Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ROH Unity Review

It's Ring of Honor vs. CHIKARA in Chicago!!

ROH Unity
Chicago Ridge, Illinois 4/28/12

1.) The All Night Express vs. Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin: ***1/4

The show starts off with a first time ever match-up. It was a pretty solid opener. Nice tag team match.

Afterwords, Strong & Elgin had some words, but Truth Martini calmed things down.

2.) Mike Bennett vs. Mike Sydal: *3/4

This is the only non-tag team match on the card....and it's essentially a squash match. He has a make out session with Maria before Mike Sydal comes out with a referee and cuts a promo, leading to a match. It was just kind of there, and was really a waste of time. Maria cuts a little promo afterwords.

3.) The Young Bucks vs. The Bravado Brothers: ***3/4

The Bravados spend the first part of 2012 in Pro-Wrestling NOAH honing their skills in the ring and in their dojo. I gotta say, The Bravados definitely showed off their skills here. They had a great showing here against The Young Bucks. The crowd was really behind them.

Veda Scott was in the ring for an interview with Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff. He announces that Chicago would host Death Before Dishonor X on iPPV on September 15th, and that all championships would be on the line no matter who held the titles. This brought out Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs. Steen says he will be ROH World Champion and calls out El Generico & BJ Whitmer for their match. They come out and a big brawl ensues. Todd Sinclair tells them to knock it off since it wasn't a No DQ Match. Steen calls for it but Sinclair can't do it unless told to from management. Paul Turner hands Sinclair a cell phone, with Jim Cornette on the line, and apparently he made it a No DQ match.

4.) No DQ Match – Kevin Steen & Jimmy Jacobs vs. El Generico & BJ Whitmer: ****

This was a very fun No DQ Match. Essentially what you would expect from a group of men that hated each other. Although the whole shtik at the beginning was completely unnecessary. It should have been a No DQ Match from the beginning.

5.) ROH vs. Chikara – Jay Lethal, Adam Cole, & TJ Perkins vs. The Colony (Green Ant, Soldier Ant, & Fire Ant): ***1/2

This match is held under Lucha Rules, meaning that tags are not necessary. There is a coin toss to determine which company's referee would do the job for this match, which CHIKARA won. This was a pretty solid tag team match. The Colony looked great and the ROH Team meshed together pretty well.

6.) Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Team Ambition: ***1/4

While this was a relatively solid match, there was nothing really outstanding about it either. While Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team worked better as heels, this match showed off that they were starting to get average and bland. This trend would carry on throughout 2012.

7.) ROH World Tag Team Titles – Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Jigsaw & Hallowicked: ***3/4

Jigsaw & Hallowicked won a Proving Ground Match against The Briscoes at Homecoming 2012 in Philadelphia. This was a very good tag team match. While the ending took the wind out of it a little bit (Mark Briscoe's Froggy Bow), the match was still good. CHIKARA and Ring of Honor guys made their way to ringside during the match to cheer on their respective sides. 

After the match, Jay Briscoe cuts a promo, putting over CHIKARA and thanking the fans for coming out.

Overall: 8.25/10

This was a very good show. Aside from the Mike Bennett match, which was the only blemish on this card, not a single match went under ***1/4 which is pretty impressive. While there was a lot of good and very good, nothing on here was truly great. But that shouldn't discourage you from buying this. It's a great show and if you're a fan of tag team wrestling, definitely pick this up.

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  1. Just saw this one and agree it was an all around good card with only one weak match and all the tag matches being above average to very good. Definitely worth owning.