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Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Well Worth The Wait Review

Adam Thornstowe defenses his title against Drake Younger in the Main Event!

Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Well Worth The Wait
Monrovia, California 2/1/14

For this show, we have the very unique commentary tandem of Excalibur & Nigel McGuinness.

1.) The RockNES Monsters vs. B-Boy & Willie Mack: ***

Both of these teams are regulars in PWG. This was a pretty solid tag team match. I'd say it's exactly what you would expect from all four guys. B-Boy & Willie Mack get the win.

2.) Brian Cage vs. Nick Madrid: **1/4

When I watched this originally, I was going to make a comment about Nick Madrid reminding me of somebody, but I forgot. Alas this was an ok match. They did some fine stuff, but not much else to it. Brian Cage attempted a 619. No, that is not a typo. It looked like he botched it the first time, because he then did it again and hit it successfully. Still....Brian Cage hit a 619. Un...freaking...believable. As you would expect, Brian Cage gets the win.

3.) Cheerleader Melissa vs. Joey Ryan: **1/2

Joey Ryan does a lot of stalling to start. At one point Melissa takes Ryan's lollipop and stomps on it, but Ryan sets that he has a crazy foot fetish and puts it back in his mouth. At least Melissa had her wrestling boots on. Anyway, they wrestled a decent inter-gender match her. At one point they were brawling on the outside and hits tights get ripped, which I think actually added to the match. Cheerleader Melissa eventually gets the win and mockingly rubs her feet in Ryan's face.

After the match, Joey Ryan takes off his torn tights (but don't worry, he's at least wearing something underneath). He then goes around and finds a birthday girl in the audience. He gives her a lap dance, and girl proceeds to put dollar bills in Ryan's underwear. Ryan puts the tights over the girls head before leaving.

4.) Brian Kendrick vs. Kyle O'Reilly: ***1/2

After the last match, we get to some more serious action. This was a very good match. I get the feeling that a lot people think that Kendrick hasn't been motivated in some of his performances over the last year (in places like Ring of Honor & Dragon Gate USA/Evolve). However, he definitely showed up tonight and had a really good wrestling match with Kyle O'Reilly. They have a lot of back-and-forth action before O'Reilly eventually picks up the win.

Adam Pearce was originally scheduled to be Steen's opponent in the next match, but he had to leave due to a family emergency. Now Steen has a "mystery opponent". As he's waiting in the ring, Chris Hero comes walking through the front door with his gear on and attacks Steen to get things started!

5.) Kevin Steen vs. Chris Hero: ***1/2

These two have wrestled each other many times before, and have always managed to put on solid performances. This was was certainly no different. It starts with some brawling around the building, but they find their way back into the ring and continue the fight. Really enjoyable match between these two. At one point, after throwing a few superkicks, Kevin Steen runs backstage, and just before he's counted out, runs back to the ring in his Young Bucks attire!! Nigel McGuinness christens Steen "The Young F**k". After some more action, Steen rolls Hero up and steals the victory!

6.) 2/3 Falls Match - Candice LaRae & Christina Von Eerie vs. PPRay: ***1/2

This is a very interesting match. I was actually really excited to see the team of LaRae & Von Eerie (I'm a fan of both ladies). To be honest, this was actually pretty good. I'd say it was close to being on par with the previous two matches (O'Reilly/Kendrick & Steen/Hero). Honestly don't know what it was, but these two teams just clicked really well and it made for a very entertaining match. The girls get the 1st Fall, then PPRay gets the 2nd Fall, and finally, LaRae & Von Eerie pick up the third fall to win the match. One of the best inter-gender matches you'll see out there, in my opinion.

7.) QPW Title - Adam Thornstowe vs. Drake Younger: ***1/4

Here we go with the Main Event! Thornstowe looks to have exchanged the trophy/cup he won at the last show for an actual title belt. Things quickly disintegrate and the two brawl to the outside, and even get a bit in for Kevin Steen's Weekend Escapades! The referee appears to letting the match go under Relaxed Rules as chairs are introduced pretty quickly. Their are some sicks bumps onto the chairs, and Thornstowe eventually gets the edge and picks up the win to retain his title.

Afterwords, Younger cuts a promo, putting over Thornstowe and thanking the fans for coming out and supporting all the wrestlers.

Overall: 7.25/10

This show doesn't have anything on it that really stands out as being amazing, but on the whole I think it was still pretty enjoyable. You had a solid opener, two very good matches in the mid-card, a pair of inter-gender matches of varying quality (one more comedic, the other being a pretty good 2/3 Falls Match), and a fine main event. Again, nothing really outstanding, but in terms of overall quality, it was a solid show.

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