Monday, October 7, 2013

Wrestling is Cool: The Chilling Sound of Your Doom/Cool Party Review

Wrestling is Cool makes it's debut and we see the reformation of a celebrated tag team!

This MP4 from Smart Mark Video includes four matches from the first show (not sure why they only included four) and all of the second show.

Wrestling is Cool: The Chilling Sound of Your Doom
Kingwood, West Virginia 4/14/13

1.) “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs. Frightmare: **1/4

Eh...this was ok, but I felt like it could have been so much better. An ok match, but not much else.

2.) AC/DC (Arik Cannon & Darin Corbin) vs. Dale Patricks & Trip Cassidy: **1/2

This is my first time seeing Patricks & Cassidy, who are heavily involved with Wrestling is Heart. A solid tag team match, but again, that's pretty much it. I'm actually a fan of the Cannon/Corbin duo. I'd love to see Dragon Gate USA/Evolve bring them in since they haven't done anything with Cannon after Sami Callihan left for WWE.

3.) Juan Francisco de Coronado (with Herbert) vs. The Estonian ThunderFrog: **3/4

Probably the best match on this first show. de Coronado & ThunderFrog are probably two of the most interesting characters to emerge in the "Wrestling is..." Universe, and if CHIKARA were ever to come back, I'm sure they're be prominent figures.

4.) Heidi Lovelace & Saturyne vs. Los Ice Creams: **1/2

Much like the earlier tag team match, this was a fine affair, but nothing really spectacular. Typical Los Ice Creams match.

Wrestling is Cool: Cool Party
Deptford, New Jersey 7/21/13

1.) The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant) vs. Los Ice Creams: **1/2

So it was apparently really hot the day they did this show, and The Colony brought out some Ice Cream Treats for the fans! Los Ice Creams are wearing a black version of their attire which I actually like. A fine opening match. As I said earlier, another typical Los Ice Creams match, and the Colony did a good job here as well.

2.) Arctic Rescue Ant vs. Jolly Roger: **3/4

This match actually ended up being really solid. I was really entertained by it. Both guys worked well with each other.

3.) The Shard vs. The Lithuanian Snow Troll: **1/2

Not as good as the previous match, but it was still pretty solid. The Snow Troll put up a good fight, but he was no match for The Shard in the end.

4.) Orbit Adventure Ant vs. The Estonian ThunderFrog: **3/4

So it's the Hammer of Peace vs. The Wacky Space Helmet. Another pretty solid match. Much like the Arctic Rescue Ant/Jolly Roger match, this was pretty entertaining. The ThunderFrog would end up with the victory.

5.) Eddie Kingston vs. Eric Corvis: ***

This is my first time seeing Eric Corvis. His attire looks pretty cool. Eddie Kinston looks to be crazed as he throws stuff around and says that CHIKARA is dead (I presume he was referring to the people who were wearing the "I Am CHIKARA T-Shirts). A very good match here. Kingston & Corvis worked pretty well to each other and it made for a fine contest. Kingston would pick up the win.

6.) Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. Frightmare: ***

Another very solid match. Pretty much the kind of match you would expect from these two. The Frenetic Ball of Kinetic Energy would score the win.

7.) Amasis vs. Chuck Taylor: ***1/4

This was a very solid main event. They delivered exactly the kind of match you would expect being two of the best wrestlers in the "Wrestling is..." Universe. The Funky Pharaoh picked up the victory over the Kentucky Gentlemen.

After the match, Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy would go on to assault Amasis after the match. Suddenly a figure wearing a white cloak emerged, and revealed himself to be Ophidian! He then gets in the ring and attacks the Gentlemen's Club (I should note that this was edited a bit, as Ophidian apparently slipped and fell on his was to the ring and tweaked his ankle). He then has some words with Amasis, and then reveals that the Osirian Portal is officially reunited!

Overall: 7.0/10

In terms of quality, their really isn't much to this. You have one pretty solid match and two or three good matches, and the rest is just good to average. However, for the price of $9.99, you're getting two (technically one and a half) shows, and eleven matches, that are on the whole relatively solid. Plus you're getting the reuniting of the Osirian Portal, so that adds something special to the mix. Overall, a decent collection of matches.

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