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TNA Sacrifice (2007) Review

Christian Cage, Sting, and Kurt Angle have a World Title Match that....wasn't really a World Title Match.

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TNA Sacrifice (2007)
Orlando, Florida 5/13/07

Before I start the review, I should explain the circumstances that occurred with this PPV. When TNA started, they were known as NWA-TNA, basically a promotion in partnership with the NWA. Because of this partnership, the promotion was allowed to use the NWA World Heavyweight and World Tag Team Titles as their top titles. TNA broke away from the NWA a few years later (2004 maybe, I'm not sure), but per some agreement, the NWA allowed TNA to continue to use their titles. In 2007, the NWA severed their 5-Year Relationship with TNA on the day of the Sacrifice PPV, stripping Christian Cage & Team 3D of their titles. I found this video where it's explained from the NWA's side of the story. I believe they basically said that Christian Cage was not going to the various territories across the country to defend the title against various wrestlers.

So basically, the titles matches promoted for the NWA World & Tag Team Titles on this PPV were not really title matches, or for championships of any kind at all. The X-Division Title Match was the only real title match on this PPV.

On another note, I like the gimmick they had with this show, where all the title matches (or title match) were Triple Threat Matches.

1.) TNA X-Division Title – Chris Sabin vs. “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt: ***1/2

A very solid opening match. They built up the Lethal/Dutt tension nicely (a little bit ridiculously in the beginning) and the match had greta action throughout. That Lethal/Dutt tension allows Chris Sabin to capitalize and win the match.

Lethal & Dutt get into it afterwords until Kevin Nash breaks it up. Dutt kicks Kevin Nash from behind and retreats hastily. Nash promises to get his hands on Dutt on iMPACT!

2.) Robert Roode (with Ms. Brooks) vs. Jeff Jarrett: **3/4

So basically Roode (I believe) bought Eric Young's contract after Team Canada disbanded, and has been abusing him. Eric called for his friend to help him against Roode, who turned out to be Jeff Jarrett (who recently returned as a face the month before to be apart of Lethal Lockdown on the babyface Team Angle). The match itself wasn't that bad. It was fairly solid. Roode uses underhanded tactics to win, but Jarrett and Eric Young (who came out to save Jarrett from a Guitar Shot from Ms. Brooks) get the last laugh by locking the duo in Figure Four Leg Locks.

3.) “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Rhino: **1/2

Daniels has undergone a transformation in recent months, becoming a "Sting Disciple" of sorts. The match itself was fine. Nothing really special, but decent. Daniels wins by using a Black Baseball Bat. 

Afterwords, Rhino says he's not ending the night this way, and chases Daniels up the ramp. They return the ringside area a short time later, but with Daniels bloodied. Rhino sets up chairs in the ring and goes for the Rhino Driver from the second rope but security comes down to break it up.

4.) Handicap Match – Kip James vs. Basham & Damaja: DUD

Basham & Damaja are The Basham Brothers from WWE. Before the show, the duo attacked VKM at a meet & greet session, sending BJ James to the hospital in the process. Kip goes it alone in this one, and gets beat in 4 Minutes. This is a blah match. Christy Hemme finally gets a measure of revenge, and looks for more after the match until Lance Hoyt makes the save.

5.) Texas Death Match – “Cowboy” James Storm vs. “Wildcat” Chris Harris: ****1/2

I hate when wrestling companies use these weird rules for Last man Standing/Death Matches where pinfalls need to occur before the 10-Count starts. I don't see the point. Anyway, this was an awesome match! MOTN for sure. They definitely redeemed themselves from their horrid Lockdown Encounter the month before.

6.) Senshi vs. Alex Shelley vs. Tiger Mask IV vs. Jerry Lynn: ***1/4

Hard to follow that Texas Death Match, but if you were, the X-Division is a good choice. Another solid match. The crowd was a bit burned out, but still managed to get into it. Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin attack Lynn after the match until Bob Backlund makes the save.

7.) NWA World Tag Team Titles – Team 3D vs. Scott Steiner & Tomko vs. LAX (Homicide & Hernandez): **3/4

The first of two title matches that really isn't a title match. Fine for what it was. Team 3D retained, which was expected. 

After the match, Scott Steiner & Tomko get into it, until Scott's brother Rick Steiner makes the save.

8.) Samoa Joe vs. “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles: ***1/2

I enjoyed this one. While not a fantastic match, it was different. AJ was a heel, and they played up the mind games with AJ faking being hurt and then Joe upping Styles by doing the same thing later on in the match. The action itself was great as always.

9.) NWA World Heavyweight Title – Christian Cage vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle: ***

The second title match that wasn't really a title match. It was really underwhelming for a PPV Main Event (it only went about 10 Minutes) to be honest. The controversial finish (Sting pinning Christian Cage for a Three-Count while at the same time tapping out to the Ankle Lock) leaves the status of the champion in question. I was fine with the finish considering the fiasco that occurred earlier. Not sure if it was the original intended finish or not....would love to know.

Overall: 8.0/10

This was a solid PPV from TNA. The Texas Death Match stole the show and the X-Divison Matches (I'll include Joe vs. Styles in that as well) were all very good. One match is the DUD and the rest while not overly good, are perfectly acceptable matches. One of the better shows from TNA in 2007.

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