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Beyond Wrestling: Alive And Kicking Review

It's Team East Coast vs. Team West Coast in a big Elimination Tag Team Match!

Beyond Wrestling: Alive And Kicking
Providence, Rhode Island 11/29/14

1.) Four-Way Tag Team Match – The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon) vs. EYFBO (Angel Ortiz & Mike Draztik) vs. The M1nute Men (Devin Blaze & Tommy Trainwreck) vs. The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian): ***1/2

The big theme on this weekend of shows for Beyond Wrestling was tag team wrestling, and they certain didn’t waste any time here, as a Four-Way Tag Team Match opened up the show. This was a lot of fun to watch. It was just filled with action from start to finish, and all four teams got a chance to shine. We even got to see a brief dance-off between The Osirian Portal & EYFBO. Eventually, The Osirian Portal got the victory in a very entertaining opening match.

2.) Colin Delaney vs. John Silver: ***1/4

Normally we see John Silver in the ranks of the tag team division as part of The Beaver Boys, but here, he’s in singles action against Colin Delaney. For what it was, I thought it was pretty entertaining. It wasn’t spectacular, by any means, but these two managed to put on a fun eight to nine minute match. John Silver picked up the win here, and Delaney raised his hand in a sign of respect after the match.

3.) Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro) vs. The Influence (Jason Devine & Mike Montero): **1/2

This was billed as a RWA Showcase Match. The Influence were thoroughly squashed earlier in the day by The Devastation Corporation as part of the Tournament For Tomorrow 3:16. Here, they managed to have a more competitive outing against Da Hoodz. I thought this was a decent tag team match. The Influence looked much better compared to the show earlier in the day, and did get a fair amount of offense in, but Da Hoodz were just too much for them, and they eventually got the win with an assisted tombstone piledriver.

4.) Silver Ant vs. Matt Tremont: ***1/4

Here we have a rare CHIKARA vs. CZW match. I was very much looking forward to seeing this match, just to see how these two wrestlers, who had completely different styles and who were from completely different backgrounds, would interact. What we got was a pretty solid match between these two. There was some good back & forth action throughout, and it was just fun seeing these two interact. They did do some brawling on the outside, which is more suited to Tremont’s strengths, but eventually, Silver Ant’s technical skill won out, as he scored the victory on a cradle pin. This was a good match between two opponents who couldn’t be more different.

5.) Drew Gulak & Kimber Lee vs. Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb: **3/4

This tag team match featured a pair of interesting relationships. On one side, you have Pepper Parks & Cherry Bomb, who are a married couple, while Kimber Lee was trained by Drew Gulak. At the same time, Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb have a tag team of their own, called the Kimber Bombs, and are actually teaming up in the Tournament For Tomorrow 3:16. For the most part, this was a fine match. While things did get off to a slow start, things did pick up a little bit towards the end. The interactions Cherry Bomb had with Kimber Lee & Drew Gulak were all relatively solid, but when Pepper Parks was in there, the match wasn’t quite as good. Regardless, this was perfectly acceptable for its spot on the card. Kimber Lee pinned Pepper Parks with the Alligator Clutch, and after the match, she embraced with her regular tag team partner Cherry Bomb.

6.) 2/3 Falls Match – Dave Cole vs. Martin Stone: ***1/2

These two guys had been exchanging victories back & forth for several months, hence the need for a 2/3 Falls Match. I thought this was a very good match. They went at each other right from the opening bell, and didn’t hold anything back. This was a lot of fun to watch. I know people usually complain when a 2/3 Falls Match is on the shorter side, and even though this was a relatively shorter 2/3 Falls Match, going about twelve minutes or so, I don’t think the match length had any negative effect. In fact, I believe it might have helped the match. They packed a fair amount of stuff into this match, and I think, in the end, it worked. As far as the results go, Cole scored the first fall, Stone scored the second fall to tie things up shortly thereafter, and then finally, Cole gets the third fall to win the match. Once again, while this 2/3 Falls Match didn’t go very long, compared to what you might expect, this was still very good.

7.) Brian Fury vs. Jay Freddie: ***

I’ve seen Brian Fury before, but I don’t think I’ve seen Jay Freddie before. This was a fine match, but in my eyes, it was just missing something. There were a few rough points here and there, but for the most part, the match was solid. It wasn’t a bad match by any means, and they worked hard, but it just lacked the energy. I feel like they were trying to have this big, epic match, but it never really connected with me as being that kind of match. I was never able to get truly invested. Maybe there’s some kind of backstory to this match that I’m missing? I’m not sure. Additionally, I think length of this one did hurt it a little bit. It might have been a bit better if a few minutes got shaved off. Jay Freddie, in the end, got Brian Fury to tap out to score the win.

After the match, Jay Freddie wanted a handshake, but Brian Fury turned him down.

8.) Biff Busick vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey: ***3/4

This looked like an exciting match on paper, and I was really hyped to watch it. They certainly didn’t disappoint, as they put on a great match! Things started a little slow, but the action certainly picked up. Towards the end of the match, there was some really cool back & forth action that got the crowd all fired up. You can tell immediately that these two have really good chemistry in the ring together. Even though Mike Bailey showed a lot of fighting spirit in this match, taking a lot of punishment, but never giving up, Biff Busick was eventually able to pick up the submission victory. This was easily the best match of the might, up to this point.

After the match, Busick shook hands with Bailey, and the crowd chanted “Please Come Back!” at him.

9.) Ten-Man Tag Team Elimination Match – Team East Coast (The Juicy Product [David Starr & JT Dunn], The Doom Patrol [Chris Dickinson & Jaka] & Dan Barry) vs. Team West Coast (The Young Bucks, The Fightin’ Taylor Boys [Chuck Taylor & Brian Cage-Taylor], & Trevor Lee): ****

Here we have a Main Event that’s essentially East Coast vs. West Coast, or more specifically, Beyond Wrestling vs. PWG. If you’re wondering why Brian Cage is listed as Brian Cage-Taylor, it’s because he & Chuck Taylor were a tag team for awhile in PWG called The Fightin’ Taylor Boys, and Cage was (I guess) supposed to be Taylor’s half-cousin or something. They ceased being a team once Johnny Gargano, and later Trent Baretta, came into PWG, but are reuniting here.

I thought this was a great main event, and easily the best match on the show. It’s pretty cool that they had a big elimination tag team match towards the end of November, which is around the same time that Survivor Series usually takes place. There was a ton of action in this match, as you would’ve expect, and all ten guys got a chance to shine in some form or fashion, before most of them were eliminated. I won’t go over every single elimination that took place, but I will mention the very end of the match, as it came down to a 3-on-1 situation with The Young Bucks & Trevor Lee vs. Dan Barry. The remaining representative from Team East Coast was able to eliminate Trevor Lee, and put up a really good fight against The Young Bucks all by himself, but in the end, he succumbed to a Superkick/Package Piledriver Combo and was eliminated. The Young Bucks were the sole survivors, winning the match for Team West Coast. This match was really fun to watch, and there was a lot of cool action throughout.

Overall: 7.5/10

As a whole, this was a pretty entertaining show from Beyond Wrestling. The Ten-Man Tag Team Elimination Match was easily Match of the Night (in my opinion) and is definitely worth checking out. Biff Busick vs. Mike Bailey was also really good, and I was recommend checking out that match as well. The rest of the undercard was relatively solid, with the Four-Way Tag Team Match that opened the show and the 2/3 Falls Match being the highlights.

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