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AAW One Twisted Christmas 2014 Review

The Monster Mafia take on AAW Heavyweight Champion Eddie Kingston & Jimmy Jacobs in the Main Event!

AAW One Twisted Christmas 2014
Berwyn, Illinois 12/27/14

1.) Six-Man Tag - Davey Vega, Justice Jones, & Tony Kozina vs. Marion Fontaine & Zero Gravity (Brett Gakiya & CJ Esparza): ***1/4

For those who might have missed it, Davey Vega, at this point, had recently made a heel turn in AAW. In another note, Knight Wagner isn’t out with Justice Jones here. I thought this was a pretty solid opening match. There was some good action throughout, and it was exactly the kind of opening match you would want. At one point, Vega tried to bring in a wrench, but he never got a chance to use it. A screw-up by Tony Kozina leads to the Marion Fontaine & Zero Gravity getting the win.

After the match, Justice Jones attacks Zero Gravity until Paco Gonzalez makes the save, and the three send Justice Jones packing.

Up next, Shane Hollister comes out on crutches with his right foot in a walking boot. He talks about how much his life has changed in the last few months, including becoming a father and suffering his injury. He says he doesn’t just do this for the money…..he does it because he loves wrestling. Hollister says that he’s nowhere close to finished, and then calls out Louis Lyndon. He says Lyndon is one of the best, and thinks he’s going to be a champion someday. Hollister wants to shake his hand, and says he’s looking forward to their eventual 2/3 Falls Match. Scarlett Bordeaux then comes out. She basically reads Hollister the riot act, putting him down for losing the AAW Heavyweight Title and says his recent failures were because he didn’t listen to her. Hollister says he’s been wrestling for ten years, and was wrestling the likes of Tyler Black & Austin Aries back wheb she was just a fan sitting in the front row. Bordeaux retorts by saying he’ll always be second to Tyler Black. Hollister makes fun of her breasts, and Bordeaux slaps him. She then leaves out of fear of retaliation. Hollister then makes his exit, as we get set for our next match.

2.) “Money” Matt Cage vs. Louis Lyndon: ***1/2

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, Louis Lyndon is someone who needs to get more bookings outside of places like AAW & AIW, because he’s really good. Meanwhile, Matt Cage had a pretty strong 2014, which included a reign as the AAW Heritage Champion. I figured this was going to be good, but it ended up being a little bit better than I was expecting. I really enjoyed this match. Both guys worked pretty hard, and we got a good amount of back & forth action. Unfortunately, the match ended on a 15 Minute Time Limit Draw. I don’t mind the idea of doing a short time limit draw like this, but I don’t think a time limit was ever announced. The crowd wanted five more minutes, but Cage didn’t want any of it, and left. This was definitely one of the better matches on the entire show.

3.) Colt Cabana & Dick Justice vs. The Iron Curtain (Gregory Iron & Benjamin Boone with Mr. Bernard): **1/2

This match was set up back at Windy City Classic X. For what it was, this was a fine tag team affair. Of course, we did get some comedy, but the match did feature some solid action at points. In the end, the team of Colt Cabana & Dick Justice were able to get the win.

After the match, The Iron Curtain attacks Colt Cabana & Dick Justice. Iron hit Cabana with a chair, and then used a ton pepper spray on Dick Justice, blinding him.

4.) Davey Richards vs. Uhaa Nation: ****

I mentioned in my review of AIW Charge It To The Underhills how Josh Alexander vs. Uhaa Nation was in a match that I never knew I wanted. Well, on this show, we have another match involving Uhaa Nation that I never knew I wanted, as he took on Davey Richards. I thought this was a great match! In my opinion, it was easily the Match of the Night. Both guys worked pretty well together, and we saw a ton of really good action in this one from start to finish. It was definitely a hard-fought contest, and the fans were definitely into it. Eventually, Davey Richards was able to put away Uhaa Nation for the victory.

Following the match, Richards cuts a promo where he puts over Uhaa Nation, and says that he’s coming for Eddie Kingston’s AAW Heavyweight Title.

