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National Pro Wrestling Day 2014 Review

Wrestling Can Change The World!

This show was put together to raise money for the Against Malaria Foundaton. Maria Kanellis acted as the event's hostess and gave updates throughout the show on how much money they have raised. If I recall correctly, they surpassed their goal with over $5000 raised.

National Pro Wrestling Day 2014
Easton, Pennsylvania 2/1/14

1.) 2/3 Falls Match - CZW World Champion Drew Gulak vs. Colt Cabana: ***1/4

These two fought to a draw in the Main Event at Wrestling is Art's last show. It was a relatively quick for a 2/3 Falls Match, but at the same time, it was still a very solid opener. Lots of good back & forth wrestling between both guys. Gulak got the first fall, then Cabana got the last two falls to win the match.

2.) Trios Match - The Bloc Party (The Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan & The Brown Morning of Belarus with The Polar Baron) vs. The Baltic Seige (Estonian ThunderFrog, Latvian Proud Oak & Lithuanian Snow Troll): **3/4

This is the culmination of a rivalry that's been going on for awhile in Wrestling is Fun!, a feud which escalated when The Bloc Party broke the Estonian ThunderFrog's Hammer of Peace. The Polar Baron brings the broken hammer out with him. The match itself was fine, though I think it was hampered by a few issues, mainly the fact that it probably went a little longer than it should have. There were a few cool spots in here though. Eventually, The Baltic Seige get the win.

Almost immediately after the match, The Bloc Party attacks the Baltic Seige, but then The Estonian ThunderFrog emerges with a new (and more impressive) Hammer of Peace! He goes to the top rope and comes down with it, pretty much crushing The Brown Morning of Belarus. The Baltic Seige celebrate their victory as The Bloc Party carries off their fallen comrade (who hasn't been seen since).

In between matches, Colt Cabana presents the 2014 Ambassador of Independent Wrestling Award to Mike Burns, the owner of Smart Mark Video. 

3.) Michael Bennett vs. Hallowicked: ***1/2

Next we have a very interesting matchup. They have a history as Hallowicked tapped out Bennett to win the finals of the 2012 King of Trios Tournament for The Spectral Envoy. I found it a bit funny how he was announced as "The Prodigy" when he had dropped that nickname in ROH several months prior. This was a really good match. Hallowicked has always been one of the best performers in the CHIKARAverse and he showed it here against Michael Bennett. Really good action throughout. Hallowicked makes Bennett tap once again to the CHIKARA Special to score the victory as the Easton Crowd loudly chanted "CHIKARA"!

4.) Eddie Kingston vs. Dasher Hatfield: ***1/2

Frank O'Rourke was originally scheduled to be Eddie Kingston's opponent, but I believe an injury kept him from competing, so Dasher Hatfield takes his place. These two had a match for the CHIKARA Grand Championship at Smack In The Middle in the Summer of 2012. This was  very good contest. People think of Dasher mostly as a tag team guy with The Throwbacks, but he's proven over & over that he's a good singles competitor. Some funny moments in here include Kingston almost getting into a fistfight with a little kid, and some dude in the stands holding up a "He's Fat" sign to The War King. Dasher Hatfield is able to roll up Kingston and get the surprise victory! Dasher celebrates by holding up an "I Am CHIKARA" Sign.

5.) Sonjay Dutt vs. Eric Corvis: ***

Another very interesting matchup. This was another fine match, but it wasn't in anyway the best on the show. Dutt seemed like he was the heel but at times still seemed to play to the crowd. Corvis is a guy who I've come to like with his gimmick and some of his unique offense. Corvis gets the win with an awkward looking rollup.

6.) No DQ Match - Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Shynron: ***1/2

These two have been having a brewing rivalry across a number of the "Wrestling is..." Promotions, to the point where a No DQ Match was needed. Both guys have a lot of things going for them and they put on one of the best matches of the night. Lots of unique spots between the two and it ends with Shynron hitting The Spirit Bomb (A 630 Senton off the second rope). Very good match.

7.) La Copa Idolo - Joe Pittman vs. Heidi Lovelace: **1/4

Joe Pittman comes in as the current holder of the La Copa Idolo. Essentially it's a trophy/cup that serves as the main title in Wrestling is Heart. I've really come to love Heidi Lovelace. Definitely one of my favorite female wrestlers at the moment. Nothing really much to say here about this match, though. Kind of basic stuff, with Lovelace fighting as the underdog against the larger Pittman. What happened next was the really important part....

As it seems like Lovelace has the match won with the CHIKARA Special, GEKIDO, Dr. Cube and his minions, Sinn Bodhi & his Odditorium, The BDK, Sidney Bakabella's Wrecking Crew, The Colony Xtreme Force, a few guys in strange looking masks, and more Dr. Cube minions all come out and storm the ringside area. They attack Lovelace, Pittman, and the referee. Then the Submission Squad shows up on the other side of the building, saying that if these forces of evil want to destroy what's left of CHIKARA, they have to go through them. Unfortunately for the Submission Squad, they are quickly beaten up by The Wrecking Crew. Then Icarus shows up to loud cheers! He's flanked by The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant & assailANT), Hallowicked, Dasher Hatfield, and two Wrestle Factory Trainees. The lead masked man for the rudo's reveals himself to be Jimmy Jacobs!!! They then try to get assailANT to come back home to them, but assailANT refuses and stays loyal to CHIKARA. Jacobs questions how can Icarus & Company (who were outnumbered) possibly take on the army he had assembled. Then the vast number of Dr. Cube's Minions who had surrounded the ring unmasked themselves, revealing that they were members of CHIKARA!!! This includes (from what I can tell) UltraMantis Black, The Batiri, The Osirian Portal, Mr. Touchdown, Jervis Cottonbelly, The Baltic Seige, Los Ice Creams, and I believe The Swamp Monster as well. Things are evened out and a big massive brawl breaks out. Before long, there is a lout honking noise coming from one of the entrances to the building. There is a Delorean that has pulled up, and Archibald Peck & 3.0 step out of it and join the fight for CHIKARA!!! They eventually clear out all the rudos as Jacobs calls for a hasty retreat. The forces of CHIKARA celebrate at ringside as Icarus holds up a sign that reads "5/25/14" and says that CHIKARA is coming back!

Did you think things were done there? Not just yet....because we have a bonus Main Event!!

8.) Los Ice Creams & The Batiri (Kobald, Kodama & Obariyon) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant), The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) & Icarus: ***1/2

The fans in Easton get a really nice treat here with this Bonus Main Event featuring the stars of the revived CHIKARA!! This was a classic CHIKARA Match, and I personally enjoyed it a lot. This was just so much fun and featured many of the talents that CHIKARA has become known for over the years. Icarus gets the win for his team with the CHIKARA Special and all ten competitors celebrate to officially end the show.

Overall: 7.75/10

From a wrestling standpoint, this was a good show that didn't have anything relatively outstanding. There wasn't anything bad to speak of, and their were a number of quality matches on here to see. Plus it raised money for a good cause which is always a good thing. What really earned the rating that this show got was the must see segment featuring the return of CHIKARA. That has to be hands down one of the greatest moments of any wrestling angle ever!! The crowd in Easton was going absolutely insane!! So many things happened, and it's something that has to be seen to appreciate just how awesome it was. If you're a new fan looking to get into CHIKARA upon it's return, or if you're already a fan but you want to catch up on the story, definitely seek this show out.

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