Friday, September 6, 2013

PWG Is Your Body Ready? Review

Adam Cole & Sami Callihan try to survival an hour of hell...all for the PWG World Title!

PWG Is Your Body Ready?
Reseda, California 6/15/13

1.) The RockNES Monsters vs. The Unbreakable F’N Machines: ***1/4

A pretty solid opener. I like the face that Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime got this opportunity against two of the bigger names on the independent scene. This made for a very fun opener.

2.) Kyle O’Reilly vs. Davey Richards: ***1/2

This isn't the first time these two had squared off in 2013. Of course they've been part of the American Wolves/reDRagon feud in ROH, where they've already had two fantastic singles matches. While this was not as good as their matches in Milwaukee & NYC for ROH, it was still a very good match. I've heard some people say they didn't like it as much, but I didn't mind it.

3.) The Dojo Bros vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano: ***1/2

Here we have a pretty exciting dream match between Ring of Honor & Dragon Gate USA wrestlers. While this was nothing blow-away spectacular, it was still a very entertaining tag team match. These four are some of the Best in the World and they can have a great match no matter where they are on the card.

4.) Kevin Steen vs. Drake Younger: ***1/2

I heard a lot of people say going into this that somebody was going to die. Although this was a straight up match with DQ's & Count Outs, it was still very brutal. Younger took a ton of punishment from Steen, but Drake was able to deliver high-impact punishment of his own. Adam Cole would get involved when Rick Knox was down, laying out Steen with the PWG World Title, only to get a Drake's Landing a few moments later (which in contest seems stupid on Cole's part to get involved since he would be involved in a grueling match for his World Title later in the night). Drake would end up winning with a backslide, which came off as anti-climactic, but the rest of the match made up for it.

5.) Non-Title Match – The Young Bucks vs. AR Fox & Samuray del Sol: ****1/4

This is a Non-Title affair, as well as what would end up being del Sol's last PWG match before heading to WWE. While I wouldn't call this as good as Inner City Machines Guns vs. Fox/del Sol from All-Star Weekend 9: Night One, it was still a very entertaining match. The Young Bucks were their usual great selves and Fox/del Sol certainly gave them a fun for their money.

6.) PWG World Title – 60 Minute Iron-Man Match – Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan: ****1/4

Sami Callihan is also wrestling his last PWG show before he leaves for WWE. I've seen a lot of varying opinions on this match, but I thought it was very good. I like the fact that Cole used heelish tactics to go up 3-0 very early but Callihan would fought back. The finish, where Cole was up by 6-5, and had to withstand the Stretch Muffler for a full minute, was really cool. I know Iron-Man matches (especially the 60-Minute variety) can test a fan's patience but I thought they handled things really well.

After the match, the two embrace, only for Cole to kick Sami in the dick and start beating him up before Kevin Steen chases him off. Some of the other wrestlers & the fans then bid Sami a proper farewell to close the show.

Overall: 8.75/10

While this show didn't have anything that really stood out as being amazing, it was still yet another great show from PWG. The four undercard matches were all very good (I'd venture to say it's one of the best undercards of any show this year) and two main events were both equally amazing. This show is definitely a fun one to watch.

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