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Wrestling is Cool: Best Served Cold Review

The Colony and The Devastation Corporation once again go to war!

Wrestling is Cool: Best Served Cold
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 12/8/13

I should mention that this show took place in the middle of a massive snowstorm, so very fitting if you ask me.

1.) Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. The Estonian TunderFrog: ***

Before this match, Gavin Loudspeaker announces that apparently JFDC was not at the show because of the weather, but JFDC did indeed come out and said he came in on his private jet. This was a very solid opener here. These two are definitely highlights of the "Wrestling is..." Promotions for sure. The ThunderFrog would get the win over the Ecuadorian Export.

2.) Eddie Kingston vs. Jolly Roger: DUD

Kingston becomes very annoyed with the various people in the audience wearing "I Am CHIKARA" T-Shirt, asking people to take them off several times. He basically kills Jolly Roger in short order but gets counted out because he's too focused on the people in the crowd. He even goes after a fan who was the same person who was kidnapped by Condor Security at an "I Am CHIKARA" rally in November. The owner of Wrestling is Cool comes out and tells Kingston to leave. More of a segment than a match.

3.) Missile Assault Ant vs. The Lithuanian Snow Troll: **1/2

The Snow Troll brings out some snow balls which is very appropriate. A fun match that sees the Lithuanian Snow Troll getting the win on this snowy night. Good for him!

4.) Jaka vs. Jervis Cottonbelly: ***

These two had a good match in Wrestling is Art before interference by Sidney Bakabella caused a DQ finish. They were able to have a proper match with a proper finish and it was pretty entertaining. A good match that sees Jaka get the win.

5.) Drew Gulak vs. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti: ***1/2

This was a match that I think a lot people were looking forward to. It lived up to expectations and was MOTN for sure. It was definitely different to see Mr. Touchdown in a mat-based clinic with Drew Gulak. If you're into technical spectacles this was definitely it. Gulak would get the win and Touchdown shook hands with Gulak after the match.

6.) Frank O’Rourke vs. Frightmare: ***1/4

Here we had another first time matchup that I was looking forward to. Another pretty good match here. Frightmare got his offense in but O'Rourke just brutalized him at some parts as one would expect. These kind of matches really entertain me to be honest. O'Rourke gets the win.

7.) Chuck Taylor vs. Eric Corvis: **3/4

These two had a match at Beyond Wrestling, I believe. Taylor did his usual comedy stuff and Corvis dishes out his unique offensive and defensive maneuvers, and eventually picked up the win. Corvis celebrated and Taylor sulked. This was an entertaining match. I really hope Corvis gets more attention because I really like his gimmick (and his attire) along with his unique moves.

8.) The Devastation Corporation (Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant): ***

Yet another match in the Colony/Devastation Corporation feud, but with a new twist, as I think this is the first time McMassive & Rumblecrunch teamed up in 2-on-2 competition. Much like all of their other matches, this was a pretty entertaining match and a very solid main event. The Devastation Corporation has come a really long way and The Colony have always proven to put on quality matches. In this encounter, The Colony gets the win.

After the match, the owner of Wrestling is Cool comes out. He gives a little speech before laying out Gavin Loudspeaker!!! He then speaks in German and does the BDK Salute. The camera then pans to two large masked figures clad in white (presumably Ares & Tursas) who the owner comes to and salutes with before leaving. Wrestling is Cool is apparently over.

Overall: 7.25/10

Another one bites the dust, apparently. This is the fourth "Wrestling is..." Promotion to be closed down by a villainous rudo group. The show itself was a pretty good one. No real bad matches to speak of and every match is at least enjoyable in one way or another. Of course the big story here is what happened at the end of the show, and it looks to be another chapter in the larger CHIKARA/"Wrestling is..." story.

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