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Wrestling is Fun!: 2014 Tag World Grand Prix: Night 1 Review

The 2014 Tag World Grand Prix begins!

This year, the Tag World Grand Prix is being hosted by Wrestling is Fun! The tournament is spread across three shows that would be held in the span of two months. The field was split into two blocks: Block A & Block B. The first round & quarter finals of each respective block will be held on the first two shows, while the semi-finals & finals take place on the third show. This show has the first round and quarter final matches from Block A.

Wrestling is Fun! Tag World Grand Prix 2014: Night 1
Easton, Pennsylvania 4/5/14

1.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – First Round – The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) vs. The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked & Frightmare): ***

These two teams (and their larger trio variations) have been feuding for quite a few months in Wrestling is Fun! A pretty solid opener here. The match was slow to start, but by the end of it, the action picked up a fair deal. The Devastation Corporation pick up the win and advance to the Quarter Finals.

2.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – First Round – The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) vs. Old Fashioned (Jervis Cottonbelly & Marion Fontaine): **1/2

It has to be said that Old Fashioned is the greatest tag team ever!! They came out on a bike built for two. Seriously, how can you not love these guys. This was a decent match. It was more about the comedy of it all, with Old Fashioned trying to be gentlemanly towards The Batiri, who didn't know how to react. So funny stuff ensued. Eventually, The Batiri were able to pick up the win and advance to the Quarter Finals.

3.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – First Round – The Heart Throbs vs. 3.0: **3/4

Interestingly enough, The Heart Throbs are absent their usual ridiculousness, and come in normal wrestling gear. I guess they're taking this tournament seriously. This was another decent match. They got in some more comedy here as The Heart Throbs started wrestling each other in the middle of this match. This would play a role in their downfall, as 3.0 would pick up the win and punch their ticket to the Quarter Finals.

4.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – First Round – The Colony: Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant & Missile Assault Ant) vs. The Osirian Portal: ***1/2

The Colony: Xtreme Force are not accompanied by Orbit Adventure Ant for this one. These two teams put on a really good match. Amasis & Ophidian were great as they always are, but The Colony: Xtreme Force were very impressive. It seems like they've improved a good deal in the past few months. The Osirian Portal get the win and advance to the Quarter Finals, but Ophidian comes out of it with an injured knee.

5.) Juan Francisco de Coronado vs. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti: ***1/2

Before the match, JFDC cuts a promo talking about how great he is. He says that if he was in the Tag World Grand Prix, he could win it all by himself, without any partners. This was another really good match. I feel like both JFDC and Mr. Touchdown have really grown as performers, and it certainly shows in this match. Solid back & forth action from start to finish. After a good exchange, JFDC uses typical rudo chicanery to steam the win from Mr. Touchdown.

6.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – Quarter Finals – The Devastation Corporation vs. The Batiri: ***1/4

This one got started really fast as the two teams brawl very quickly. Very solid match here. These two teams just went at each other right from the opening bell and seemingly never let up. It's a very interesting matchup as well since both these teams have never faced each other before. I thought they worked together pretty nicely. Despite The Batiri's efforts, Smashmaster & McMassive are able to pull out the victory, and advance to the Semi-Finals, which will be held on Night 3.

7.) Tag World Grand Prix 2014 – Block A – Quarter Finals – The Osirian Portal vs. 3.0: ***1/2

The Main Event features two of CHIKARA's most well known teams. Like the previous match, the action got started right at the opening bell and never let up. Very good match here. When you get two teams as good as The Osirian Portal & 3.0, you know it's going to be a solid match no matter what. Much like the match before it, we saw a lot of back & forth action with pretty entertaining spots. Eventually, The Osirian Portal were able to score the victory. They advance to the Semi-Finals on Night 3, where they will take on The Devastation Corporation.

Overall: 7.5/10

This was a pretty entertaining show. Looking at how the tournament was set up, you could easily tell that Block A had a lot of depth in terms of great tag teams, and it shows. All of the tournament matches were good to very good wrestling matches, and were at least entertaining. Coupled with the fact that you have a really solid match between Juan Francisco de Coronado & Mr. Touchdown, and you have the makings of a pretty entertaining show.

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