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PWG Mystery Vortex II Review

Candice LaRae & The Best Friends challenge Mount Rushmore for PWG Gold!!

Much like the original Mystery Vortex in 2012, the entire card was a complete mystery the day of the show. Let's see what PWG could cook up!

PWG Mystery Vortex II
Reseda, California 3/28/14

1.) Triple Threat Match - Cedric Alexander vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett: ****

These three men have all made names for themselves on the independent scene in North Carolina, and two of them have made their way in ROH (Alexander has been there for a few years while Everett debuted very recently). This was awesome!! Just nonstop action from bell to bell!! The PWG Fans really took a quick likely to all three guys. I know Alexander & Everett are already in ROH, but somebody needs to sign Trevor Lee ASAP!!! He deserves to be on the ROH or Dragon Gate USA/Evolve roster. Everett gets the win in an incredible balls-to-the-walls affair!

2.) Six-Man Tag Team Match - Peter Avalon & The RockNES Monsters vs. Joey Ryan, B-Boy & Willie Mack: ***

As the match starts, Excalibur notes that there have been three earthquakes in the Southern California/Los Angeles Area since the show started (which is true, there were earthquakes that happened during the show), which apparently weren't felt inside the building due to the crowd being so loud. Excalibur explains that the very nature of the show starting, the opening match, and this match were the cause of it (Also, I heard Trevor Lee claimed responsibility on Twitter, saying his double stop was to blame). Joey Ryan wants to say the B-Boy/Willie Mack team name, but they won't let him. Avalon & The RockNES Monsters are going by the team name of the GameBoy Bezerkers, which was a pretty cool name. This was a pretty solid match. We've seen a lot of these lower card six-man tags with SoCal talent before, and this was no different. Ryan, B-Boy & Mack get the win in an entertaining match.

3.) Anthony Nese vs. Roderick Strong: ***1/4

Interesting ROH vs. Dragon Gate USA/Evolve Match here (well, not really since Strong wrestles for both now, but whatever). It wasn't the best match in the world but it was still very solid. Whenever you have a Roderick Strong match, it's always going to be good at the very least, and this was no different. Nese got in his offense, but it would be Strong who picks up the win.

4.) Three-Way Tag Team Match - The African American Wolves vs. The Inner City Machine Guns vs. The Unbreakable F'N Machines: ****1/4

Three teams were all in DDT4 2014. This was a pretty great match!! Everyone got to show their stuff in this one. At one point, Brian Cage did a moonsault from the top rope to the floor, after Elgin did a running dive to the outside!! Insanity!! Anyway, the only real complaint I can make is that the match went too long. I think it could have easily been Match of the Night if it went 20 Minutes. Instead, it continued for another 10 Minutes. Still, despite the exhausting length, the match was crazy, fun, and insane in all sorts of ways. Enjoyable stuff. Elgin & Cage get the win.

5.) "Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa vs. Chris Hero: ***1/2

I've seen some people not like this match as much, but I enjoyed it. It was a hard hitting, as you would expect with Ciampa's Knee Strikes & Hero's Kicks/Elbows. Pretty enjoyable, especially if you're the type of person who loves guys who do a lot of strikes. Hero is able to make Ciampa tap out to the Stretch Plum for the win.

6.) Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O'Reilly: ****1/2

These two have both challenged Adam Cole in the past for the PWG World Title. Even though Drake Younger won a #1 Contender's Fatal Four-Way at DDT4 2014, but he would end up getting signed by WWE, and wouldn't be able to cash in his title shot. Thus, this is basically a de facto #1 Contender's Match. This was amazing!!! Even though it was a little long like the Three-Way Tag Team Match earlier in the night, it was an incredible contest between the two. The exchanges and counters these two did were insane. These two are without question some of the best wrestlers in the world today, and they further proved that in this match. Johnny Gargano is fantastic, and Kyle O'Reilly has, in my eyes, definitely surpassed his mentor Davey Richards. O'Reilly gets Gargano to tap out for the victory.

7.) PWG World Tag Team Titles - The Young Bucks vs. Best Friends: ***3/4

Chuck Taylor & Trent? won DDT4 to earn this title shot. Also, Matt Jackson is still wearing his cast on his arm from his injury. This was not nearly as long as some of the other matches, but I thought it was still pretty good. The Young Bucks were fantastic like they always are, and, despite only being together for less than a year, Taylor & Trent? have really jelled together as a team. There were a number a false finishers coupled with what some might seen as overbooking, but I actually think they really worked here, as the crowd reacted very strongly to them. After all sorts of chicanery, The Young Bucks were able to retain their titles.

8.) PWG World Title - Adam Cole vs. Candice LaRae: ***1/2

Cole issues an Open Challenge for the PWG World Title, and Candice LaRae answers the call. This was originally supposed to take place during All-Star Weekend X, but Chris Hero's return changed those plans. Of course nobody expected this to be anything spectacular, but for what it was, it was great. Candice LaRae was a great underdog and the crowd was into her as they always are, while Cole played the dick heel perfectly. She took a massive beating, but fought back and took the fight to the PWG World Champion. Even though she lost, it was a star making performance for Candice without a doubt.

After the match, Candice gets a standing ovation. Cole hugs her out of respect but it's a trap, as Nick Jackson shows up and Cole throws Candice into a superkick!! Joey Ryan runs into the ring with a chair to chase Mount Rushmore off as the show comes to a close.

Overall: 8.75/10 

I've been hearing a lot of people say that PWG hasn't been that good lately, compared to the late 2011-mid 2013 "Golden Era", and after watching this show, I honestly don't know why people are saying that. This was a pretty great show. You have a two awesome three way matches, one with three newcomers to PWG and the other being great despite the length. Then you had Gargano/O'Reilly which could be a sleeper for PWG Match of the Year, and two highly anticipated title matches that were both exciting in their own right. Throw in a few more solid undercard matches, and you have the makings of a truly enjoyable show.

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