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WrestleCon SuperShow 2015 Review

WrestleCon comes to San Jose, California with a very unique lineup for their SuperShow!

WrestleCon SuperShow 2015
San Jose, California 3/28/15


1.) Disco Inferno vs. Mr. TA: DUD

For some reason the pre-show matches are included at the end of the VOD instead of the beginning (just a fare warning). I have no idea who this Mr. TA is. This was pretty much a nothing match. Mr. TA hits (maybe) two or three moves, but it’s basically a short showcase for Disco Inferno, who picks up the win.

2.) Jessicka Havok vs. Tessa Blanchard: *

Tessa Blanchard is, of course, the daughter of pro-wrestling legend Tully Blanchard. This match was very similar to the first pre-show match, except Blanchard got in a little more offense. Jessicka Havok gets the win here.

Main Show

1.) ACH vs. John Hennigan: ***¼

The show officially opens up with a dream match of sorts. ACH has made a name for himself in ROH, while the former John Morrison recently made his full-time return to wrestling as part of Lucha Underground, where he is Johnny Mundo. For this match, he’s going by his real name, John Hennigan. If you were expecting a blow-away, fantastic match here, that’s not what we got. Don’t get me wrong, there was some pretty good action in this match, but both guys took a more light-hearted approach to this match, and we saw some comedy match. Again, while it wasn’t an amazing match, it was still an entertaining opening match, and in a way, it set the tone for what this show was going to be. Hennigan would get the victory here over ACH.

2.) “The Man Scout” Jake Manning vs. Matt Striker: N/R

So this next “match” really wasn’t a match. They wrestle for about thirty seconds before someone in the crowd tells Striker to stick to commentary. Striker then grabs the mic and GOES OFF on this guy, saying he looks like “Bill DeMott’s abortion” (OUCH…). Manning then tries to stall by consulting his “Man Scout Book”, before Striker hit him with a Pedigree and pinning him. More of a segment than an actual match.

3.) The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan) vs. The World’s Dudest Tag Team (Caleb Konley & Zane Riley): **¾

For those who don’t know, Konley & Riley are a regular tag team in PWX known as The Revolt!, but for this show, they’ve decided to play mind games with The World’s Cutest Tag Team by basically doing a parody, with Konley playing Joey Ryan and Zane Riley playing Candice LeRae, which was actually pretty gross. Despite that, the match actually ended up being pretty decent. There was, of course, some comedy, but the action picked up a bit in the latter part of the match to the point where it was relatively solid. In the end, Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan would get the win.

4.) Cedric Alexander vs. Brian Kendrick: ***

Here we have Cedric Alexander, who’s made his name over the last few years in ROH, while Kendrick has wrestled for all three major U.S. companies (WWE, TNA, & ROH), as well as others across the world. Even though the match ended up being on the shorter side, just shy of eight minutes, it was still a very solid match. It wasn’t an outstanding match by any means, but both guys did a good amount of stuff, given the amount of time they had. I don’t necessarily agree with Kendrick winning here, but on a show like this, it really doesn’t matter.

5.) Triple Threat Match - Andrew Everett vs. Aero Star vs. Jack Evans: ***½

This was arguably one of the most anticipating matches on the show going into it. Everett was just coming off a knee injury that left him on the shelf for several months. Aero Star & Jack Evans, who mainly wrestling for AAA in Mexico, recently have come back to prominence in The United States through their involvement with Lucha Underground. I thought this was definitely the best match on the show, up to this point. All three guys gave us various displays of aerial insanity, and it was a ton of fun to watch. Action-packed from start to finish. Eventually, Aero Star would score the victory.

6.) Twelve-Man Tag Team Match - Team Hero (Chris Hero, Drew Gulak, “Sicilian Psychopath” Tommaso Ciampa, Brian Myers, Abyss, & James Storm) vs. Team Cabana (Colt Cabana, Big Ryck, Matt Sydal, Tommy Dreamer, & Team 3D): ***

So the story here is that Chris Hero & Colt Cabana would be captains in a Five-on-Five Tag Team Match, with their picks for partners not being known until match time. Hero came out, and called for the match to be a Twelve-Man Tag Team Match instead, before introducing his team of Drew Gulak, Tommaso Ciampa, Brian Myers, Abyss, & James Storm. Colt Cabana then came out, and introduced his team, which consisted of Big Ryck (aka Ezekiel Jackson), Matt Sydal, Tommy Dreamer, and Team 3D! I thought this match was pretty entertaining. There was some decent wrestling, but we saw a fair amount of comedy as well. It was twelve guys going out there and having fun in a wrestling match, which on a once-a-year show like this, you really can’t complain about. In the end, Matt Sydal would score the victory for Team Cabana after a Shooting Star Press on Brian Myers.

7.) Six-Man Tag - Roderick Strong & The Addiction vs. AR Fox, Ricochet, & Jushin “Thunder” Liger: ***¾

This was another match on this show that a lot of people (myself included) were really looking forward to coming into it. Seriously, this was a really unique match that you’re only going to see on a show like this. The Addiction come out dressed as The Road Warriors/Legion of Doom, and cut a promo saying that, for this show, they’re referring to themselves as “The Legion of Boom”. I thought this match was really good. I’d say it was slightly better than the Triple Threat Match from earlier. Considering the six guys who are involved, it was practically impossible for this match to be bad. Everyone got a chance to shine, and the crowd was pretty into the it. Eventually, Jushin “Thunder” Liger would get the win for his team.

8.) No DQ Match - The Hardys vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu: **¾

Now this is a very interesting Main Event. This isn’t the first time these two teams have squared off, as they had a match on some random independent promotion way back in the late ‘90s, when RVD & Sabu were big names in ECW, and before The Hardys really started working full-time for WWE. While this was far from the best match on the show, it wasn’t as bad as you might have thought. It felt clunky and uncoordinated at a number of points, but it still had its moments. Tables (both regular tables and a Japanese Table, which actually broke this time!), Ladders, and Chairs were used. In the end, RVD & Sabu would pick up the victory to close the show.

Overall: 7.0/10

While I don’t think this show was quite as good as the year before, it was still an entertaining show, for what it was. Nothing on this card will blow you away, but there are a number of fun matches on here (The Six-Man Tag, Andrew Everett/Aero Star/Jack Evans, ACH/Hennigan, the Twelve Man Tag, Alexander/Kendrick). Your enjoyment of certain aspects on the show (and really the show as a whole) will definitely vary based on what you think of who’s involved, but on the whole, this was a show that wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously. It was meant to be fun, and for the most part, it was.

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