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PWG Failure To Communicate Review

Reseda sees a Three Way World Title Match and the return of a very popular guy...

PWG Failure To Communicate
Reseda, California 10/27/12

1.) Joey Ryan vs. Ryan Taylor: **1/2

A fine opening match here. Nothing really to write home about.

2.) Eddie Edwards vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin: ***1/2

Due to Kenny Omega coming in, changes needed to be made to the card. Since Omega & El Generico will be facing The Young Bucks, the original opponents of The Young Bucks, Eddie Edwards & Roderick Strong, were put in singles matches against Michael Elgin (who is now wrestling two matches) and Rich Swann (El Generico's Original Opponent) respectively. This was a pretty good match for it being second on the show. Edwards & Elgin put on a hard hitting contest, with Elgin eventually coming out on top.

3.) B-Boy & Famous B vs. The RockNES Monsters: ***

The RockNES Monsters have slowly made the transition to heels in PWG over the course of the past year. This was a fine tag team match. The right team (The RockNES Monsters) won, which was good.

4.) Sami Callihan vs. Davey Richards: ****

These two had a match recently in AAW in the Mid-West so this is kind of a follow up to that. It was a very good match. Both guys went balls to the walls from the opening bell. Callihan got the win, which was a surprise, especially since he made Richards tap out.

5.) Roderick Strong vs. Rich Swann: ***3/4

This is the PWG Debut of Rich Swann. We got a VERY good match. Strong vs. an energetic high flyer is always a guaranteed good match up. Swann looked impressive.

6.) Brian Cage vs. Willie Mack: ***1/4

These two have had a simmering rivalry as Cage cost Mack the World Title back at Threemendous III in July. This was a decent grudge match. Both guys, to steal Brian Cage's catchphrase, Got Their S**T In.

7.) El Generico & Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks: ****1/4

Omega is back for one night only here in PWG. I gotta admit this started a little slow for my taste, but REALLY picked up as it went. Some great moments (and some funny ones). This match is evidence as to why these four are some of the best in the business today.

After the match, Omega cuts a promo, thanks the fans

8.) PWG World Title – Triple Threat – Kevin Steen vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. Ricochet: ***1/2

Ricochet beat Kevin Steen in the first round of the Battle of Los Angeles tournament, and then Michael Elgin beat Ricochet in the Quarter Finals, so we got this match. It was a pretty good three-way. Nice to see that this wasn't an overly long main event. Both Elgin & Ricochet looked good, and Steen was great as always.

After the match, Steen cuts a promo about how the next show is in December, along with Christmas. All Steen wants for Christmas (apparently) is the head & balls of Adam Cole on a stick...

Overall: 8.75/10

You know you are watching a great wrestling promotion when shows that some might consider to be B-Shows are still awesome. While this wasn't as good as shows like Steen Wolf or Threemendous III, it is still a very good night of wrestling. Richards/Callihan & Strong/Swann were great, the Kenny Omega match was awesome and the World Title Match was a nice main event. The undercard was slightly lacking in some spots, but it didn't really hurt the overall quality of the show.

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