHIKARA puts on another great wrestling show. Nothing on here was terrible, and pretty much everything was at least enjoyable. Of course their is great wrestling action. An overall great show.

ROH Respect is Earned Review

Ring of Honor comes to NYC for it's Pay-Per-View Debut!!

ROH Respect is Earned
Manhattan, New York 5/12/07


The show starts off with BJ Whitmer issuing an open challenge, and it's answered by ROH World Champion Takeshi Morishima.

1.) ROH World Title - BJ Whitmer vs. Takeshi Morishima: **1/4

For being such a short match, this was pretty decent. It does a good job of showing Morishima as a dominant champion.

After the match, Nigel McGuinness comes out, and throws his hat in the ring for and ROH World Title Shot. Bryan Danielson then comes out, making his return, and states that he also wants a World Title Shot. Things comes to blows. Danielson takes the belt, saying he's the rightful champ. Morishima takes issue with this. Danielson eventually backs off both guys & lives to fight another day.

2.) Rocky Romero vs. Naomichi Marufuji: ***1/2

This was actually a very entertaining contest. The middle part was a little dull but the rest was very good.

After we get a Larry Sweeney & Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. Promo, we cut back to the ring and Nigel & Danielson are brawling. Morishima comes out and assists Danielson, leading to KENTA coming out to make the save for Nigel, setting up the PPV Main Event.

3.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - The Briscoe Brothers vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Matt Sydal: ****

For me, this is the first time seeing Claudio & Sydal teaming together. Claudio hair looks just plain odd....anyway, this was actually a Great Match. The Brisoces are great as usual and the Claudio/Sydal pairing proved to be entertaining.

Shortly after the match Kevin Steen & El Generico come out and demand a Tag Team Title Shot. This leads to an all out brawl that needs to be broken up, but despite this the fighting continues to the back.

4.) Roderick Strong vs. Delirious: ***1/2

Before the match we get a recap of the NRC/Delirious feud. This was actually pretty good. I was impressed. After the match, Davey Richards & Rocky Romero come out & help Strong beat down Delirious, eventually hitting a Tiger Driver on a barricade draped between the ring & the barricade. Erick Stevens & Matt Cross eventually come out and save Delirious from a further beating.

5.) Bryan Danielson & Takeshi Morishima vs. Nigel McGuinness & KENTA: ***3/4

Here we go, the PPV Main Event. I gotta say this was a very good match. While it was not the best match on the card (World Tag Team Title Match has that honor), this was still a great choice for ROH's first PPV Main Event.


1.) Tank Toland vs. Brent Albright: **

Now we get to the non-PPV portion of the show, with a strange matchup of former WWE talent. It was ok.

2.) Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze: **

Here we have Daizee Haze taking on the newest member of Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. It was a decent women's contest.

3.) Davey Richards vs. Erick Stevens: ***1/2

It's a battle between the NRC & The Resilience in this one. This was a fun match. Very entertaining.

4.) Tag Team Scramble - Jimmy Rave & Adam Pearce vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. Irish Airborne vs. Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin: **3/4

The last bonus match is a Four-Team Scramble Match. The match itself was fairly decent. Generico & Steen look pretty strong in this one.

Overall: 8.5/10

For their first ever PPV, I thought Ring of Honor did a fantastic job. All the matches on the PPV were pretty good, and event the opening match, which wasn't very long, did it's job of immediately establishing Morishima as a dominant champion. The Bonus matches are a nice compliment to the PPV, and when you look at everything together there isn't a bad match on here. A great show overall.

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ROH Good Times Great Memories Review

Colt Cabana says goodbye to Ring of Honor in his hometown of Chicago

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ROH Good Times, Great Memories
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 4/28/07

1.) Six-Man Mayhem – Delirious vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked vs. Gran Akuma: ***1/2

The shows opens with a Six-Man Mayhem featuring stars from CHIKARA Pro. This was actually a very entertaining match. The CHIKARA guys were able to show their stuff and looked really good. A great way to start off the show.

