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Wrestling is Fun!: Bananastar Galactica Review

Juan Francisco de Coronado looks to become The Possessor of the Potassium!

Wrestling is Fun! Bananastar Galactica
Reading, Pennsylvania 6/28/14

1.) Max Smashmaster vs. Ophidian: **3/4

In an interesting note, none of the Devastation Corporation/Wrecking Crew Members are being accompanied by Sidney Bakabella on this show. This is sort of a continuation from the 3rd Night of the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix when The Devastation Corporation & The Osirian Portal met in the Semi-Finals. This was a pretty solid opener. Ophidian was his usual self, while Max Smashmaster showed that he's definitely improved over time. Smashmaster would end up getting the win here.

2.) The Baltic Siege (The Estonian ThunderFrog & The Lithuanian Snow Troll) vs. Los Ice Creams: **

This was a very odd match. Basically, Ice Cream Jr. was left to fend for himself while his partner, El Hijo del Ice Cream, gave various strange weapons/foreign objects to fans in the front row. He would go on to use them later in the match. I get they were trying to do a comedy match here (as is the case with most Los Ice Creams matches), but this one just didn't do it for me. Los Ice Creams tried, and failed, to lift The Estonian ThunderFrog's Hammer of Peace, which lead to The Estonian ThunderFrog using the Hammer of Peace and The Lithuanian Snow Troll took advantage to score the win for his team.

3.) Jaka vs. Shynron: ***1/2

Here we have a rematch from the 3rd Night of the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix, where Jaka got the win. This was a very good match. These two seemed to have really good chemistry and it showed, and this match was an improvement over their previous match. After some nice back & forth action, Shynron is eventually able to put Jaka away to score the victory!

4.) The Mathmagician vs. Harris Postale: *3/4

Before the match, The Mathmagician comes out and basically cuts a promo to get his character over. He insults people for deciding to watch wrestling over learning math, and calls out any opponent to face him. Harris Postale answers the call. Now my match rating doesn't mean the match was bad, because it wasn't. It was just really basic. They played it off like The Mathmagician (despite wearing wrestling gear), didn't quite know how to wrestle a match. Again, pretty basic stuff. At one point, Postale fakes an ankle injury, and he takes this opportunity to remove The Mathmagician's Mask! He scores a quick rollup, but of course, removing the mask results in a DQ, so The Mathmagician wins. He's rushed to the back while Postale celebrates with the mask. They interview a kid in the front row who recognized The Mathmagician, saying he was his math teacher.

5.) The Pieces of Hate vs. Knight Eye For The Pirate Guy: ***1/2

Jolly Roger & Lance Steel are still in possession of the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas, while Jigsaw & The Shard are technically still the champions. This was a really good tag team match. The Pieces of Hate kind of remind me of reDRagon from ROH, because they're going to have good matches no matter who they're up against. This was certainly no execution. Lots of solid action in this one. Jigsaw & The Shard are eventually able to pick up the win. They take back their Title Belts as they celebrate, as this was (in some ways), and unofficial title match.

6.) Oleg The Usurper vs. Eric Corvis: ***1/4

Here we have another rematch from the 3rd Night of the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix. In that match, Corvis was able to score the win with backslide pin. This was a very entertaining match. They really did a good job playing off of their last match (the usage of Corvis' glove) and did some new things (did some spots with Corvis' Book, brawled a lot on the outside). It was, on the whole, a lot of fun to watch. Oleg is eventually able to pick up the win after hitting his finisher on Corvis for a 2nd Time.

7.) The Throwbacks vs. The Bloc Party (Mr. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova): ***1/2

Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown are the 2014 Tag World Grand Prix Champions. Here they're taking on two members of The Bloc Party. This was another really good tag team match. The Throwbacks have really come into their own as a tag team, but The Bloc Party looked pretty good in this match also. It might be the best match Mr. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova have had (at least as a unit). Lots of fun back & forth action in this one, but it would be The Throwbacks who took the victory.

At some point, they show the now unmasked Mathmagician leaving the building. The fans give him a round of applause as he exits.

8.) WiF! Banana Title - Amasis vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado: ***1/2

The Funky Pharaoh has been the WiF! Banana Champion since May of 2013. A really solid Main Event. They told a good story with JFDC controlling most of the match (working over the back of Amasis, which he's had injury issues with in the past) and Amasis having to fight from underneath to say in it. They have some solid back & forth until their was a ref bump. JDFC uses this opportunity to hit Amasis with the flag pole he came out with earlier (which carried the Ecuadorian Flag), but it didn't keep Amasis down for the count! JFDC eventually hits Amasis with a Spider German Suplex from the top rope to score the win & the WiF! Banana Title. JFDC celebrates with the WiF! Banana Title & The Ecuadorian Flag to close the show.

Overall: 7.5/10

This was one of the better shows Wrestling is Fun! has put on in recent memory. Aside from the Baltic Siege/Los Ice Creams Match and the stuff involving The Mathmagician, this was a pretty good show. You had a very good match between Jaka & Shynron, two really solid tag team matches, and a pretty good Main Event, which saw Juan Francisco de Coronado capture the WiF! Banana Title. Plus you had a pretty entertaining encounter between Oleg The Usurper & Eric Corvis. On the whole, it was an easy show to sit through, and an enjoyable one to watch.

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