Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrestling is Respect: Show #2 Review

A rematch from National Pro-Wrestling Day headlines the second show from Wrestling is Respect!

Wrestling is Respect: Show #2
Boonton, New Jersey 3/24/13

I should note that this show also included Veda Scott vs. Terra Callaway, but that match was cut off the VOD/Digital Download because Callaway apparently suffered a very serious knee injury when she when for a dive to the outside on Scott, which is fine. No need to show a serious injury.

1.) "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti vs. Jervis Cottenbelly: **1/2

This was an enjoyable opener. At one point (I think before the match started) Touchdown put his hands in the air (I guess for his "It's Good" line) and Cottenbelly kicked his hat in between his arms like a Field Goal. Their were a few sloppy moments here but I still found enjoyment out of it.

2.) The Baltic Siege (Estonian ThunderFrog & Latvian Proud Oak) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive): **

This is the first time for me seeing The Baltic Siege in team action. The Devastation Corporation are without Sydney Backabella tonight, for some reason. It was ok, but there wasn't really anything much to it. Smashmaster & McMassive had a lot of miscommunication (which they played up as happening because Backabella wasn't there) which let to the Siege getting the win.

After the match, the Devastation Corporation attack, hitting the Death Blow on one of the Siege members and were about to hit it on the other when the Lithuanian Snow Troll made his debut, saving his fellow Siege members from a further beatdown.

3.) The Shard vs. Green Ant: ***1/4

These two are facing off in what I believe is a first time singles match. It was pretty good. Green Ant looked as good as he always has and likewise for The Shard, though it would be Green Ant would left victorious.

4.) "Addicted To Love" Rhett Titus vs. Gran Akuma: ***

Titus is replacing the injured Ophidian. Even though he had recently joined S.C.U.M. recently in Ring of Honor, he's in his old "Addicted To Love" persona here. This was actually a pretty fine match. Akuma did his usual stuff and Titus played a great heel, and even picked up the win here.

5.) Oleg The Usurper vs. Grizzly Redwood: *3/4

Oleg comes out in a toga outfit for some reason. Nothing really to this. Just your basic Grizzly Redwood vs. big man match with Redwood finding some way to win.

6.) Jigsaw vs. Delirious: ***1/4

This was supposed to happen on the last show before Jigsaw was replaced by The Shard. Not as good as I may have been expecting, but still a fine match between these two. The Shard comes out & distracts Delirious which allows Jigsaw to capitalize for the win.

After the match, Delirious challenges Jigsaw & The Shard to a tag team match on the next show.

7.) Frank O'Rourke vs. Drew Gulak: ***1/2

These two had a match at National Pro-Wrestling Day that I heard was very good. This is the rematch. It was a very good contest. Both guys showed off their wrestling skill with great action present throughout the entire match. Gulak would end up getting the win in a solid main event.

Overall: 7.0/10

Wrestling is Respect was able to improve over their first show. Their were several matches on here that were pretty good and very entertaining to watch. This one is only just over and hour and a half and is an easily recommendation given the $5 price tag.

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