2.) Christopher Daniels vs. Erick Stevens: ***

This was a fairly decent match. Erick Stevens looked really good against the ROH Legend. They go to a 15 Minute Time Limit Draw. Stevens asks for 5 more minutes, but Daniels refuses and they goes on a very angry, tirade laced promo, basically bashing ROH and calling it quits. It's actually a pretty good promo from Daniels. Definitely one of his best.

3.) Four-Corner Survival – Homicide vs. Brent Albright vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Rave: ***1/4

We didn't know it at the time, but this would end up being Homicide's last ROH match as a regular. Rave is also making his return on this weekend of shows after his jaw injury. This was a pretty good Four-Corner Survival. Entertaining.

4.) Rocky Romero vs. Austin Aries: ***

It's the Resilience vs. No Remorse Corps. in this one. It was a decent affair. 

5.) ROH World Title – Takeshi Morishima vs. Shingo: ****

This is a rare contest as this is the first time (to my knowledge) that an NOAH wrestler went one on one with a Dragon Gate Wrestler. Shingo said that if he doesn't win here, he's going back to Japan. This was a really good World Title. Action Packed throughout. I gotta admit, these guys exceeded my expectations.

6.) Tank Toland vs. Alex Payne: ½*

This was supposed to be Payne vs. Bobby Dempsey, but Tank Toland comes out & convinces Bobby to become his next project, and takes his place in the match. This would be the start of a nearly two year storyline in ROH. Basically a squash for Toland here.

7.) Roderick Strong vs. Jack Evans: ***1/2

Former Generation Next members collide in this one. This was a great match. No matter if it's as opponents or partners, these two always seem to do great things together.

8.) ROH World Tag Team Titles – Briscoe Brothers vs. Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley: ****1/2

This was back when Sabin & Shelley were still known as the Murder City Machine Guns. The match started slow, but boy did it pick up in a big way. Sabin & Shelley's matches as a team in ROH have always been great. This is no exception.

9.) Colt Cabana vs. Adam Pearce: ***1/4

Cabana's last ROH match is in his hometown of Chicago against his longtime friend Adam Pearce. This wasn't anything technical, but it was a good comedy match. Lots of enjoyable stuff in here. Vintage Cabana. After the match, Colt's family & the majority of the Babyface roster come out to celebrate with Cabana, and take the picture that appears on the DVD Cover.

Overall: 9.25/10

The trend of great ROH shows in 2007 continues. This one in particular is very good. Take away the Toland squash and every match is three stars or better. You had pretty much everything on this show, from great multi-mans, to great World Title & World Tag Team Title matches, to Cabana's farewell. This is a fantastic show that has to be seen.

ROH Supercard of Honor II Review

A bitter rivalry comes to an end and the stars of Dragon Gate are back for Round 2!

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ROH Supercard of Honor II
Detroit, Michigan 3/31/07

Jay Brisco comes out and talks about how his brother Mark got injured on the previous night's show and that he wasn't going to compete. This brings out Daniels & Sydal (who were suppose to challenge for the titles) and demanded Jay to forfeit the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Jay obviously refuses and says that they will still wrestle tonight, but Delirious will take Mark's place. Delirious tells the crowd (in his usual tongue) to MAN UP!! 

1.) Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. Jay Briscoe & Delirious: ***1/4

This turned out to be a fairly good opening match. A great way to get the crowd fired up.

2.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Yamato: **1/4

Nothing really much to talk about this. Claudio gets the victory and comes out of it looking good.

3.) Erick Stevens vs. Mitch Franlkin: DUD

Pretty much a squash for Erick Stevens.....moving on...

Larry Sweeney & Chris Hero come out & introduce the ROH fans to Johnny Fairplay. They run down the fans and Hero calls out McGuinness and out next match is underway!

4.) Nigel McGuinness vs. Chris Hero: **3/4

This was a fairly decent contest. The best part for me was when McGuinness decked Fairplay.

5.) Jack Evans & Naruki Doi vs. Davey Richards & Rocky Romero: ***1/2

The match was a little show at the beginning, but it picked up a lot and ended up being a great contest. I always enjoy watching Jack Evans wrestle.

6.) Brent Albright vs. Homicide: DUD

This match barely gets started before Adam Pearce runs down and causes a DQ. Pearce & Albright beat up Homicide until Colt Cabana comes out to make the save, and we got ourselves a tag team match on our hands.

