Thursday, October 25, 2012

ROH Gut Check Review

Colt Cabana comes home to Chicago to get his final shot at Bryan Danielson's Title!!

ROH Gut Check
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 8/26/06

1.) Nigel McGuinness, Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinauro vs. Delirious & Irish Airborne: **3/4

Nigel goes from challenging the World Title the night before to the opening match on this show. This was fine little opener. An enjoyable contest to get the crowd going.

2.) BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs: **3/4

The BJ Whitmer/Jimmy Jacobs feud reignites in this match. This turned out to be a decent match. Not their best, but good. They hit the usual big spot that they're known for (this time Jacobs gave Whitmer a Hurricanrana from the top rope to the outside. Afterwords Jacobs attacks Whitmer and hits a senton from the top rope with Whitmer's ankle sandwiched between two chairs.

Before the next match, Cornette comes out with The Briscoes and pretty much explains why he did what he did at Death Before Dishonor IV, and announces his personal vendetta against Homicide, enlisting the Briscoes to help. This plays out in the next match... 

3.) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Homicide & Davey Richards: ***1/4

Again....Davey Richards in 2006 was a Tag Team Whore. Regardless, this was a good tag team match that made everyone look good.

4.) Samoa Joe vs. Claudio Castagnoli: **3/4

This was decent, but nothing really special between these two.

5.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal: ***3/4

This was a very fun and entertaining contest for the World Tag Team Titles. Very cool stuff.

6.) ROH World Title - 2 Out of 3 Falls: Bryan Danielson vs. Colt Cabana: ***3/4

Some people might think I'm overrated this a bit, but I enjoyed most of it. I liked that Cabana got a decisive fall in the first five minutes of the match. The fact that Danielson toughed it out after suffering the shoulder injury early on bumped it up about a quarter star for me, because that just shows how tough Dragon is. I especially liked the finish. Cleverly Booked & Smartly Wrestled.

Overall: 6.75/10

This was still a relatively bland show, but their are some things that make it stand over Epic Encounter II. You had a continuance of the Cornette/Homicide Storyline, a great tag team title match, and a World Title match that, while not excellent, was well done and showed off why Bryan Danielson is one of the Best in the World.

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