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Wrestling is Fun!: Feliz Banavidad Review

Fire Ant challenges Mr. Touchdown for the right to be Possessor of the Potassium!

Wrestling is Fun!: Feliz Banavidad
Allentown, Pennsylvania 12/29/12

I should note that Icarus, for some odd reason, was on ring bell duty here. I think the commentators also mentioned he was wearing Batman Pajamas. 

1.) The Batiri (Kobald & Kodama) vs. Los Ice Creams: **1/2

The story of the opening contest revolves around Kobald complaining about referee Bryce Remsburg's officiating. This leads to some funny bits where Bryce "slow counts" The Batiri's pin attempts. Bryce gets so frustrated that he hands over the refereeing duties to one of the cameramen from Smart Mark Video, who also slow-counts The Batiri. Bryce eventually gets back in control of the officiating and The Batiri pick up the win. Very fun opener.

2.) STIGMA vs. Green Ant: ***

Oh look, it's a Green Ant Match...and guess what?....It's pretty good. Green Ant is probably my favorite out of all the ants because he always puts on consistently solid performances. His match here against STIGMA is no exception. Green Ant ended up making STIGMA tap out via a Test of Strength of all things. I think it would be really cool if ROH brought Green Ant in for some solo appearances, because he's clearly a great wrestler.

3.) Oleg The Usurper (with Sidney Bakabella) vs. Jolly Roger: *1/2

It says on the results page on the Wrestling is Fun! website that Oleg crushed Jolly Roger, and that's pretty much what happened. Accurate description. Poor Jolly Roger.

4.) Obariyon vs. Jervis Cottenbelly: **3/4

The story of this one revolves around Jervis trying to teach Obariyon (arguably the scariest looking member of The Batiri) some gentlemen-like manners. This was actually pretty entertaining, though I wish Jervis would win for once, because he's cool!

5.) Juan Francisco de Coronado (with Herbert) vs. Lance Steel: **1/2

This was fine, though I don't recall liking it as much as the previous match.

6.) assailANT vs. Dasher Hatfield: ***

These two are having a rematch from their contest two months prior at The Allentown Potassium Massacre. This was slightly below their first encounter, but still a fine match. Dasher avenges his previous loss by picking up the win.

7.) The Devastation Corporation (with Sidney Bakabella) vs. The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked & Frightmare): **3/4

A pretty decent contest here. It was easy for me to get into this since The Spectral Envoy are one of my favorite teams. I feel like The Devastation Corporation, while still hitting some rough spots, are slowing getting better over time. If they're in there with the right teams, they can have solid matches.

8.) Jaka vs. Saturyne: **1/2

What I thought might be an easy win for Jaka turned into a big win for Saturyne, who pinned the savage after knocking him out with a kick. I find it odd that despite this huge win, Saturyne has yet to get a shot at the Banana Championship as of this writing.

9.) WIF! Banana Championship - "Mr Touchdown" Mark Angelosetti (with Veronica Ticklefeather) vs. Fire Ant (with Green Ant): ***1/4

The main event was a pretty solid one. Touchdown and Fire Ant put on a solid performance here. Since this was after CHIKARA's Under The Hood iPPV, they played up the fallout here between Touchdown & Veronica. Despite Fire Ant's best effort, Mr. Touchdown remains in possession of the potassium.

Overall: 7.0/10

A solidly enjoyable show. The main event proved to be solid and their were a lot of fine matches on the undercard. For the runtime and the $5 Price Tag at Smart Mark Video, I'd say it's a fun show to check out.

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