7.) Homicide & Colt Cabana vs. Brent Albright & Adam Pearce: **1/2

Jim Cornette actually made a surprise appearance during this match and gets involved on Pearce & Albright's behalf. This was a decent tag match. Nothing really special

8.) Steel Cage – Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer: ****1/2

Now we get into one of the MANY reasons to see this show. The climax of the Whitmer/Jacobs rivalry. This is probably one of the best cage matches in ROH history. Really bloody & violent action. Even Lacey got involved, only to get taken out by Whitmer. Just a great match.

9.) FIP Heavyweight Title - Roderick Strong vs. Austin Aries: ****

I believe this is the first time Strong & Aries faced each other one on one since the breakup during the Fifth Year Festival. Strong's FIP World Title is also on the line here. This turned out to be a great match. Afterwords Strong puts Aries back in the Stronghold but Delirious makes the save.

10.) CIMA, Shingo & Susumu Yokosuka vs. Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito & Masaaki Mochizuki: ****1/2

This is the second year in a row that a Dragon Gate Six Man has been the Main Event of a show on WrestleMania Weekend. While the match from the year before was slightly better, this was still a very fast paced, entertaining contest. Very cool stuff from all six guys involved.

Overall: 9.0/10

The first part of this card was pretty average, but the last three matches lift this card up to a whole other level. This would be the start of a trend of VERY strong shows from Ring of Honor throughout the year 2007. Definitely check this show out.

ROH Fifth Year Festival: Philly Review

ROH World Champion Homicide faces his toughest challenge to date...

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ROH Fifth Year Festival: Philly
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1.) TJ Perkins vs. Nigel McGuinness: **

The show opens with Nigel taking on TJ Perkins (who wrestled occasionally in ROH previously as Puma). A decent opener, nothing much else...

2.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Austin Aries: **1/4

Apparently Aries asked for this match since he was not able to beat the Kings of Wrestling in Tag Team Action in 2006. I was a little disappointed by this, I thought it was going to be a little better, but it was just ok.

3.) Street Fight – Adam Pearce, Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey vs. BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana & Daizee Haze: ***

This was more of a storyline based match but it was a violent brawl that definitely got accomplished what it needed to.

4.) El Generico & Kevin Steen vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe: ***3/4

Here we get the ROH debut of Kevin Steen & El Generico as a Tag Team. It would also be the first of many matches Steen & Generico would have with the Briscoes. This was a very good tag team match, and a great way to introduce Steen & Generico.

5.) Jimmy Rave vs. Samoa Joe: ***1/4

This was supposed to be Joe & Richards but Richards got hurt & their match got pushed back to the new show in Dayton. Why exactly is Jimmy Rave facing Samoa Joe on Joe's Farewell Tour?...I have no idea. Anyway, the match was good. That's about it.

6.) FIP Heavyweight Title  - Roderick Strong vs. Delirious: **1/4

The match was going decently, then the whole "concussion" thing started. Roderick shows No Remorse and gets the win. Eh....this was ok.

7.) ROH World Titles – Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. Jack Evans & Shingo: ***1/4

Allison Danger's attire is....unique to say the least. This was a fairly good tag title defense. Started slow but picked up at the end.

After the match, Evans calls out Aries and says he does not want to pick sides in the Aries/Strong feud. Aries is fine with that and says he's out to find the Next Generation Next. Jack Evans then says since Aries & Strong are getting crews, that he's going to get one as well.

8.) ROH World Title – Homicide vs. Takeshi Morishima: ***1/2

This was a fairly good World Title match, but it was that, just good to maybe very good. I don't their styles meshed very well and the blatant interference from Julius Smokes didn't help much. Homicide short reign as champion ends, and the reign of Morishima begins.

Overall: 6.75/10

Honestly....their was nothing on this show that really stands out as being great, and that's disappointing considering it is ROH's Anniversary and the Anniversary Shows are really good (though in this instance it's just one of five shows). The World Title Change is the only real reason to watch this show.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ROH Final Battle 2006 Review

Homicide's Big Night Finally Arrives

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ROH Final Battle 2006
Manhattan, New York 12/23/06

1.) Four Corner Survival – El Generico vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Davey Richards vs. Christopher Daniels: ***
A Four Corner Survival opens up the final show of 2006. Allison Danger is dressed as a Girl Scout, so the crowd chants "We Want Cookies". The match itself was pretty good. A solid opener.

