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TNA Bound For Glory (2007) Review

Sting and Kurt Angle got at it for the TNA World Title!

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TNA Bound For Glory (2007)
Atlanta, Georgia 10/14/07

1.) #1 Contender's Ultimate X Match - Triple X (Senshi & Elix Skipper) vs. LAX (Homicide & Hernandez): ***1/2 

Whoever retrieves the X becomes the #1 Contender's to the Tag Team Titles. This was a great opener. A fantastic way to kick off the PPV.

2.) Fight For The Right Reverse Battle Royal: **

So basically 16 guys fight on the outside of the ring. Once 8 Men get in the ring, it becomes a battle royal, with the final two duking it out in a one-on-one match. The elimination of the 8 that make it in determine the seeding. It was ok, but it feel like it has Vince Russo's fingerprints all over it.

3.) TNA World Tag Team Titles – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Tomko vs. Team Pacman (Ron “The Truth” Killings & Consequences Creed with Adam “Pacman” Jones): ***

The Tennessee Titans (I believe, or it might have been the NFL, I'm not sure) wouldn't allow Jones to compete in the ring, so they get Consequences Creed to fight in place of Jones (who was still at ringside) via The Freebird Rule. Creed would a short time later become a TNA Regular in the X-Division and later the Tag Division once again. The match itself was fine. AJ & Tomko walk out as the new champs.

4.) TNA X-Division Title – “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels: ***3/4

A very good match here. Daniels & Lethal show here just why they're so good as performers. No real complaints here.

5.) 2/3 Tables Match – The Steiner Brothers vs. Team 3D: **1/4

This was ok, but were you really expecting a lot from these two teams in this stage of their careers? Team 3D get the first "fall" while The Steiners get the 2nd. The Motor City Machine Guns come out to distract Team 3D, which allows The Steiners to get the 3rd "fall" and the win.

6.) TNA Knockouts Title – Gauntlet Match: **1/2

So essentially, this is a Royal Rumble Style Match, except when it comes down to the final 2, it's a regular match. I actually like this version of the gauntlet TNA uses. I thought this was fine for what it was, they did a great job building up Kong as a dominant Monster, which would set things up for the future. Gail Kim ends up outlasting the Voodoo Queen to become the first TNA Knockouts Champion.  It's weird looking back & seeing Angelina Love & Velvet Sky before they got their more well known names and Roxxi in her Voodoo Queen phase.

7.) Special Enforcer: Matt Morgan – Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe: ****

Morgan is still Jim Cornette's Bodyguard at this point, but he's here in this match to make sure there is a definitive winner. He proves his worth when he prevents Tomko and AJ Styles from interfering. The match itself was pretty good. On par, I'd say, with their World Title Match from earlier in the year.

8.) Monster’s Ball – Raven vs. Black Reign vs. Rhino vs. Abyss: ***

I thought, at this time, this match should have Black Reign vs. Chris Harris vs. James Storm vs. Rhino, based on who was feuding, but I guess they found it necessary for Abyss to be in this match. It was fine. but far from the best Monster's Ball. Abyss wins, his first victory in this match.

9.) TNA World Heavyweight Title – Kurt Angle vs. Sting: ***1/2

This match was very good, but based on how they built it, I felt like it would have, and should have been better. It still was very good match, nonetheless. Karen Angle & Kevin Nash interfere on Angle's behalf, proving that some of their internal bickering was a rouse. Angle looks to go for a 450 Splash, but it turns into a 360 Double Foot Stomp. Stings get the win and World Title. A reign that would last all of two days when Angle won it back at an iMPACT! Taping.

Overall: 8.25/10

Probably TNA's Best Show of the Year. The main event, while maybe not on-quality with a main event on the promotion's biggest show of the year, It was still a good match. Samoa Joe had the MOTN once again, and the X-Divison Matches were excellent as always. The undercard was fine for what was presented, resulting in a overall good showing from TNA.

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