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Beyond Wrestling: Uncomfortable Review

JT Dunn gets his rematch with Chris Hero!

Beyond Wrestling: Uncomfortable
Providence, Rhode Island 6/22/14

1.) Fatal Four-Way Match - Pat Buck vs. VSK vs. Dorian Graves vs. Anthony Bowens: **1/4

Pat Buck (from what I can gather) is a veteran of the independents who owns Pro Wrestling Syndicate. The other three are guys from the Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy, which is owned & run by Pat Buck & Brian Myers. A decent opening match, but nothing much else. Anthony Bowens would win this one.

2.) Anthony Stone vs. Dave Cole: ***1/4

These are two guys who are mainstays in Beyond Wrestling and the New England Area in general. They put on a pretty solid match here. I've seen enough of Anthony Stone to know that he's pretty good, and I'm just starting to find out more about Dave Cole. Good match on the whole. Anthony Stone scored the win in this one.

After the match, Aaron Epic (who was at ringside with Dave Cole) gets into a shouting match with Sugar Dunkerton & Pinkie Sanchez. While Cole & Epic leave, The Contingent of Nicholas Kaye & Myke Quest sneak up from behind and attack Sex & Candy, leading to our next match! 

3.) Sex & Candy (Sugar Dunkerton & Pinkie Sanchez) vs. The Contingent (Nicholas Kaye & Myke Quest): **3/4

I have to say that the team of Dunkerton & Sanchez is so entertaining. Their name, their antics, it's all so much fun. That being said, this was another pretty solid match. Some decent action throughout, with some brawling on the outside. Eventually, Kaye & Quest would get the win after some interference from Aaron Epic.

Afterwords, Nicholas Kaye takes the mic and runs down Anthony Stone & the tag team division. He calls out Anthony Stone and says the feud between them must end. A challenge was put out for a Throw In The Towel, Loser Must Retire Match for Americanrana 2014 (the former stipulation was proposed by Kaye, while the latter was proposed by Stone).

4.) Eight-Man Tag - Ryan Rush, Francis Kip Stevens & Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs. Stockade, Blake Morris, Rex Lawless & Jesse Vane: **1/2

This is a match that features a bunch of guys from NYWC (New York Wrestling Connection), based out of Long Island. It was a relatively solid eight man tag. The action was fine, and everyone got the change to showcase what they had. Ryan Rush would eventually get the win for his team.

5.) XWA Heavyweight Title - David Starr vs. Brian Fury: **1/2

Up next we have more interaction between Beyond Wrestling and some more local independents. In this case, it's XWA (Xtreme Wrestling Alliance). David Starr, the XWA Champion and one-half of The Juicy Product, is defending his title against Brian Fury. Another decent match. It was relatively short, but it was fine for what it was. David Starr gets the win and retains his title.

6.) Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr) vs. "Officer" Colt Cabana & "SuperCop" Dick Justice:  ***

This is an intriguing match, as well have two detectives up against two officers. "Officer" Colt Cabana is one of Cabana's alter egos (which I believe he uses in The Insane Clown Posse's Juggalo Championship Wrestling). His entrance is just hilarious, and he cuts a promo beforehand, saying that he is "all for police brutality". He continues by saying that he will arrest all of these "juggalos" and "anally rape them with pleasure". This whole match was just hilarious. We got pat downs (where "marijuana" & "cocaine" were found on both sides), Team Tremendous interrogating Cabana about CM Punk's whereabouts, both teams threatening each other with finger guns, Dick Justice breaking out some lucha, it was just a lot of fun. Team Tremendous would get the win after Dick Justice threatened them with a "real" gun. Cabana was not happy with Dick Justice, but Justice celebrated with Team Tremendous after the match.

7.) CZW World Title - Fans Bring The Weapons Match - Biff Busick vs. Matt Tremont: **1/2

Next up we have a CZW World Title Match, and it's a Fans Bring The Weapons Match. Yep, we're getting this type of match on here. Now if you're a fan of CZW, you might enjoy this a lot more than I did. There were some entertaining spots in here, but for the most part, I wasn't a fan of this. A bunch of weapons (as you would expect) were involved, and in the end, Busick retains his CZW World Title. Again, if you're into this type of match, then good for you. Me? Not so much...

After intermission, Darius Carter comes out to cut a promo. He calls Eric Corvis down to the ring, and talks about how he's let all of these ROH & CZW "carpetbaggers" come into Beyond Wrestling, but says that Corvis can redeem himself. Carter basically offers Corvis a spot in the Crusade For Change. Corvis rejects by punching Carter in the face, and it looks like we have a match!

8.) Eric Corvis vs. Darius Carter: **3/4

There's a lot of brawling around the ring to start. Carter is forced to compete in his "business casual" attire, which was pretty funny. This was actually pretty solid for it being an "impromptu" match. Eventually, Eric Corvis would get the win.

Afterwords, Corvis takes the mic, and challenges Jimmy Jacobs to a First Blood Match at Americanrana 2014.

9.) Brian Cage vs. Chris Dickinson: ***3/4

This is the Beyond Wrestling debut for Brian Cage, and he's got a really tough opponent in the form of Chris Dickinson. A really good match here. As you would expect, these two kicked the crap out of each other. Cage brought the power, and Dickinson returned the favor. Lots of really hard hitting action in this one. Dickinson would eventually get a big win over Brian Cage.

Following the match, Dickinson takes the mic, and gives credit to Brian Cage for taking him to the limit, and shakes his hand. He then turns his attention to Americanrana 2014, and "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin, saying that Elgin will lose, and that he has no respect for him.

10.) AR Fox vs. Brian Myers: ***1/2

Brian Myers was formerly known as Curt Hawkins in the WWE, and had recently been released. So Beyond Wrestling gave him a change against one of the top stars of the independent scenes. This was another really good match. At one point, Fox hits a big move on the outside, and lands awkwardly on his wrist (and this would end up being the wrist injury that took him out of action for a few months). Despite the injury, AR Fox would pull out the win. Even though he lost, Brian Myers looked pretty good in this one.

11.) Last Man Standing Match - Evolve Champion Chris Hero vs. JT Dunn (with David Starr & Shelly Martinez): ****1/4

This match came about after Chris Hero attacked JT Dunn following their match at CRITICAL! Acclaim, which ended in a double knockout. Now they're fighting in a Last Man Standing Match. This was a long and brutal war that went just over a half hour. Of course there was a lot of usage of elbows and knockout shots. They seemed tell a good story here, with Hero being a bit of a dick to Dunn. At one point, Hero even kicked Shelly Martinez in the face! This enraged Dunn, who fought back, and after a serious of KO elbows, knocks out Hero to win the match! These two work really well together, and they produced another awesome match. The crowd was really into it as well. Hero played his role well, and Dunn got a very big win after a fiery comeback.

After the match, JT Dunn cuts a promo to close the show.

Overall: 7.5/10

Out of all of the Beyond Wrestling Shows I've seen thus far, this one is probably the weakest. The fact that it was the same day as the ROH's Best In The World PPV meant that guys like Elgin, Bennett  & Ciampa couldn't be there, and I'm sure it affected attendance. The top three matches (Cage/Dickinson, Fox/Myers & Hero/Dunn) are really good to great, but as fas as the rest of the card goes, it was pretty average. Aside from a few entertaining things here & there (particularly the Team Tremendous vs. Colt Cabana & Dick Justice match), as well as some set up for Americanrana 2014, there really isn't much to see on the undercard. Now I'm not saying anything on the undercard was bad, because nothing really was, but nothing really stood out either.

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