2.) Adam Pearce vs. Ricky Reyes: *3/4

Nothing really much here. Pearce taking out Reyes & Smokes just builds drama for the Main Event.

3.) Jimmy Jacobs & Brent Albright vs. BJ Whitmer & Colt Cabana: ***

Here we have a grudge match as both Whitmer & Cabana have issues with Jimmy Jacobs. This was another good match. The last half especially had good action.

4.) The Kings of Wrestling vs. The Briscoe Brothers: ****

Larry Sweeney accompanies the Kings of Wrestling to the ring. This was a pretty awesome match. Lots of fun stuff here. The Briscoes pick up the win. Afterwords, Claudio gets the mic and says he'll be staying in ROH (This was believed to be Claudio's last match before going to WWE) and that the Kings will continue to wreak havoc in 2007, but Larry Sweeney has other plans, saying that the Kings are done, and he & Hero have plans that don't involve Claudio. A nice set up for whats to come.

Samoa Joe comes out next and talks about the NOAH guys coming to ROH, and the challenge he issues to the NOAH guys. He mentions Nigel which leads him to come out and accept Joe's challenge (since he spent a lot of time in NOAH in 2006). Jimmy Rave comes out and attacks, leading Joe to suggest the two have a match later that night, which happens right after intermission.

5.) Jimmy Rave vs. Nigel McGuinness: ***1/4

Jimmy Rave wrestles his second match of the night here. This is definitely the best match between these guys so far. Rave gets Nigel to tap for the third time in the last month.

6.) Dragon Gate Rules - CIMA, Shingo & Matt Sydal vs. Delirious, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong: ****
This match is held under Dragon Gate Rules, which means no tags are necessary to enter the ring. This was by far the best match of night. There were some slow parts where Aries got isolated, but overall the match was a great display.

7.) ROH World Title – Bryan Danielson vs. Homicide: ***3/4

This was the match everyone had been waiting for. Homicide's last chance to win a title in ROH. Although it did have some strange moments (like the initial DQ finish) and was slow at times, the intensity & the crowd definitely contributed to the action. Homicide got a big reaction for his win and the locker room came out to celebrate. Danielson shakes Homicide's hand and presents him with the ROH World Title.

Overall: 8.5/10

Ring of Honor always finds away to end the year with a bang. This is just a continuation of that trend. The action was pretty good, with the intensity picking up as the show progressed. The Dragon Gate Rules Match, KOW/Briscoes & Homicide's Title Win are reason enough to get this show. It's also available to watch online for free on (that's how I got to see it). Definitely check this out.

ROH The Chicago Spectacular: Night 1 Review

A World Title Cage Match headlines the first night of this Chicago Double-Shot.

ROH The Chicago Spectacular: Night One
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 12/8/06

1.) Kikutaro vs. Tank Toland: *1/4

I'm usually into Kikutaro's ROH Matches, but not this one. Why? Tank Toland that's why. Eh...Moving on

2.) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Irish Airborne: **1/2

This is I think the third match these teams have had in 2006. A fun little match up here that's makes The Briscoes look good after their time feuding with Samoa Joe & Homicide.

3.) Homicide vs. Brent Albright: **3/4

A fairly decent contest here. Albright gets DQ'ed after refusing to release the Crowbar. Samoa Joe comes out for the save and as Albright makes his way back up the ramp, Danielson comes out and pays him, presumably for injuring Homicide. Joe promises to take Danielson's Title tonight.

4.) Four Corner Survival: Davey Richards vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Cross: ***1/2

This has got to be one of my favorite Four Corner Survivals.....possibly my #1 favorite. It was a ton a fun to watch from Bell to Bell. Great stuff.

5.) Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave: **1/2

Here we have a rematch from the Dethroned show. This I think was a slight step down from their match in Edison to be honest. Rave surprisingly makes Nigel tap to his new Heel Hook finisher. After the match, Rave attacks Nigel and puts the Heel Hook on him again.

