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ROH Champions vs. All-Stars Review

Ring of Stars starts off 2011 with a HUGE Eight Man Tag in their Richmond Return!

ROH Champions vs. All Stars
Richmond, Virginia 1/14/11

Christopher Daniels comes out and talks about the main event, but Roderick Strong comes out and starts pushing his buttons, and eventually, we got a ref & a match.

1.) Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels: **1/4

What would you expect from a thrown together match? OK, but far below what these two are capable of. Daniels pins Strong for a huge win. Oh, and the Kings of Wrestling interfered to. DISSENSION!!

2.) The Bravado Brothers vs. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge & Grizzly Redwood: **1/2

Ridge goes from decent performances in the Trial Series to teaming with Redwood in the undercard. Oh well...not like Ridge was ever going to move up in the card. This was actually a decent tag match.

3.) Adam Cole vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett: **3/4

Bennett is without Brutal Bob in this one. Another decent match. Nothing great, but solid.

The Kings of Wrestling (with Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey) come out and complain that two of their teammates wrestled each other earlier in the night, so they demand that El Generico & Davey Richards wrestle each other right now. Richards & Generico come out to confront them but the Kings attack them. The Briscoes end up coming out to chase The Kings out. 

4.) Homicide vs. Rhett Titus: **3/4

Titus does some....disgusting things early in the match. Homicide gets pissed and goes after him. I think Titus actually gets busted open in this one. Decent match.

5.) Steve Corino vs. Caleb Konley: **

"I'm Steve Corino, and I'm an Evil Person". So this is the start of Corino's "Recovering Evil Addict" Storyline. An ok match that saw Corino abiding by the rules and facing a younger guy who Corino thinks has a future. Corino ends up winning the match.

6.) Colt Cabana vs. Caprice Coleman: **1/2

This is the first time we're seeing Caprice in ROH...I think. Anyway, he has a decently entertaining match with Colt Cabana here.

7.) Kenny King vs. Kyle O’Reilly: ***1/4

A fairly solid match. Kenny & Kyle put on a pretty good contest. 

8.) ROH Champions (Roderick Strong, Christopher Daniels, The Kings of Wrestling) vs. All Stars (Davey Richards, El Generico, The Briscoe Brothers): ****

So it's the ROH World, TV & Tag Team Champions against.....Challengers. This was a very good match. With these guys in there you'd expect nothing less. Mark pinning Daniels for the win was a surprise, especially since he did via the "Froggy-Bow" which doesn't come off as a real finisher, but more of a "signature" move (like The People's Elbow & Five-Knuckle Shuffle). Since it would lead to something, however, I'm willing to let it go.

Overall: 7.0/10

Honestly, this was a one-match show. Though I have a feeling if you had the same show a year later, the match quality would be significantly improved. There is a bonus disk that is an American Wolves Best of, which is nice, but they did just come out with an American Wolves Two Disk Compilation, so I'd just view it on if you're a ringside member.

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