Saturday, July 6, 2013

PWG All-Star Weekend 9: Night Two Review

Matches for the World Title & Tag Team Titles headlines Night Two of this huge weekend for PWG!

PWG All-Star Weekend 9: Night Two
Reseda, California 3/23/13

1.) Jay Lethal vs. Willie Mack: ***

A fine opening match here. I kind of feel bad for Willie Mack. This is the same guy who less than a year ago had a killer match with Kevin Steen for the PWG World Title, and their was a lot of buzz around him, but now he's lost all his momentum. I have a strange suspicion that his blonde-dyed hair has something to do with it. Still a fine match here, though.

2.) Johnny Gargano & Chuck Taylor vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***1/2

I actually really enjoyed this. Some people are iffy on the RockNES Monsters but I like them as a team.  Their match here with Gargano & Taylor shows that they deserve an opportunity in bigger promotions like ROH and Dragon Gate USA. Solid tag team match here.

3.) Paul London vs. Trent?: ***

Another match that was fine, but it went a little too long for my liking. I think London was a better opponent for Trent? here since he's more familiar with the WWE Style.

4.) AR Fox & The Inner City Machine Guns vs. The Unbreakable F’N Steen Machines: ****1/2

These were supposed to be two separate matches, Ricochet/Swan vs. Cage/Elgin and Steen vs. Fox, but they were put together to condense the night's match load to a more reasonable eight. It ended up being a good move. While I'd put the Tag Match between Inner City Machine Guns and Fox/del Sol above this for Match of the Weekend, this was so much fun. It was really good and really enjoyable. Lots of fun moments. Elgin somehow survives a pair of 450's from Swan & Fox as well as a 630 from Ricochet, which leads to Cage, Elgin & Steen destroying Fox for the pin & the win.

5.) TJ Perkins vs. Samuray del Sol: ****

Some might see this as an overrating, but I really enjoyed this match. Perkins & del Sol matched up really well and had a match that sneaks under people's radars when they look back on this weekend of shows. Solid stuff.

6.) Sami Callihan vs. Kyle O’Reilly: ****

Since Sami lost to Drake Younger on Night One, he has the pleasure of facing Adam Cole's Future Shock partner, Kyle O'Reilly, on Night Two. Another match that I think turned out to be really good. These two guys just meshed with each other really well and it resulted in a solid match.

7.) PWG World Tag Team Titles – The Young Bucks vs. The Dojo Bros (Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong): ****

These two had a match at Mystery Vortex which the Dojo Bros won. The match starts off when The Young Bucks superkick the ring announcer for no good reason!! Despite that, they definitely topped that performance with a great contest here for the World Tag Team Titles. Both teams put forth great effort. We saw a lot of stuff, including a 450 Splash on referee Rick Knox to break up a potential three count (which I didn't mind)! In the end, however, The Young Bucks retain. While this was really good, I feel like that this could have potentially been better, considering the four guys involved, but it was still fantastic.

8.) PWG World Title – Adam Cole vs. Drake Younger: ****1/4

If anyone wants proof that Drake Younger can wrestle great Non-Death Matches, just watch this match. A great main event here with Adam Cole. You could really feel that Drake had a legit shot to win the title here. The crowd was really behind him, and their were a ton of moments where you felt like Drake had the match won, but Cole just barely hung on each time. Very good match and a great way to close out All-Star Weekend. Cole would end up sneaking a win, but Younger got a big ovation for his performance.

Overall: 9.5/10

Put simply, another awesome show from PWG. The fact that this show has five matches at the **** or better makes this a must buy. Their were a few matches that drug the show down a bit, when compared to some of the other matches, but that was fine, given the quality of said matches. Really good stuff here from PWG.....would you expect anything different?

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