6.) Delirious & Ace Steel vs. Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn: *3/4

Eh.....this was just there.....moving on...

7.) Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Jacobs: **

This was going ok, then Lacey gets Jacobs DQ'ed when she throws powder in Cabana's eyes. The brawling continues after the match as Daizee Haze comes out, only to get speared by Jacobs. Albright comes out to assist Jacobs and they allow Lacey to stomp Cabana in the crotch with her high heeled shoe. BJ Whitmer comes out to make the save. The leads to Delirious coming out and asking BJ to be a member of his team for Night 2's Elimination Tag Team Match. Nigel McGuinness then comes out and asks to be on the team so he can get at Jimmy Rave, and he's the third man for Team Delirious

8.) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Matt Sydal & Shingo: ***1/4

Dragon Gate Rules are in place for this tag team contest. This was a good match. Entertaining.

9.) ROH World Title - Steel Cage - Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson: ***1/2

Here we go, Joe vs. Danielson in a Cage for the World Title. The was good but it felt weird watching it as it felt like an extended squash for Samoa Joe. Danielson got very little offense in, and took a beating. But I will say that I like the ending of this match. Danielson gets out as champ while Samoa Joe still look weak. Still, a good cage match, but it had so much potential.

Overall: 6.75/10

Sadly I think this show falls short of expectations. The Main Event Cage Match under-delivered, and the Four Corner Survival is the only match that really stood out. This show was just ok, nothing else really...

ROH Dethroned Review

The World Tag Team Titles are up for grabs while Samoa Joe & Homicide do battle with the Briscoes once again.

ROH Dethroned
Edison, New Jersey 11/25/06

1.) Brent Albright vs. El Generico: *3/4

Nothing much to this one. Generico wasn't a regular at this point but he would be soon. This match does do it's job, however, of making Albright look strong.

2.) Top of the Class Trophy: Shane Hagadorn vs. Bobby Dempsey: *

Again, not much here. Average Top of the Class Trophy Match. Skippable.

3.) Delirious vs. Jason Blade: **1/4

Now we finally get the first decent match on this show. This was good for it's spot on the card.

4.) Jimmy Jacobs vs. BJ Whitmer: Good Brawl

This was never really a match as these guys starting brawling before the match could begin. Things got wild pretty quick. Eventually Lacey & Daizee Haze got involved. Again, it wasn't really a match, but it accomplishes it's goal of furthering the Jacobs/Whitmer feud.

5.) FIP Heavyweight Title: Roderick Strong vs. Shingo: ***

The FIP Heavyweight Title makes its return to ROH as Roderick Strong defends against Shingo. This was a good match. Nothing special, but a decent title defense from Strong.

6.) ROH World Tag Team Titles: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal: ***1/2

Now we come to the match for which this show was named. As Daniels & Sydal pick up a huge win to capture the World Tag Team Titles, the first titles in ROH for both Daniels & Sydal. This was a very good match. It was slow to start, but the last half of the match went by really fast. Very enjoyable.

7.) Nigel McGuinness vs. Jimmy Rave: ***

This is where the Rave/McGuinness feud from late 2006 to early 2007 got going. The match was a good one. Nothing really stand out. After the match, Nigel tells Rave that he respects him & they shake hands. Nigel then tries to be silly with Rave (in a fun way) by throwing toilet paper out. This causes Rave to snap and a brawl breaks out between the two.

8.) Davey Richards vs. Austin Aries: ***1/4

This was another good match, but the crowd wasn't as into it as much.

9.) Falls Count Anywhere Elimination Street Fight: Samoa Joe & Homicide vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe: ***1/2

Here we get another wild brawl between Homicide/Samoa Joe & The Briscoe Brothers. Mark Briscoe pulls another crazy move by doing a Shooting Star Press off the top of the Entrance Way. Both Briscoes were eliminated at the same time by Homicide & Samoa Joe. After the match Joe tells Homicide that'd they will be facing each other at Final Battle after he defeats Danielson in Chicago.

Overall: 7.0/10

This was a decent card overall. Nothing really stands out, save of course for the World Title change. That and the Main Event are the reasons to get this show. 

