Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Show #2 Review

Eight Men vie for the right to be crowd the first ever Quintessential Pro Champion!

All nine matches from this show in their entirety are available to view for absolutely free on the Ring Crew Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/RingCrew

Quintessential Pro Wrestling - Show #2
Monrovia, California 6/16/13

1.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Quarter Finals - Ray Rosas vs. Brian Cage: **3/4

A fine opening match. The only real complaint I have is that I feel like Rosas got in way to much offense on Cage, but that's about it. Cage wins & advances to the next round.

2.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Quarter Finals - TJ Perkins vs. Eddie Edwards: ***1/2

TJP is sporting some new attire here. A pretty good match. Could have been a little better, but still very solid. Exactly the kind of match that you would expect from these two. Edwards wins & advances to the next round.

3.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Quarter Finals - Adam Thornstowe vs. Joey Ryan: **3/4

First time seeing Adam Thornstowe. Joey Ryan is heeling it up pretty good here. Another match that was pretty decent. About on the same level as the opener. Thornstowe wins & advances to the next round.

4.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Quarter Finals - B-Boy vs. Kevin Steen: ***1/2

This is a very interesting match. Very solid match. On the same level as the Perkins/Edwards match but for different reasons, with that match being a more technical contest and this one being a brawl, as you would expect from Steen & B-Boy. Steen wins & advances to the next round.

After the match, Steen talks about how this is the first match he's had with B-Boy since 2006. He puts over B-Boy for being kind to him & El Generico when they started on the US Independents. The two shake hands.

5.) Candice LaRae vs. Cheerleader Melissa: ***

Wow. This was a lot better than the women's match on the first show. Very brutal at times, with Melissa swinging LaRae's body into the ringside chairs several times. Seeing this match made me think. Even though she played the roll very well, I think it was a waste for TNA to use Melissa as Raisha Saeed, because she's one of the very best women's wrestlers in the world. Entertaining women's match.

6.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Semi-Finals - Brian Cage vs. Eddie Edwards: ***1/2

These two had a singles match previously in PWG. While I don't think it quite reached the level of that match, this was still pretty good. Nice back & forth action between the two. Cage would end up winning & advancing to the finals.

7.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Semi-Finals - Adam Thornstowe vs. Kevin Steen: **1/2

For some reason, this was very short. I think it went just went under 5 minutes. Despite that, it was still good for what it was. Thornstowe (I guess) underwent a heel turn during the match, poking Steen in the eye and later low blowing him and rolling him up for the win, which allowed him to advance to the finals. 

8.) The RockNES Monsters vs. The Young Bucks: ***3/4

The RockNES Monsters knocked down the entrance set-up on the way to the ring in a funny moment. This was easily the match of the night, in my view, which should be no surprise considering The Young Bucks are involved. It seems like they are able to bring out the best out of every team they're in the ring with, which is the case here with the RockNES Monsters. Very solid & enjoyable tag team match.

9.) Quintessential Pro Title Tournament - Finals - Adam Thornstowe vs. Brian Cage: ***1/4

Oddly enough, the Quintessential Pro Title isn't even a physical title belt, but a trophy (Looks similar to CHIKARA's Young Lions Cup if we're talking comparisons). If it was going to be a Cup this whole time, they should have just called it the Quintessential Pro Cup, but whatever. Thornstowe comes out as a heel once again. While this wasn't as good as some of the other tournament matches, it was also better than some others. It was somewhere in the middle. A fine match, though really not as good as some of the other stuff on here. Thornstowe was able to kick out of Weapon X (which is a really cool finisher, btw) and eventually got the win to become the first Quintessential Pro Champion.

Overall: 7.5/10

While not as good as the first show, this was still a very entertaining one. It looks like they're going to be pushing Adam Thornstowe as the focal point of the promotion going forward. The fact that he beat Joey Ryan, Kevin Steen, and Brian Cage in one night is incredible. I think the promotion has a bright future. If they continue to do shows on the same week as PWG (This was the day after PWG Is Your Body Ready?) that puts them at a huge advantage, as they can use a lot of the talent PWG uses since they're already in town. Once again, the fact that it's available to view for free on Youtube makes this a must see, because who doesn't like getting/watching free stuff?

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