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Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Debut Show Review

Quintessential Pro Wrestling makes it debut with a Main Event featuring two of the Best Tag Teams in the World!

So this is a Promotion that was started up recently that uses a lot of talent used by PWG. They were originally supposed to release this on DVD but couldn't. Basically, TNA made a change to a long standing rule in regards to their talents. TNA wrestlers were able to work Indy Shows as long as they were promotions that didn't air their shows on iPPV (such as PWG). However, they changed that recently to include promotions like PWG (which led to the PWG departure of Joey Ryan). Thus, this show (which features TNA Talents in Bad Influence & Joey Ryan) couldn't be sold on DVD, but the show was recently put up on Youtube completely free.

Here's where you can view it:

Their were 7 Matches on this show. That seventh match was supposed to be (I think) Willie Mack vs. Brian Kendrick but Kendrick for some reason wasn't on here & got replaced by Shad Gaspard (of WWE/Cryme Tyme fame). Shad won, and the match was not put up on Youtube.

Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Debut Show
Monrovia, California 4/19/13

1.) The RockNES Monsters & B-Boy vs. Peter Avalon, Rey Rosas & Scorpio Sky: ***1/4

They started off with a few comedy spots and then got into an actual match. It was fine. Entertaining opener but nothing really special. 

2.) Candice LaRae vs. Winter: **1/4

Haven't seen Winter since her run in TNA. She's accompanied by some random chick. Their's some funny stuff in the beginning with the announcing of the weights. The match was ok for a Women's Contest.

LaRae wins and gets attacked by Winter & her random chick-friend. This really isn't shown on the video but Joey Ryan makes the save, only to (of course) turn on LaRae, leading to Drake Younger coming out and saving LaRae. 

3.) Brian Cage vs. Paul London: ***1/4

I think Paul London came out with a cupcake and gave Cage one as well, I think. They started by doing some arm wrestling & pose downs before they actually start wrestling. This was a fine match, but surprisingly not as good as one would think. I feel like the stuff in the beginning hurt the match.

4.) Drake Younger vs. Joey Ryan: ***1/2

This was actually a very good match. They set things up earlier in the night with the Candice LaRae stuff, and they wrestled a pretty solid contest. Joey Ryan goes for a bag of what someone might think would be thumbtacks, but its filled with Gummy Bears....No Joke. They go for a little bit, but Candice LaRae comes out & hits Ryan will a Ballplex on the Gummy Bears!! Ryan sells it like a Thumbtack spot, which is hilarious. Younger hits the Drake's Landing on the Gummy Bears to pull out the win!!! That was hilarious.

5.) "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins: ****1/4

They used Elgin's House of Truth Music here for some odd reason, with it now being months after he broke away. They had a pretty good opening match back at Final Battle 2011. This was actually awesome, and turned out to be much better than that match. Really fantastic match here, and Perkins gets the huge win!

6.) The Young Bucks vs. Bad Influence ("The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian): ***3/4

Bad Influence cuts a heel promo in the beginning, putting themselves over, as heels do. While this wasn't good as Perkins/Elgin, this was a very good tag team match. Both teams put for a solid effort and have a great Main Event.

After the match, Daniels put over The Bucks (who won) and asks for a rematch, which they agree to. The Bucks then Double Superkick Referee Rick Knox (who didn't see that coming, honestly?) to close the show.

Overall: 8.0/10

This was a pretty good first show for Quintessential Pro Wrestling. The fact that it is completely free means you'd be crazy not to check this out on Youtube. The Perkins/Elgin match is so good that it's practically a steal to view it for free. The Bucks/Bad Influence Match was very good and the undercard was overall enjoyable.

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