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AAW The Chaos Theory 2014 Review

A Titanic Collision for Tag Team Gold headlines AAW's first show of 2014!

AAW The Chaos Theory 2014
Berwyn, Illinois 1/24/14

1.) Fatal Four-Way - DC Dynamite vs. Ty Colton vs. Knight Wagner (with Truth Martini) vs. Marek Brave: ***

We start things off with a Fatal Four-Way featuring a variety of competitors. Pretty solid opener. Lots of fast paced action from start to finish. DC Dynamite is just a ball of energy. He was all over the place! The returning Marek Brave is eventually able to pick up the win.

2.) Dan Lawrence & Marcus Crane vs. Zero Gravity: **1/2

Zero Gravity came up short last month in their Tag Team Title Match, and are now looking to bounce back against The Dance Lawrence Project & The Marcus Crane Experience. This was solid for what it was. Fine tag team action here. Zero Gravity are able to get the win.

3.) We Are Here (Keith Walker & Tweek Phoenix with Kevin Harvey & Nikki Mayday) vs. Colt Cabana & Juntai Miller: **3/4

These two teams had a match several months prior at Point Of No Return 2013. This match was significantly better than their previous match. Not exactly sure what it was, but it was just more entertaining. Colt Cabana & Junthai Miller are able to score the win over We Are Here in a very solid tag team affair.

Before the next match, Eddie Kingston cuts a promo on what he did to Val Malone, Silas Young's wife/valet, at One Twisted Christmas 2013, and how Silas didn't show up tonight because he has to tend to his wife. Kingston then introduces his own valet, Jordynne Grace, who Kingston says is much better than Val Malone.

4.) Eddie Kingston (with Jordynne Grace) vs. Jonathan Gresham: ***1/4

This was a really pleasant surprise. Pretty solid match here. I've never really heard of Jonathan Gresham before this, but he really impressed against Kingston here. The War King is able to pick up the win in this very entertaining match. I hope we get to see more of Jonathan Gresham in AAW.

5.) Team Ambition (Davey Richards & Kyle O'Reilly) vs. Kung Fu Manchu (Louis Lyndon & Marion Fontaine): ***1/2

So his match with Jimmy Jacobs at One Twisted Christmas 2013 wasn't Davey Richards' last match in AAW after all. This would indeed be his last match with the company, as he was on his way to TNA. Only in AAW will you see the likes of Lyndon & Fontaine mixing it up with Richards & O'Reilly. This was a pretty good tag team match. At the same time, there were a number of rough spots, most notably Fontaine botching a dive off of the top rope. Despite the sloppiness, it was still pretty good. Kung Fu Manchu are able to get the surprise win over Team Ambition.

After the match, Richards cut another goodbye promo, thanking the crowd. He also says that he's looking forward to facing Kyle O'Reilly one-on-one in AAW one day. O'Reilly responds by laying Richards out!! He cuts a short promo bashing Davey Richards.

6.) AAW Heritage Title - Matt Cage vs. ACH: ***1/2

Back at Windy City Classic IX, Cage dethroned ACH to win the AAW Heritage Title. This is ACH's rematch. This was a very good match. ACH was as great & entertaining as he always is, but Matt Cage was also very impressive. Solid back & forth action in here. Eventually Matt Cage is able to retain his title with a roll up while holding onto the ropes.

After the match, Matt Cage goes to beat up ACH, but Junthai Miller comes out and makes the save!

Before the next in ring segment, we have a promo in the back that sees We Are Here arguing amongst each other. Kevin Harvey breaks things up and attempt to refocus their attention. He orders them to come out to the ring with him.

Next we have an in-ring promo from Tony Rican. He says that after the punishment his body went through during the Fans Bring The Weapons Match at One Twisted Christmas 2013, he's decided to go back to just being AAW's Matchmaker. This brings out We Are Here. Kevin Harvey looks like he's going to respond, but Keith Walker & Tweek Phoenix quickly attack Rican. The two then hold Rican while Harvey throws a fireball in his face!!! This brings out The L.O.S.E.R.S. (Moondog Bernard & Sea Man), who try to fight them off, but they are ultimately unsuccessful. 

7.) AAW Heavyweight Title - Shane Hollister (with Scarlett Bordeaux) vs. Jimmy Jacobs: ***1/2

Back at Windy City Classic IX, Jacobs won the AAW Allegiance Tag Team Tournament with Silas Young. By winning, they got to book themselves in whatever match they wanted. While Young chose a match with Eddie Kingston at One Twisted Christmas 2013, Jacobs chose to challenge for an AAW Heavyweight Title. This was a very good title match, but it suffered from two issues. Firstly, it went a bit longer than it needed to. It was just over 25 minutes, but it didn't need to go that long. A shorter match (15 or 20 minutes) would have made for a better match. Secondly, the crowd was pretty quiet for a good portion of this match, which is pretty disconcerting, because both guys put forth a ton of effect. Jimmy Jacobs especially put on a very good showing, even after getting busted open after hitting his head on the guardrail while spearing Hollister to the outside. He deserves a lot of credit. After a good bit of back & forth (and the crowd had gotten into it by the end), Hollister is finally able to put a bloody Jacobs away to retain his title.

After the match, Hollister, along with Scarlett Bordeux & Marcus Crane, started putting the boots to Jacobs, but Colt Cabana comes out and chases them off with a billiard cue.

8.) AAW Tag Team Titles - Men Of The Year ("Unbreakable" Michael Elgin & #ALLEGO) vs. The Monster Express (Ricochet & Uhaa Nation): ****1/4

It's time for the Main Event, which had A LOT of hype coming into it, as it was the first ever meeting, of any kind, between Michael Elgin & Uhaa Nation. This was a really great match! Their was a lot of fantastic action (especially towards the end), and it told a good story with Elgin & Uhaa Nation trying to go at each other every change they got. Ricochet & #ALLEGO looked great in here as well. Just a great match all around. Elgin & #ALLEGO are eventually able to score the win and retain their Tag Team Titles.

After the match, Michael Elgin cuts a promo and thanks AAW for putting this dream match together against Uhaa Nation, who likewise agrees. #ALLEGO then steals the mic and ruins the moment by calling Ricochet & Uhaa Nation losers and celebrates the Men Of The Year's victory to close the show.

Overall: 8.25/10

This was a really good show from AAW. One thing that I really like about this show compared to One Twisted Christmas 2013 was the consistency. There really wasn't a bad match on the card. You had some pleasant surprises with the opening Fatal Four-Way and Kingston vs. Gresham. Despite their own separate issues, the Team Ambition/Kung Fu Manchu and Hollister/Jacobs matches were relatively solid. Matt Cage & ACH put on a very good showing for the Heritage Title, while the Main Event was fantastic, and will probably be one of the best matches you'll see from AAW in 2014. A very solid outing from AAW without a doubt.

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