Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wrestling is Awesome: Debut Show Review

Tag Team Action headlines the first ever Wrestling is Awesome event!

Wrestling is Awesome: Debut Show
Troy, New York 12/9/12

1.) "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush vs. Jervis Cottenbelly: **1/4

An ok opening match here. Nothing really much to it, just your typical Quackenbush scientific opener.

2.) Oleg The Usurper vs. The Estonian ThunderFrog: **

I feel like Oleg is kind of hit or miss with me. They do a bit where Oleg tries (and fails) to pick up ThunderFrog's Hammer. Again, nothing really to this one, but was fine for what it was.

3.) Juan Francisco de Coronado (with Herbert) vs. Green Ant: ***

de Coronado grills Gavin Loudspeaker for not introducing his as from Ecuador. I found this to big entertaining contest. de Coronado has done pretty well since his character change and it a pretty good wrestler. Green Ant was good in here as well. I have to say he's probably my favorite Ant out of all the Ants we've seen, and I hope ROH (if their dates don't interfere with any "Wrestling Is..." dates) brings him in for a few shows. He's a great technical wrestler & I think he can have some good matches over there.

4.) Frank O'Rourke vs. Dasher Hatfield: ***1/4

O'Rourke, much like he would on future shows, is yelling at the fans for calling him Francis. This was easily the best match of the show. O'Rourke really strikes me as a smaller version of Antonio Cesaro. He's really good in the ring and thus far has proven to be one of the more consistent wrestling on the "Wrestling Is..." Circuit. Tonight, however, it was Dasher Hatfield who got his hand raised in victory.

5.) Portia Perez vs. Saturyne: **1/4

I've heard a lot about Portia Perez. Of course she's more well known as a part of the SHIMMER Roster, where's she's one half of the Canadian Ninjas, along with Nicole Matthews. The match itself was ok. Portia was heeling it up big time, and it led to her getting the win.

6.) Robert Coleman vs. Latvian Proud Oak: *3/4

Robert Coleman is a local guy, I think. He's basically an African American/East Coast version of Rikishi. This Latvian Proud Oak looks....oddly familiar. Proud Oak bows down to Coleman after seeing the tree tattoo Coleman has on his back. Nothing really much to this. Coleman gets the win.

7.) Jaka vs. Dalton Castle: **1/4

Castle was recently featured on the Dragon's Reign show in Pittsburgh for Ring of Honor. Another match that was relatively decent. Fine for what it was.

8.) The Devastation Corporation (with Sydney Backabella) vs. 3.0 (Scott "Jagged" Parker & "Big Magic" Shane Matthews): **1/2

This was the first time these two teams did battle. It was another match that was overall pretty decent. Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive were dominant, but 3.0 were able to get in some offense. I think the Devastation Corporation still need some work though, but from what I've heard they have improved since this show. This also felt more like a Warm-Up for the match they would have for the Campeonatos de Parejas in CHIKARA in March of 2013.

Overall: 6.0/10

This was probably the worst "Wrestling Is..." show that I've seen this far. While their was some good stuff on here, specifically the Green Ant & Dasher Hatfield matches, there's not really much to this show honestly. The only thing it really has going for it is that it's under two hours and its only $5.

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