Thursday, July 11, 2013

ROH Dragon's Reign Review

The Briscoes get their rematch against reDRagon for the ROH World Tag Team Titles!

ROH Dragon's Reign
Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania 5/11/13

1.) "God's Gift" QT Marshall & "Barrister" RD Evans vs. The American Wolves: ***1/4

RD Evans cuts a promo before the match, and QT belittled ring announcer Larry Legend for saying his name wrong, but The Wolves interrupted them and we got the match going. A pretty entertaining tag team match. The Wolves did their usual stuff but RD (who is always entertaining) & QT were able to get a good amount of shots in as well. The match was built around Richards trying to kick QT Marshall in the "ding-dong" as Steve Corino put it, which he eventually does, and the Wolves pick up the win.

2.) Vinny Marseglia vs. "The Sicilian Psychopath" Tommaso Ciampa: **1/4

Marseglia had a decent TV Match in Belle Vernon last year with Davey Richards. Ciampa's new entrance is just awesome. This was pretty much a competitive squash. Ciampa showed his dominance but Vinny got a fair amount of offense in as well, but in the end, Ciampa would get the win.

3.) Proving Ground Match - ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven (with Truth Martini) vs. Tadarius Thomas: ***1/4

If Thomas wins or gets a time limit draw, he gets a future World TV Title Shot. This was a pretty solid match, definitely one of Taven's better matches since becoming champion. I actually liked the fact that Truth Martini & the Hoopla Hotties were ejected by the ref for interfering for once!! The match actually got a lot better after this, and Taven finally got a win without any outside help.

4.) ACH vs. "Unbreakable" Michael Elgin: ****1/2

This match was awesome!!! Just an incredible contest between these two guys. ACH showed that he definitely has all the potential, once he becomes more seasoned, to be a main event star for ROH in the next two years. On this night, however, Elgin would get the win.

5.) Dalton Castle vs. Jimmy Nutts: DUD

Don't really know much about Nutts but Castle is a regular for Wrestling is Awesome. Much like on previous shows, this match goes for a few minutes before S.C.U.M. interfered. In this case, it was Rhett Titus. He beats up both guys until Kevin Steen runs out, leading straight to...

6.) Rhett Titus vs. Kevin Steen: ***

A fine match. Nothing really special about it but pretty entertaining. Steen beat the crap out of Titus, who despite this got in a good deal of offense. It would only delay the inevitable, as Steen picked up the win with the Package Piledriver.

After the match, Steen gave Titus two more Package Piledrivers.

7.) Triple Threat Match - Roderick Strong vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Adam Cole: ***1/4

A random Triple Threat, but one with three really good wrestlers so no complaining from me. For the time they got this was pretty solid. Lots of non-stop action. Some might not like the finish being so sudden, but after watching this again, I found it to be a fine ending to the match. BJ gets the win and momentum heading into his World Title Match, while Adam Cole continues to get some tough losses.

8.) No DQ - Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs: ****

I actually really liked this. Jacobs has really been on a role in 2013, and he continued that momentum here. Lethal was great here as well. I feel like Lethal & Jacobs really mesh well together as opponents. Chairs, Trash Cans & a Table all came into play. Steve Corino left the broadcast table & interfered, which led to Kevin Steen coming out. During all this, Lethal accidentally superkicks Steen, which allows Jacobs to spear Lethal through a table and pick up the win for S.C.U.M.
9.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - reDRagon vs. The Briscoes: ***3/4

The Briscoes are cashing in their rematch after loosing the titles at the 11th Anniversary Show to reDRagon. BJ Whiter is out on commentary with Kevin Kelly. While not as good as their first match in Chicago, this was still a fine World Tag Team Title Match and a solid main event. Fish & O'Reilly are a great tag team and keep proving that with every single defense. Here they used a distraction and the physical belts to retain their titles.

Afterwords, reDRagon tried to make a quick getaway but the American Wolves throw them back in the ring. BJ Whitmer, who will be challenging for Jay Briscoe's World Title in Richmond, also got in the ring, and a brawl broke out. Michael Elgin came out and watched the chaos and the fans chanted "Next World Champ" to close the show.

Overall: 8.25/10

Above all else, this was a fun show....a very fun show. Everything on this show proved to be entertaining and their really isn't anything I'd say is skippable. I must mention also that having Steve Corino on commentary is just great, because he's so entertaining. Elgin/ACH stole the show, and their were several others matches that are very good as well. Easily one of the best ROH live events of 2013.

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