Saturday, February 23, 2013

ROH Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter One

Eddie Edwards & Christopher Daniels are moving up in the world....specifically moving up to the Main Event on ROH iPPV!

ROH Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter One
Atlanta, Georgia 4/1/11

1.) Grudge Match – El Generico vs. Michael Elgin: ***

This is a rematch from the 9th Anniversary Show. I think this one was a little better than that match. Generico is the perfect guy to put against Elgin during this early stage in his ROH career. A masked man interferes and allows Elgin to win.

2.) Four Corner Survival – Colt Cabana vs. Homicide vs. Caleb Konley vs. Tommaso Ciampa: **3/4

Truth Martini is out with Caleb Konley and says tonight Konley can prove that he belongs in the House of Truth. This was a decent Four Corner Survival. Nothing really outstanding, but a fair match nonetheless.

Despite being pinned by Homicide, Konley gets a thumbs up from Martini, who then mentions it's April Fool's Day. Konley then gets laid out by Michael Elgin

3.) Women of Honor – Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara: ***1/4

These two Japanese wrestlers are her for a special weekend of ROH Women of Honor Action. It's an especially emotional time for them since the big earthquake & tsunami Japan suffered just happened the month prior. Very good showcase, definitely a step up from the Women of Honor match at the 9th Anniversary Show

After the match, Matsumoto & Kurihara had some words with their opponents on the next show, SHIMMER Tag Team Champions Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa. Nakagawa spits water in one of their faces and the champs split.

4.) Tag Team Challenge Match – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly: ***1/2

It's mentioned that the All Night Express were ejected from the building following a confrontation with The Briscoes earlier. The match itself was a pretty good one. The Briscoes definitely showed that they can be great heels here, part of the credit for that can go to Cole & O'Reilly.

After the match, ANX comes through the crowd and has a pull-apart brawl with the Briscoes.

5.) “Final Battle 2010” Rematch – Roderick Strong vs. Davey Richards: ****1/2

As mentioned above, this is a rematch from Final Battle 2010. I honestly gotta say that this match was just as good as that match, maybe even slightly better. A very good contest, which is pretty much what you would expect from these two.

6.) ROH World Tag Team Titles – The Kings of Wrestling vs. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas: ****

The Kings won the first match, and WGTT won the rematch, so this is the rubber match and it's for the gold. While I'd say this was on the same level as the previous two matches, it had something different about it, and the belts being on the line is a big reason for that. It gave the match a different feel than their previous encounters. WGGT win the World Tag Team Titles in a very good match. Maybe not entirely on the same level as their first two matches but still solid.

7.) ROH World Title Match – Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels: ****1/4

These two were last seen on iPPV wrestling to a draw in a 2/3 Falls match for the TV Title, but Eddie's World Title win at Manhattan Mayhem IV turned the World Title Picture upside down. This was definitely the best match these two have had. A very nice job topping their aforementioned match from earlier in the year. Edwards looked very good in his first defense and Daniels gave numerous hints of a heel turn during the match. Small stuff, but noticeable.

Afterwords, Daniels refuses to shake hands and walks out on Edwards.

Overall: 9.0/10

Three ****+ matches make this show a definite must see. In addition to those, you have a solid women's match and a relatively good undercard. A great way to kick off their WrestleMania Weekend of shows.

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