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Wrestling is Fun!: The Allentown Potassium Massacre Review

The approaching Superstorm Sandy won't stop Wrestling is Fun! from giving us an entertaining Halloween Treat!

Wrestling is Fun!: The Allentown Potassium Massacre
Allentown, Pennsylvania 10/27/12

Gavin Loudspeaker starts the show by singing & playing on his guitar like he usually does.

Mike Quackenbush then comes out and talks about the match he had with Mr. Touchdown at the last show and how Veronica kept interfering. This brings out Mr. Touchdown & Veronica. Quack wants a rematch with Veronica banned from ringside. Touchdown ups the stakes and wants a trios match instead. Quack agrees to it and hits Angelosetti with a Stunner.

1.) STIGMA vs. UltraMantis Black: **1/2

Mantis comes out with a bag of Halloween goodies to give to the fans but he's jumped by STIGMA before he can do so. They brawl around the ring for a little bit, getting the fans involved as well. The match takes a funny turn when STIGMA, after dizzy from an airplane spin throws a fan wearing an UltraMantis Black mask into the ring, thinking he was the actual UltraMantis Black. The fan rolled up STIGMA for a Two-Count, then STIGMA rolls up the ref for a two-count! UltraMantis finally rolls up STIGMA for the Three-Count and the win. This was entertaining. I enjoyed the stuff they did at the end. Very CHIKARAesque....and very funny.

Afterwords, UltraMantis takes his Halloween treats out of the bag and passes them out to the fans.

2.) Jervis Cottenbelly vs. Oleg the Usurper: DUD

Nothing really two this one. Just a squash for Oleg, which is upsetting, because Jervis Cottonbelly is AWESOME!!! A waste if you ask me...

By the way I should mention that I'm really annoyed that the entrance way is just the door that goes into the gym. It just doesn't come off as looking as good. A cheap curtain and some little scaffolding stuff to hold it up could go a long way.

3.) Saturyne vs. Johnny Ego Juan Francisco de Coranado (with Herbert): **3/4

So this guy wrestled previously in Wrestling is Fun! as Johnny Ego, but here he comes out with a Man Servant, Bow Tie, Fancy Robe & Fancy Music. He gets on the mic and basically says that he changed his gimmick went soul searching down in Ecuador after a recent string of losses, now going under the name of Jan Francisco de Coranado. The match itself was actually pretty decent. Saturyne looked good as well as the eventually victorious Coranado.

4.) Ophidian vs. Gran Akuma: ***

I gotta say that I hated Ophidian's mask here, which went through several different designs during his "transformation" in CHIKARA. Out of all of them, this one is the worst. Anyway, the match itself was pretty good. Akuma has proved himself to be a reliable in-ring performer and Ophidian was his usual Snake-Like self. Akuma wins this one.

5.) Kobald vs. Estonian ThunderFrog: **1/2

This is the Wrestling is Fun! Debut for The Estonian ThunderFrog, as well as my first time seeing him in the ring myself. A pretty decent match here. Estonian ThunderFrog looks like a cool However, Obariyon comes out an interferes in the match, drawing a DQ and giving the win to the Estonian ThunderFrog.

6.) Jaka vs. The Swamp Monster (with Chuck Taylor): **1/2

Wait a sec....The Swamp Monster is wrestling here?!?!.....AWESOME!! Who doesn't love The Swamp Monster, honestly? This is my first time seeing Jaka, who looks like a crossover between Umaga (with no face/body paint) and Tazz (in his Early ECW/Tazzmaniac phase) but with no hair. I wish he would get real trunks, since the one's he's wearing look like Boxer Shorts that I could get at the store. This, nonetheless, was entertaining. Swamp Monster busted out some cool stuff & Jaka looked like a beast. I guess the story of the match was that Chuck Taylor, who was on commentary, kept urging Swamp Monster to cheat, and when he threw a chair in the ring to try & get Swamp Monster to cheat, it cost him the match. Jaka gets the win & Taylor berates The Swamp Monster afterwords.

7.) assailANT vs. Dasher Hatfield: **3/4

We get another Wrestling is Fun! Debut here in the form of assailANT as he faces a stalwart of the promotion in Dasher Hatfield. This was a solid one. Dasher does his usual shtik and assailANT looked impressive. The Big Blue Ant eventually got the upset and won his debut match!

Gavin Loudspeaker hosts a quick little Halloween Costume Contest with some of the fans, which a little girl won, and got a prize of somekind. One thing I love about these companies is how family friendly they really are. Very nice to see.

8.) "Mr. Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti & The Batiri (Obariyon & Kodama) with Veronica vs. "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush & The Colony (Fire Ant & Green Ant): ****

Here we go, the main event of the evening! I gotta say, this was actually a very awesome match. All six guys looked great and put on exactly the kind of main event you would expect. Kobald tried to interfere on behalf of The Batiri but The Estonian ThunderFrog comes out and chases him off. Quack & The Colony eventually get the win and end the show on a high note.

Overall: 7.5/10

This was my first time seeing a "Wrestling Is..." Show of any kind. I found this to be a very entertaining. The undercard, while nothing blow away, was still enjoyable (which is what it was really all about), and the main event was very good, dare I say excellent. Plus, with a price of $4.99 (as all the "Wrestling Is..." Shows are on Smart Mark Video), how could you possibly go wrong? With that price I think that puts these promotions at a great advantage because they're cheap to view, easy to get into, and provide some Fun Wrestling! In that case, this show lived up to the promotions name!

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