PWG Threemendous III Review

PWG celebrates their 9th Anniversary in a HUGE way

PWG Threemendous III
Reseda, California 7/21/12

The show starts off with Joey Ryan and Excalibur, who go back & forth about it being PWG's Anniversary. Ryan says he's been in PWG since Day 1. Senior Referee Rick Knox comes out, also saying that he's been here since the beginning. Ryan goes to strike Knox, but is countered and taken down. Famous B comes out and the opening match is underway!

1.) Famous B vs. Joey Ryan: **3/4

This was a fairly decent opener. Not really sold on Famous B yet, but I can use me some more Joey Ryan. Glad he's finally getting a break in TNA

2.) TJ Perkins vs. Roderick Strong: ***1/2

This was a very good match. I don't think we saw Strong vs. Perkins in ROH in a singles match (They were in a tag team match against each other at the 10th Anniversary Show) and that's a real shame because this was pretty good.

3.) The Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***

Hm.....heard a lot about Chuck Taylor. Haven't seen much of him besides the few PWG/CHIKARA shows I have, but I need to check him out more (this includes getting to see his stuff in DGUSA/EVOLVE). Anyway, this was a decent match, albeit a little slow at parts. Looks like the Monsters are turning heel.

4.) Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards: ***1/2

Much like the Perkins/Strong match from earlier, this was another very good match. Brian Cage can pull off some very unique offense (particularly the curl spot and his finisher).

After the match Cage takes about how he's coming for the Champion whether it be Steen or Mack, challenging his inner Booker T, including a Spinaroonie!!!

5.) PWG World Title – Kevin Steen vs. Willie Mack: ****1/4

Steen jumps Mack during his entrance to get this one going. I was interested to see how this would turn out, considering both are larger guys, and WOW did they put on a match! This was a pretty awesome title match. The Crowd was REALLY into Willie Mack. Brian Cage interferes here and lays both guys out after Steen F5'ed Mack right on top of Rick Knox. In the end it takes a Psycho Driver to put Mack away.

6.) B-Boy vs. Drake Younger: ****1/4

These guys apparently split matches in CZW and this is technically their rubber match. Younger is making his PWG debut here, and boy what a debut it was. This match was really hard hitting and was just as good as the World Title Match that proceeded it. Went a little long, but it was still great.

7.) Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin: ***1/2

This was nothing but a drag out, hard hitting, fight between these two. Another great contest on this show.

8.) PWG World Tag Team Titles – Three Way Ladder Match – The Super Smash Brothers vs. Future Shock vs. The Young Bucks: *****

Every once in awhile you'll come across a match that you can watch a million times and never get tired of it. For me, this is one of those matches. WOW. This was freaking awesome, no question about it. Action Packed from start to finish. Match of the Year Candidate.

Overall: 9.75/10

After PWG set the bar so high with Steen Wolf & Fear, I wondered (as I did after Steen Wolf) what PWG could possibly do to top that card. While some people will have varying opinions, I believe that this show does (but not by very much) surpass the two aforementioned shows. This was not just a great Anniversary Show for PWG, but a Show of the Year Candidate for 2012 in general across the board. GET THIS SHOW NOW!!!! You'd be crazy not to...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

ROH The Bitter End Review

The Fight Without Honor returns as Homicide & Steve Corino look to settle their rivalry once and for all...

ROH The Bitter End
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 11/4/06

1.) Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Cross: ***

This was a VERY good opening contest. Daniels is one of those guys who can make his opponents looked good, and Matt Cross looking freaking awesome in this match. A very entertaining opener. After the match, The Kings of Wrestling attack Daniels, even striking Allison Danger! Roderick Strong, Austin Aries & Matt Sydal come out & chase the Kings off.

Jim Cornette & Shane Hagadorn come out and talk about the Main Event. This leads to The Rottweilers & Konnan (who is a part of LAX in TNA with Homicide & Hernandez) coming out. Cornette then goes into Vince McMahon mode and stacks the deck against Homicide, saying that Homicide will get DQ'ed if he cheats, has to pin Corino for a 10 Count, and that Hagadorn will be referee. Konnan then complains about Ricky Reyes not getting used because he's Cuban, but Cornette says he's not used because he sucks, and sets up the next match.

