Friday, November 9, 2012

PWG Fear Review

The Young Bucks get their comeuppance in the form of Kevin Steen & Super Dragon

PWG Fear
Reseda, California 12/10/11

1.) The Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. Kenny King & TJ Perkins: ***

This was supposed to be (and started out as) King vs. Perkins but the Taylor Boys came out, upset over the fact that their original opponents (Los Luchas I believe) could not make it. It turned out to be a good opening tag. King & Perkins make a unique tandem, but it would end up being the Taylor's going over here.

2.) The Amazing Red vs. Roderick Strong: **3/4

This is Red's Debut here in PWG. This was a good match, but I was surprised. I thought this would be a lot better than this turned out to be...

3.) Eight-Person Tag Team Match – “Pretty” Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, Joey Ryan & Scorpio Sky vs. B-Boy, Famous B, Chris Kadillak & Candice LaRae: ***1/2

B-Boy is making his PWG return in this match. I gotta say this match was VERY entertaining. Everybody played their rolls well and it definitely helped the match. Funny Stuff mixed with Good Action.

4.) Chris Hero vs. Willie Mack: ***1/2

With Hero's journey to WWE delayed he was able to make several final Indy appearances in December  2011/January 2012, with this being one of those. This was also a rematch from the Battle of Los Angeles tournament earlier in the year. This was a good, hard hitting match that made both guys look strong.

5.) Future Shock vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***1/2

This was another very entertaining match. Both teams put on a good show. I was surprised the Monsters won this, but I'm not complaining.

6.) The American Wolves vs. The Super Smash Brothers: ****

This is the kind of match you will only see in PWG. Outside of PWG nobody will give the Smash Brothers a shot in hell, but here, they looked really good against the Wolves. A very good match.

7.) Non-Title Match – El Generico vs. Dick Togo: ****1/4

It's the Ultimate Babyface vs. The Ultimate Heel!! (With a name like Dick how could you not be a heel??). This match is part of Dick Togo's retirement tour. It proved to be a great match. Hard Hitting action throughout. El Generico's Brainbuster in the Corner is one of my favorite moves.

8.) PWG World Tag Team Titles – Guerrilla Warfare – The Young Bucks vs. Appetite for Destruction (Kevin Steen & Super Dragon): ****1/2

Guerrilla Warfare makes it's return as the PWG World Tag Team Titles along the line in this one. What a match. Lots of Brawling & Weapons. A lot of very cool stuff from everyone involved. Some part of the match were just BRUTAL. The match ends with Steen & Super Dragon killing the Young Bucks to win the World Tag Team Titles.

Overall: 9.5

After watching Steen Wolf, I asked myself if PWG could even top this show. I gotta say, while this didn't top it, it came pretty damn close, or was just as good as Steen Wolf. Once again there's not a bad match on the card and the wrestling was great all around. Another Great Show from PWG.

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