Monday, December 24, 2012

ROH The Chicago Spectacular: Night 2 Review

A huge Elimination Tag Team Match highlights the second night of The Chicago Spectacular!

PS: Just got this show so that's why I'm reviewing it now.

ROH The Chicago Spectacular: Night Two
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 12/9/06

The show was originally scheduled to start out with Shingo vs. Colt Cabana but Colt comes out, explaining his problems with Jimmy Jacobs & Lacey and wants to fight Jacobs now. He does and they go out it until Lacey gets involved, with brings out Daizee Haze, BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Rave, Shingo, Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness & Delirious. Cabana wants Jacobs in the worst way so he suggests Shingo join up with Danielson's team, thus making the main event an 8-Man Elimination Match.

1.) Ace Steel vs. Tank Toland: *3/4

Eh....this was just kind of there. Nothing really interesting. At least it was relatively short.

2.) Six-Man Mayhem – Kikutaro vs. Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. CJ Otis vs. Pelle Primeau vs. Trik Davis: **1/4

It was a fun little match. It was only interesting when Kikutaro was in the ring.

Shane Hagadorn comes out & berates Pelle. He says he'll give him his Top of the Class Trophy Match only if he wrestles him now. but Pearce comes out with a leather strap and blindsides Primeau. They beat him down until Homicide comes out, and apparently we're getting Homicide vs. Shane Hagadorn.

3.) Homicide vs. Shane Hagadorn: DUD

Nothing but a squash for Homicide, which is all Hagadorn is good for, to be honest. Pearce attacks Homicide afterwords but Homicide gets the better of him. He then changes the match from a Strap Match to a Cage Match. Not sure why they would change a match they've been promoting at the last minute, but whatever.

4.) Samoa Joe vs. Mark Briscoe: ***

This match was decent, but it was more of a elongated squash for Samoa Joe as he was sending a message to Pro Wrestling NOAH.

5.) Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels & Matt Cross: ***3/4

Sydal got injured (I guess the night before) so Matt Cross is getting an opportunity by subbing in for Sydal in this match, which is now a Non-Title Match. It actually turned out to be pretty great. Cross definitely took advantage of the opportunity, looking good in the loss.

6.) Steel Cage – Homicide vs. Adam Pearce: ***1/2

This wasn't the greatest Cage Match in ROH, but it was a good match to watch, and actually turned out a little better than the previous night's Cage Match. Blood was spilt, as expected, with Homicide getting the win.

7.) Davey Richards vs. Jay Briscoe: ***1/2

Here we get another good match. I've always believed that Jay Briscoe is under-rated as a singles wrestler, as he can have (at least) a good match with pretty much anyone. He & Davey Richards but on a good show here.

8.) Eight-Man Elimination Match – Bryan Danielson, Jimmy Jacobs, Jimmy Rave & Shingo vs. Delirious, BJ Whitmer, Colt Cabana & Nigel McGuinness: ****

This turned out to be a pretty good match. Rave scored all three of his teams eliminations. I understand they were trying to put over Rave (especially Jimmy Bower on commentary) but I just didn't believe he could be built up as a permanent main event guy. Anyways, the match itself was pretty good. Delirious outlasts both Rave & Danielson to get the big win. Entertaining match overall.

Overall: 7.75/10

I'd definitely say this was a step up from Night One. The second half was awesome, but was dragged down by a relatively weak first have. Outside of the opening segment you can honestly skip the first two matches (unless you're a Ace Steel/Kikutaro Fan)

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