Friday, December 27, 2013

Wrestling is Respect: Show #4 Review

Frank O'Rourke & Fire Ant do battle in the Main Event!

Wrestling is Respect: Show #4
Boonton, New Jersey 9/29/13

1.) The Osirian Portal vs. The Colony Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant & deviANT): ***1/4

Here we see deviANT appearing as a part of Xtreme Force, like he was on the last few CHIKARA Shows. A very solid opening tag match here. Ophidian & Amasis looked really good and haven't missed a beat since their reunion.

2.) Gran Akuma vs. Assad King: *1/2

The first of a few debuts on this show. Never really heard of Assad King. He has some trouble getting in the ring, which was pretty funny. The match itself wasn't really that good, to be honest. I just don't think they meshed really well.

3.) Jaka vs. Jay Diesel: **1/4

This is the second debut on this show. Jay Diesel was a bit more impressive. A decent match here with Jaka.

4.) Green Ant vs. Chris Dickinson: ***1/2

Dickinson is a guy who has getting more and more attention on the indy scene as of late. He's pretty good, but so is Green Ant. A very good match here. Green Ant was great as usual, and Dickinson was very impressive.

5.) Veda Scott vs. Leva Bates: **1/4

Leva is cosplaying as Finn from Adventure Time. The match itself was ok. I think Veda plays a really good heel.

6.) Delirious vs. The Estonian ThunderFrog: ***1/4

Another big matchup for the ThunderFrog as he takes on a veteran. This was a solid match. They were able to mix bits of comedy and good wrestling. ThunderFrog continues to impress as he faces higher quality opponents, and he scores the win in this one.

7.) Frank O’Rourke vs. Fire Ant: ***1/2

O'Rourke has been on a roll in 2013 in all sorts of different promotions. He's faced Green Ant in the past, but this is his first time facing Fire Ant. This was a very good main event. O'Rourke was as vicious as ever and is the kind of guy who works well with guys like Fire Ant. A good amount of action and excitement in this one, and O'Rourke would end up getting the win.

After the match, O'Rourke wouldn't let go of the hold, leading to Green Ant coming out to save his partner. He talks about O'Rourke lacking respect and issues a challenge to him & Drew Gulak on the next show.

Overall: 7.0/10

This was, on the whole, a very solid show. Wrestling is Respect is one of the more consistent of the "Wrestling is..." Promotions and continue to prove that with each show. You have two very good matches in Green Ant/Dickinson & O'Rourke/Fire Ant, plus some very entertaining matches like the opening tag team match and Delirious/Estonian ThunderFrog. The undercard is hit or miss but the higher quality of other matches make up for it.

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