5.) Non-Title Fans Brings The Weapons Handicap Match - AAW Tag Team Champions The Wet Bandits (Dan Lawrence & Markus Crane) vs. Ryan Boz: *

If Ryan Boz is able to win this match, then he gets a shot at the AAW Tag Team Titles. Speaking of Boz, he was hiding under the ring, and jumped The Wet Bandits to start off the match. This match was textbook definition of a garbage brawl. Weapons filled the ring (I think it was a little overdone), and match just wasn’t that good. Crane got busted open about a minute or two into the match, while Boz and Lawrence got busted open later on in the match. A variety of weapons were used here, including bowling pins, a Christmas Tree, crutches, hockey sticks, laptops, and shovels. The match had its moments, but it went waaaaay too long. When you think of hardcore matches, this was a perfect example of a bad hardcore match.

Before the next match, we got an in-ring promo from an emotional Keith Walker, who announced his retirement. It was a really cool promo, and a nice end to his career after the fantastic match he had with Eddie Kingston the month prior at Windy City Classic X. If you’re someone who regularly follows AAW, definitely check it out.

6.) AAW Heritage Title - Christian Faith (with Gregory Iron) vs. ACH: ***1/4

ACH is a former AAW Heritage Champion, and he was looking to win the title for the second time here against Christian Faith. I thought this was a pretty good match, but considering who was involved, I was expecting a little bit better. The match was a little slow at points, as the much-larger Christian Faith was in control, but ACH was able to put up a good fight, and their were some good moments in this once. Again, the match was solid, but I was expecting more. Christian Faith eventually got the win to retain his AAW Heritage Title.

7.) Chris Sabin vs. Heidi Lovelace: ***1/4

One of the bigger stories of AAW in 2014 involved Heidi Lovelace. She’s had a number of inter-gender matches in 2014, and even held the AAW Heritage Title for a few months. Even after losing the title, she’s still going up against some of the men in AAW, as she took on Chris Sabin here. This match was about what I was expecting. It featured some pretty solid action throughout, along with good babyface/heel storytelling, as Sabin didn’t take Lovelace seriously. The match also featured a pretty cool reverse-rana reversal spot. Towards the end of the match, Sabin pretends that Lovelace gave him a low blow, and he used the ensuing distraction from the referee to pick up the win.

8.) The Monster Mafia (“All Ego” Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs. AAW Heavyweight Champion Eddie Kingston & Jimmy Jacobs: ***1/4

This match had a very odd setup, as Jacobs was pissed that The Monster Mafia woke him up from his nap. Seriously, I’m not joking, that’s how this match was setup. Once again, The Monster Mafia were involved in another good, yet disappointing, Main Event. Granted, I wasn’t expecting this match to be as good, compared to what I was expecting from the American Wolves/Monster Mafia match from a month prior at Windy City Classic X, but still, for a Main Event, this definitely underperformed. They played into the aforementioned promo earlier in the night that set up the match, which was very weird and took away from the match, in my view. There were a number of good moments in this match, and it was still relatively good, but again, given who was involved, I was expecting better. Fortunately, we did get a pretty significant moment at the end, as Josh Alexander pinned Eddie Kingston clean with his Spinning Tombstone Piledriver, which certainly meant that he would be getting a future shot at the AAW Heavyweight Title. The Monster Mafia celebrated as the show came to a close.

Overall: 7.0/10

AAW closed out 2014 with a relatively lackluster show. While the majority of the show was pretty solid, it would’ve been a pretty worthless show without Davey Richards vs. Uhaa Nation, which was easily the Match of the Night. The other major highlight was actually Matt Cage vs. Louis Lyndon, who managed to have a really good match that went to a time limit draw. Aside from those two matches, the rest of the card was mostly solid, though the Fans Bring The Weapons Match was horrible. Looking back at it, the show was really all over the place, in terms of match quality. Josh Alexander pinning Eddie Kingston was a significant moment, but again, Davey Richards vs. Uhaa Nation is really the only match from this show that’s worth seeing.

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