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AAW Day of Defiance 2013 Review

A feud comes to a violent end while a War King and "MMA Superstar" make their debuts!!

AAW Day of Defiance 2013
Berwyn, Illinois 5/17/13

1.) Louis Lyndon & Marion Fontaine vs. Zero Gravity: ***

We open the show with tag team action. I believe this is the first time Fontaine & Lyndon are teaming together in a 2-on-2 Match. It ended being a very good opener. Nothing wrong with an exciting tag team match to get the crowd fired up.

2.) Heather Patera vs. Heidi Lovelace: **1/2

This one involved two women who were in the six-person tag back at Point of No Return 2013. It was a solid match, and both played their roles (Patera the heel, Lovelace the babyface) very well, though on this night, Patera would get the win.

Between these matches, Truth Martini hosted "Hoopla Uncut" with Special Guest Joey Eastman, a former manager who hadn't been seen in AAW for over a year, and was well known for his lengthly feud with Truth Martini. It ended up in an Arm Wrestling Contest which saw Truth cheat to win. Eastman would beat up Truth, but Martini would get the last laugh.

3.) Jimmy Jacobs vs. AAW Tag Team Champion Jake Crist: ***1/4

So apparently Irish Airborne attacked Arik Cannon at some point, and Jacobs asked for a match with the Irish Airborne as revenge. Only one of the Crist Brothers was their, so Jacobs got Jake Crist. A pretty good match here. The Irish Airborne have been very consistent in what I've seen of them in AAW, both in tag and singles action. Jake Crist would end up getting the win over Jacobs.

4.) Davey Richards vs. Mixed Martial Archie: Super Fun!

Here we had what was probably the most anticipated match of the night as Mixed Martial Archie makes his AAW Debut in an MMA Bout with Davey Richards. I really don't know how you even rate this. It was, simply put, just a lot of fun. It really needs to be seen to be believed, because it is indeed awesome.

After winning the "fight" Richards and his partner Kyle O'Reilly beat down Archie, until Michael Elgin & ACH come down to make the save, and get the next match going!

5.) Davey Richards & Kyle O’Reilly vs. AAW Heavyweight Champion “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin & AAW Heritage Champion ACH: ****1/4

This is a continuation of the Title Matches that took place back at Point of No Return. A really awesome match here. Richards and O'Reilly are great as heels and the ACH/Elgin pairing worked very well. Just a great match from four of the best wrestlers out there. Richards & O'Reilly would end up getting the win over the champions.

6.) Dan Lawrence, Tweek Phoenix & Keith Walker (with Kevin Harvey & Nikki Mayday) vs. Colt Cabana, Mat Fitchett & Junthai Miller: **3/4

Here we have another feud continuation, this time it's the Colt Cabana/Dan Lawrence feud with We Are Here, Mat Fitchett & Junthai Miller now getting involved. This was a fine match and a nice way to come back from the awesomeness that occurred before intermission. This time, it would be Lawrence who would get one over on Colt Cabana.

Next up, Jordan McEntyre called out someone to face him, which would end up being answered by the debuting Eddie Kingston. Bad move, Jordan...

7.) Eddie Kingston vs. Jordan McEntyre: DUD

Kingston squashes him in record time. McEntyre probably regrets making that open challenge.

After the match, Kingston cuts a rambling promo and basically calls out someone for another match. Marcus Crane answers the call...

8.) Eddie Kingston vs. Marcus Crane: DUD

Kingston squashes Crane in less than a minute.

This time, Knight Wagner comes out. He basically says he does what he wants, when he wants. He physically provokes Kingston, leading to a third match for the War King...

9.) Eddie Kingston vs. Knight Wagner: DUD

Slightly more competitive than the previous two, but the result was the same. Another quick match and quick victory for Eddie Kingston. This whole segment ended with the crowd chanting for "Sea Man" and Kingston pretending to ejaculate. This whole bit was a pretty good debut for Kingston. 3-0 on his first night.

10.) Silas Young (with Val Malone) vs. Samuray del Sol: ***1/2

Here we have an interesting ROH vs. Dragon Gate USA/Evolve Match that you will only see in AAW (since Silas isn't apart of PWG). A very good match here. Silas continues to show what makes him so good and del Sol looked very impressive. In the end, the veteran Young would get the submission win over Samuray del Sol.

After the match, Eddie Kingston came out, and calls the fans "retards" for booing Young after all he's done in AAW. Young takes offense to this, saying only he can make fun of the fans. This all leads to Kingston beating up Val Malone and putting Silas Young through a table, which would be just the beginning of their rivalry.

11.) Last Man Standing Match – Sami Callihan vs. Shane Hollister: ****1/2

While a feud between Eddie Kingston & Silas Young just got started, the Main Event sees a major feud  reach its brutal conclusion. It was definitely a vicious encounter, with all sorts of plunder getting involved as well as a number of sick spots. A number of people became involved from Hollister's Crew (Marcus Crane, Scarlett Bordeaux, Dan Lawrence) to Colt Cabana. In the end, Hollister would end up getting the win, on his own, coming out on the winning end of his feud with Callihan.

Overall: 8.5/10

While I would say that this show was not as good as Point of No Return, it was still another great show from AAW. The first half featured a fine undercard, with an entertaining MMA "Fight" and an awesome tag team match being the major highlights. The second half saw the very interesting debut of Eddie Kingston as well as a great main event between Sami Callihan and Shane Hollister. Once again, AAW puts on a show to remember, and one that's well worth your hard earned dollars.

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