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ROH Reclamation: Night 2 Review

Jay Lethal & Michael Elgin go toe-to-toe with The American Wolves in the Main Event!

ROH Reclamation: Night 2
Dearborn, Michigan 7/13/13

1.) Kyle O'Reilly vs. Tadarius Thomas: **3/4

Thomas comes out with some of his Capoeira Fighting Team. The match was a solid opener. Even though these two have progressed a lot, this wasn't as good as their Brew City Beatdown match from last year. TD would end up taking the win.

2.) Four-Corner Survival - Leah Von Dutch vs. Jenny Rose vs. Athena vs. MsChif: **1/4

MsChif's Freddy Krueger attire is pretty awesome. The match actually wasn't that bad. Their was a four-way submission spot that I thought was very cool. Not as good as the Athena/MsChif singles match from Milwaukee, but still a decent women's match.

3.) Silas Young vs. "Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa: ***1/4

A pretty solid contest here. The match was going alone fine until Silas hits Ciampa with the ring bell mallet behind the referee's back to get the win...initially. Again, as I mentioned in my Reclamation: Night 1 Review, I find it funny that Nigel McGuinness & Kevin Kelly keep talking about "restoring honor" yet all these heelish things are happening, like with Silas using the hammer. Nigel would have the match restarted, leading to Ciampa getting the win. The crowd was pretty excited to see Ciampa (one of the only things they'd be excited for all night).

4.) BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Cole: ***1/4

Another pretty solid match here. I think the World TV Title Match these two had back in January was a little better since their was more at stake with the World TV Title on the line. I really liked the finish with Cole faking an injury to pick up the win.

5.) Michael Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. Andy Muscant: *

Not much to this one. A typical Michael Bennet squash. 

Afterwords, Maria orders Bennett to give Muscant another piledriver, but hometown hero Rhino makes the save, and challenges Bennett to a match. They initially refuse but Rhino talks enough trash to get Bennett to accept.

6.) Michael Bennett vs. Rhino: **1/4

A decent match. That's pretty much it.

After the match, Bennett talks some more trash, but he gets a GORE for his troubles. I feel like this whole thing would have been a much better fit for the TV Show.

7.) Bobby Fish vs. ACH: ***

Again, another decent match, but nothing really special. These two did not seem to work very well together, as their were a lot of miscommunications, though they were still able to salvage an enjoyable contest.

8.) Non-Title Match - ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven (with Truth Martini) vs. Kevin Steen: **3/4

This was ok, but it pretty much consisted of Steen beating the crap out of the World TV Champion for Ten Minutes until a distraction by Martini allowed Taven to roll Steen up with his feet on the ropes.

Kevin Steen doesn't want things to end this way, so he calls out Truth Martini and wants a match! Truth wants no part of it obviously, but Steen says everyone in the H.O.T. has vaginas. Nigel McGuinness decides to make the match to teach Truth a lesson, and says he'll keep doing it until he learns not to interfere in matches. I think at one point Nigel carries Truth back to the ring.

9.) Kevin Steen vs. Truth Martini: DUD

At some point, Matt Taven comes in and throws powder at Kevin Steen but it doesn't stop him, who hits Martini with the Package Piledriver and wins. A fun, short little segment, but pretty pointless. Again, I feel like this is something that would be better for the TV Show.

10.) "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin & Jay Lethal vs. The American Wolves: ****

This was a pretty solid main event. When you get four guys of this caliber in one match, you know it'll be good, and it was.

Overall: 6.75/10

The Main Event is the only real reason to get this show. Probably the worst live event of the year in terms of quality (and a pretty crappy way to end what was a good Triple-Shot up to this point) but the Main Event was pretty good. None of the matches really stood out, and a lot of things under-delivered in my estimation. The crowd for some reason was not very good. They were pretty quiet and barely reacted to anything. The announcing on this show (both Kelly & Nigel and whoever they got to be ring announcer. He was terrible) was not very good. Unless you're a big fan of Elgin, Lethal and/or the Wolves, you can avoid getting this one.

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