2.) Ricky Reyes vs. Shane Hagadorn: *

Reyes pretty much kills Hagadorn. Nobody Cares.....NEXT!!

3.) Four Corner Survival: BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Tank Toland: **3/4

Here we have a Four-Corner Survival with a unique array of opponents. This wasn't the best match, but it was fairly decent. Primeau gets a huge upset win and does some crowd surfing to celebrate.

4.) Bryan Danielson & Jimmy Rave vs. Nigel McGuinness & Samoa Joe: ***1/4

This was a good tag team match. Nigel really shined here, and Rave & Danielson looked like they were a regular tag team. After the match Rave freaks out after having toilet paper thrown out him and Nigel basically calls him a joke.

Jim Cornette comes out with The Briscoes and says that since Hagadorn was injured by Reyes earlier, he's canceling the Main Event and fires Homicide. Konnan and The Rottweilers come back out and Konnan announces he had a meeting with ROH officials and they said ROH is about the people and asked the crowd if Cornette or Homicide should stay. The crowd chooses Homicide, who then lets Cornette know that he's fired. Cornette then gets dragged out by Security. This is certainly an interesting dynamic. Cornette is a heel here with Homicide & Konnan as faces, but in TNA the roles are completely reversed. These segments overall were just there. The firing of Cornette could have been handled better in my opinion.

5.) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Davey Richards & Delirious: ***

The ROH Tag Team Whore of 2006 strikes again!! This was another good tag team encounter, except for freaking Bobby Cruise telling someone to move their car on the microphone DURING THE MATCH!! So Bush League..

6.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong: ***

Aries & Strong get their rematch here against the Champs after losing the titles in September. This under delivered a little bit in my view. The match was good, but nothing special. Aries getting DQ'ed after using Claudio's Briefcase didn't help.

7.) KENTA vs. Matt Sydal: ****

This is KENTA's last ROH match of 2006, and he goes out in style. He & Sydal had a very good match here. The Match of the Night.

Afterwords KENTA thanks the ROH fans, leading to Samoa Joe coming out. He compliments KENTA on his ROH success and wants him to take a message back to NOAH for him, and slaps KENTA in the face, which leads to a brawl that needs to be broken up. Afterwords KENTA thanks the ROH fans again before leaving.

8.) Fight Without Honor - Homicide vs. Steve Corino: **1/2

I was really looking forward to this, but it turned out to be a letdown. I usually enjoyed these Hardcore Brawls from ROH, and although it was decent. It was just really lacking in fire & intensity. It went WAY to long and just dragged at parts. Homicide wins, and afterwards decides that since he won the feud, he want's to shave Corino's head. Corino calls Homicide one of the toughest guys he's ever faced, and starts to shave his own head, with Homicide finishing the job.

Overall: 6.75/10

This show was the true definition of a mixed-bag. You did have good stuff on here, like the opener, the Rave/Danielson vs. Joe/McGuinness tag & the KENTA match. All the other matches were just there, and the Main Event, which should have been a great end to the feud, totally under-delivered. The weird way the Cornette firing was handled didn't help matters. 

ROH Honor Reclaims Boston Review

Ring of Honor makes its return to the Boston Area...

ROH Honor Reclaims Boston
Braintree, Massachusetts 11/3/06

1.) Nigel McGuinness vs. John Walters: ***1/4

Walters, who is a local (and gets a good reaction when he comes out), is making his first ROH Appearance since losing the Pure Title to Jay Lethal in early 2005. This was a very good opening contest. Enjoyed it very much.

2.) Mercedes Martinez vs. Daizee Haze: *3/4

This was a little below average women's match. It was passible, but could have been a little better. After the match, Daizee Haze is attacked by Lacey

3.) Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Hero: **3/4

Here is the first of two matches between the Tag Team Champions and their future challengers. This was a fairly decent contest. Since their partners were at ringside, their match gets going soon thereafter.

4.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Matt Sydal: ***

A very enjoyable contest. I don't know what it is but Claudio & Sydal have very good in-ring chemistry, whether they were opponents or partners.

