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PWG Steen Wolf Review

Over the past year or two, I've been hearing a lot about PWG. I knew they used a good number of ROH guys but I didn't know what the promotion was all about. After reading about the shows and watching those 5 Minute Highlight Videos of their shows on Youtube, I've quickly become a fan. I wanted to pick up a PWG Show and I figured since it got rave reviews, the best choice for my first PWG Show would be Steen Wolf. So here goes nothing!

(This DVD cover is awesome by the way...)

PWG Steen Wolf
Reseda, California 10/22/11

1.) Peter Avalon, Freddy Bravo & Ray Rosas vs. Chris Kadillak, Famous B & Candice LeRae: ***1/4

So the only person who I had any really knowledge of going into this match was Candice (mainly because of the feud she was having with Joey Ryan at the time) but I was looking to keep an open mind with these other 5 guys. I gotta say they put on a pretty good opening match. Really got the crowd going.

2.) TJ Perkins vs. Rocky Romero: **3/4

It was said on commentary that these two have apparently known each other for awhile & have been wrestling each other for many years. I gotta say I miss Rocky Romero. Wish ROH could bring him in again, but I'm fine seeing him here in PWG. The match wasn't anything special, but it was still pretty decent.

3.) The Fightin’ Taylor Boys vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***3/4

Apparently one of the RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime) is from Scranton, PA so a big shout out to the local guy!! (I'm from the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Area). This was a pretty great tag team match. The Monsters are pretty good and holy crap Brian Cage (or in this case I guess Cage-Taylor) is a freakin' machine!! Very entertaining.

4.) Willie Mack vs. Davey Richards: ***1/2

I've been hearing A LOT about this Willie Mack guy and I gotta say I'm impressed. For a guy of his size he's very agile & athletic. Sadly, I think that size is going to hold him back from climbing up the proverbial wrestling ladder (Like for instance I think WWE would look down on him because of his physique despite his ability. Same thing happened, I think, to Takeshi Morishima when he got a WWE try out match a few years ago). It's a shame because Willie Mack's got a lot of talent, and he proved it here by having a good showing against Davey Richards.

5.) Lucha Rules – The Dynasty vs. Los Luchas: ***1/4

So here we got the one & only Joey Ryan teaming with his Dynasty Partner Scorpio Sky (aka Harold from the Kane-Daniel Bryan Anger Management Segments) against Los Luchas, a team who if I'm not mistaken has spent a lot of time in NWA. This was a good tag match. Not as good as the other ones on this card, but still entertaining.

6.) Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor: ***1/2

Apparently these two have a lot of history on the Indy Circuit so this should be a good match, and it was. I haven't seen a lot of Ricochet or Chuck Taylor (In Taylor's case I haven't seen much of him outside of CHIKARA). From what I've seen so far, I'm impressed.

7.) PWG World Tag Team Titles – The Young Bucks vs. Future Shock: ****1/4

WOW.....this was a great tag team match. The Super-Kicks spot was amazing, and the crowd was really into this match. Have no idea what possessed Ring of Honor to not use & later release The Young Bucks. They're the best tag team in wrestling today.

8.) PWG World Title – Ladder Match – Kevin Steen vs. El Generico: ****3/4

Ever since they broke up, I figured they'd have a Ladder Match against one another at some point down the line. it is....and HOLY CRAP this match was AMAZING!! A fantastic Ladder Match. Though I gotta say if Generico & Steen keep having matches like this, their careers will definitely be shortened. Some of those bumps & spots they took looked absolutely BRUTAL. The only thing that hurt this match was The Young Bucks interference during the match. I feel like they could have just saved it for after the match, instead of having them come out twice.

After the match The Young Bucks challenge Steen to a Guerilla Warfare Match (I guess PWG equivalent of the Fight Without Honor). They make fun of Steen for not having a parter, which leads to the lights going out & Super Dragon showing up to take out The Young Bucks, setting up the Main Event for the next show.

Overall: 9.5/10

I gotta say this was the PERFECT choice for my first PWG Show. It was great from top to bottom. All the undercard/mid-card matches delivered, The Tag Title Match was great, and the Ladder Match (literally) tore the roof off the building. If you're looking to get into PWG. This is THE PLACE to start, without question.

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