Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ROH Caged Collision Review

The Good Guys FINALLY get Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. in Steel Cage Warfare!!

ROH Caged Collision
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 1/31/09


Rhett Titus vs. Grizzly Redwood: *1/2

Not much to this one. Pretty much what you would expect from a pre-show match.


1.) Three-Way Match - Kenny King vs. Alex Payne vs. Silas Young: *3/4

This three way really did nothing for me. Not very interesting.

2.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kevin Steen: **1/2

Steen makes fun of Claudio's old "Heeeeey" Chant as the match gets underway. It was a decent match. Larry Sweeney comes out during the match but El Generico runs him off.

3.) Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious with Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Necro Butcher & Jerry Lynn: ***

This was a pretty good contest. I feel like without Jerry Lynn the match would have been just ok.

After the match, Jimmy Jacobs threatens to beat up Delirious after another defeat. This brings out Daizee Haze, but Jacobs shoves her. She pulls out the spike but Jacobs says she doesn't have it in her. She charges but Jacobs moves and she strikes Delirious by accident, causing her to freak out.

4.) #1 Contender's Match - Bryan Danielson vs. Tyler Black vs. Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs: ***3/4

This was originally supposed to be Danielson/Black vs. Aries/Jacobs, but Danielson says its sounds stupid that a tag match where the guys involved aren't going to get along will decide the #2 Contender for a singles title, so the match is changed into a four-way (much better idea). Match turned out to be pretty great. Bison Smith gets involved and costs Danielson the match. Black wins and get another title shot.

5.) ROH World Title - Nigel McGuinness vs. El Generico: ***1/2

El Generico is getting his third one-on-one title shot against Nigel McGuinness. I gotta say while this was not as good as their first match in Cleveland, it was definitely a step up from their second match in Philly.

After the match Black blocks McGuinness on his way out saying he can get his title shot anytime he wants. Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries then attack Black from behind & beat him up until Jerry Lynn makes the save. Nigel sneaks away during the chaos.

6.) Steel Cage Warfare - Brent Albright, Roderick Strong, Ace Steel, Erick Stevens & Jay Briscoe vs. The American Wolves, Tank Toland, Adam Pearce & Bobby Dempsey (with Larry Sweeney): ***1/2

I gotta say this was probably the most underwhelming of all the Steel Cage Warfares, but the story to this match (Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. finally get what's coming), to me, felt like it took precedent over the actual match. It was still fairly decent though. Jay was attacked by Sweet 'n' Sour as he made his way down, but came back later on to do a dive off the top of the cage. The rushed intervals and the fact that it was one fall to a finished (ala Lethal Lockdown) as opposed to the elimination style took away from it a bit. Still an enjoyable Cage Match though.

After the match Larry Sweeney berates Bobby Dempsey for the loss, but Bobby finally MANS UP and slaps Sweeney. The victorious face team, and Bobby Dempsey then all take turns beating up Larry Sweeney.

Overall: 7.25/10

While this probably ROH's worst regular (not internet) PPV, it's still not a terrible show either. Skip the opening match and everything is decent to good. This was more about the conclusion to the Sweet 'n' Sour Inc./Bobby Dempsey story anyway. If you are also into Steel Cage matches, then I'd pick this up.

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  1. I felt it had the potential to be great, but the Cage match, while good, was not as great as I had hoped. Still I found it enjoyable overall.