Thursday, April 11, 2013

ROH Brew City Beatdown Review

Ring of Honor heads to Milwaukee for a wild night of wrestling!

ROH Brew City Beatdown
Milwaukee, WI 7/14/12

1.) Rhett Titus vs. Mike Sydal: **3/4

So about two weeks (roughly, maybe it was a week idk) before this, the whole Kenny King situation went down. The World Tag Team Titles are vacant, and Titus is now on his own. This was a fine opening match. Titus and the young Sydal put on a decent opener.

2.) Battle of Richmond Rematch – Jay Lethal vs. Mike Mondo: ***1/4

This is a rematch from the Richmond show in May.  The match here was a little better, I think. The stuff with Mondo's knee and Jim Cornette was a bit much, but it was still a fine match.

3.) Samson Walker, Chris Silvio & Mohamad Ali Vaez vs. Tony Kozina, Shiloh Jonze & Adam Revolver: **3/4

So here we have a bunch of OVW/Mid-West Talent in a Six-Man Tag. Kozina is of course known for his relationship with Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly. This was actually surprisingly decent. Samson Walker was really over for some reason, maybe because he's huge. Can't remember who won.

4.) Kyle O’Reilly vs. Tadarius Thomas: ***1/4

O'Reilly reiterates before hand that he didn't tap out to Adam Cole in their Hybrid Fighting Rules Match. This match was actually pretty solid. O'Reilly really meshed well with Thomas. Tadarius really came off as O'Reilly's equal. Good stuff.

5.) Special Challenge Match – Roderick Strong vs. BJ Whitmer: ***1/4

A fine match here, though I was expecting a little better. Still solid though.

6.) Special Attraction – Michael Elgin vs. Silas Young: ***3/4

So Silas Young & Michael Elgin are very familiar with each other, having a series of fantastic matches in AAW, a promotion out of the Mid-West. Young also made appearances for ROH a few years ago but never was a regular. Elgin also sends Truth Martini to the back before the match. This turned out to be pretty awesome. Elgin & Young showed off their great in ring chemistry here. Pretty good stuff.

Afterwords Truth Martini comes out and congratulates Elgin and sends him to the back for the night. He then brings out Rhino for the next match.

7.) Border Wars Rematch – Eddie Edwards vs. Rhino: ***1/2

I think these two actually had a better match then they did in Toronto. Solid action here. Rhino wins to even things up between the two.

8.) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. ROH World Champion Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs: ***3/4

Much like the tag match Steen/Jacobs had at Unity, this started as a wild brawl (this one actually got going but ended in a Draw) until Cornette restarted it as a No DQ Match. This was again, dumb. It should have been No DQ from the beginning. Once it was No DQ however, it got really good. The highlight was definitely Mark Briscoe putting Kevin Steen through a table after jumping off a balcony. Might be over-rating this a tad but I enjoy wild brawls.

After this, S.C.U.M. conducts a post match beatdown, but Rhett Titus runs down to make the save. He says he wants to rid ROH of S.C.U.M. and will look to the Briscoes to back him up.

Overall: 7.75/10

I don't think people were expecting much from this show but it turned out to be pretty good. Michael Elgin & Silas Young stole the show, the main event was entertaining, and a lot of the mid-card matches were fairly solid.

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