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ROH Injustice Review

Two Titles Matches highlight Ring of Honor's annual return to Edison!

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ROH Injustice
Edison, New Jersey 4/12/08

1.) El Generico vs. Jack Evans: ***

Jack Evans is making his return after suffering an injury in Japan. They do a little dance off to start. El Generico wins this solid opener after hitting Evans with the Top Rope Brainbustaaaa!!!!

After the match, ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness comes and wants to send a message to Kevin Steen, by attacking El Generico. Steen comes out to make the save, and says he's leaving Edison as the World Champion.

2.) Mitch Franklin vs. Jigsaw: **

Jigsaw recently took off his mask on a Video Wire of all places. Blah. I guess as far as this match goes, you can call it a "spirited squash" as Jigsaw picks up the win.

3.) Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. (Chris Hero & Eddie Edwards with Larry Sweeney, Shane Hagadorn) vs. Erick Stevens & Pelle Primeau: **3/4

Bobby Dempsey comes out originally with Sweet 'n' Sour Inc. Hero cuts a promo talking about how he's getting more serious from here on out. He berates Bobby Dempsey for even being associated with him. They let Bobby stay in the group after they humiliate him, and Sweeney sends him to the back.

As for the match itself, it was pretty good. Both teams looked solid. Even Primeau had his moments.

4.) Brent Albright vs. Delirious: ***1/4

Larry Sweeney originally comes out with Albright but Brent sends him to the back. This was a pretty good back & forth contest. They exchange their submissions several times before Albright finally gets Delirious to tap.

After the match, Sweeney comes back out & tells Albright to finish the job. Daizee Haze comes out to protect Delirious and Sweeney tells Albright to go after Haze! Albright decides not to and walks off.

5.) Non-Title - No DQ - The Necro Butcher vs. Roderick Strong: ***1/2

Strong's FIP World Heavyweight Title is not on the line. I actually enjoyed this one a good deal. A nice hardcore brawl between two guys who don't face each other that often. Strong sets up a table but Erick Stevens comes out and put him through it with a Doctor Bomb, allowing Necro to pick up a big non-title win.

6.) Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kota Ibushi: ***3/4

This is Kota's debut weekend in ROH. It is noted that he was supposed to face Austin Aries, but he's been "missing-in-action" with Lacey. The match itself was actually very good. Kota definitely showed that he has ability, and Claudio looked good as usual.

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch comes out to cut a promo, but Larry Sweeney & Sara Del Rey interrupt her. Sweeney wants to open a Diva training school with Sytch and wants Del Rey to participate. Del Rey says she's a wrestler, not a diva, and walks off. Sytch says she thinks she can handle Sweeney, and says she'll think about it.

7.) ROH World Title - Nigel McGuinness vs. Kevin Steen: ***3/4

Kevin Steen won this title opportunity by winning the one-night tournament at Eye of the Storm. This was a very good World Title Match. The match itself was great and the ending, which saw Nigel using the ropes for leverage, serves the duty of setting up another Steen/McGuinness match and playing more into Nigel's heel run.

After the match, El Generico comes out and tells Steen what happened, causing Steen to lose it! While Nigel is still in the ring, Claudio Castagnoli comes out and says he wants a title shot, but Nigel says Claudio hasn't proved that he deserves a title shot...yet.

8.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - The No Remorse Corps. (Davey Richards & Rocky Romero) vs. The Briscoes: ***1/2

While this wasn't a blow away title match, it was still a pretty solid contest. The Briscoes score the fall and become World Tag Team Champions once again!

Overall: 7.75/10

This show didn't have a lot of blow away matches, and although it did lack Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries, it still turned out to be a fairly solid show. Ibushi/Claudio & The World Title Match were great, and their were several other matches that were pretty good.

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