5.) Homicide, Samoa Joe & BJ Whitmer vs. The Briscoe Brothers & Steve Corino: ***

This is a grudge match of sorts, with Cornette's Lackeys taking on Homicide and his Crew. Nothing really special or stand out here, but it was a good brawl (what you would expect from these guys) as it leads up to the Fight Without Honor between Homicide & Corino the next night.

6.) Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy Rave: **3/4

Much like the Daniels/Hero match, this was a very decent contest, but nothing really special to mention.

7.) ROH World Title - Bryan Danielson vs. Delirious: ***1/2

Delirious is getting his third shot at Danielson's ROH World Title, with this shot coming after he won Survival of the Fittest the month prior. This was a very good World Title Match. In fact, all of the Delirious/Bryan Danielson World Title Matches have been good. I'm not complaining, solid action here...

8.) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. KENTA & Davey Richards: ****1/4

Our Main Event sees KENTA & his American Protege taking on the former World Tag Team Champions. KENTA fought Strong & Aries earlier in year in two separate singles matches so he's already familiar with them. This was a very good tag team match. Exactly the kind of action you would expect from these four guys. A great main event.

Overall: 7.50/10

Don't let the rating of this show deceive you. This was a very good wrestling show. You had a great opener, decent undercard, and a great World Title Match/Tag Team Main Event. Everything except the women's match was at least good. A very good show from Ring of Honor.

Friday, November 9, 2012

PWG Fear Review

The Young Bucks get their comeuppance in the form of Kevin Steen & Super Dragon

PWG Fear
Reseda, California 12/10/11

1.) The Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. Kenny King & TJ Perkins: ***

This was supposed to be (and started out as) King vs. Perkins but the Taylor Boys came out, upset over the fact that their original opponents (Los Luchas I believe) could not make it. It turned out to be a good opening tag. King & Perkins make a unique tandem, but it would end up being the Taylor's going over here.

2.) The Amazing Red vs. Roderick Strong: **3/4

This is Red's Debut here in PWG. This was a good match, but I was surprised. I thought this would be a lot better than this turned out to be...

3.) Eight-Person Tag Team Match – “Pretty” Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky vs. B-Boy, Famous B, Chris Kadillak & Candice LaRae: ***1/2

B-Boy is making his PWG return in this match. I gotta say this match was VERY entertaining. Everybody played their rolls well and it definitely helped the match. Funny Stuff mixed with Good Action.

4.) Chris Hero vs. Willie Mack: ***1/2

With Hero's journey to WWE delayed he was able to make several final Indy appearances in December  2011/January 2012, with this being one of those. This was also a rematch from the Battle of Los Angeles tournament earlier in the year. This was a good, hard hitting match that made both guys look strong.

5.) Future Shock vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***1/2

This was another very entertaining match. Both teams put on a good show. I was surprised the Monsters won this, but I'm not complaining.

6.) The American Wolves vs. The Super Smash Brothers: ****

This is the kind of match you will only see in PWG. Outside of PWG nobody will give the Smash Brothers a shot in hell, but here, they looked really good against the Wolves. A very good match.

7.) Non-Title Match – El Generico vs. Dick Togo: ****1/4

It's the Ultimate Babyface vs. The Ultimate Heel!! (With a name like Dick how could you not be a heel??). This match is part of Dick Togo's retirement tour. It proved to be a great match. Hard Hitting action throughout. El Generico's Brainbuster in the Corner is one of my favorite moves.

8.) PWG World Tag Team Titles – Guerrilla Warfare – The Young Bucks vs. Appetite for Destruction (Kevin Steen & Super Dragon): ****1/2

Guerrilla Warfare makes it's return as the PWG World Tag Team Titles along the line in this one. What a match. Lots of Brawling & Weapons. A lot of very cool stuff from everyone involved. Some part of the match were just BRUTAL. The match ends with Steen & Super Dragon killing the Young Bucks to win the World Tag Team Titles.

Overall: 9.5

After watching Steen Wolf, I asked myself if PWG could even top this show. I gotta say, while this didn't top it, it came pretty damn close, or was just as good as Steen Wolf. Once again there's not a bad match on the card and the wrestling was great all around. Another Great Show from PWG.