Sunday, January 20, 2013

ROH 8th Anniversary Show Review

The moment of truth has arrived for Tyler Black

ROH 8th Anniversary Show
New York City, New York 2/13/10

1.) Brian Kendrick vs. Roderick Strong: ***

Kendrick is making a one night only appearance here, probably because he had recently debuted in TNA. A good way to start off the show. Kendrick made Strong look pretty good, which was essentially the purpose of this match.

2.) Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) vs. The Bravado Brothers: **1/4

More-or-less a competitive squash to build up the recently reformed Kings of Wrestling...not much else.

3.) No Rules Match - Necro Butcher & Eddie Kingston (with Gypsy Joe) vs. Erick Stevens & Joey Ryan (with Prince Nana): **

Here you got your typical hardcore nonsense from the Necro Butcher. I have no idea who Gypsy Joe is. Stevens powerbombing Kingston on a table was the only real highlight.

4.) El Generico vs. Davey Richards (with Shane Hagadorn): ****

Davey is hunting solo tonight. This was a VERY good match....It almost reached show stealer levels. Davey was his usual self and Generico was great in his role of being lost emotionally after Steen turned on him.

5.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Dark City Fight Club: **1/2

Eh...this was (I'd say) on the same level as the match they had at Reverse The Curse but with the belts on the line. Decent but nothing really attention grabbing.

Afterwords The Kings of Wrestling and The Bravados come out and a brawl ensues.

6.) Four Corner Survival - Pick 6 Series Match - Delirious vs. Kenny King (4) vs. Steve Corino vs. Rasche Brown: **1/2

King is looking to defend his spot in the Pick 6. A decent Four-Corner Survival but nothing to write home about. Delirious gets back in the Pick 6 with the win.

7.) Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana: Good Segment

Steen looked to be in a hypnotic trance while Colt cut a promo apologized for not being a good friend to Steen. The match itself goes along for a few minutes before Steve Corino comes out to encourage Steen and Cabana continues to belittle him. El Generico comes out and we get a standoff. Generico blocks a Corino attack and goes to retaliate with a chair but Steen gets in the way, causing Generico to pause. Steen then attacks Generico and Colt eventually makes the save. Like my rating above suggests, it was more of angle advancement (the good kind).

8.) ROH World Title - Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black: ****1/4

So basically Roderick Strong, Kenny King & Jim Cornette are serving as "judges" that will make a ruling on the match if it ends in controversial fashion. Aries cuts another awesome promo before the match starts. Very good action that saw King, Strong & Cornette all get taken out. Black FINALLY wins the belt after being denied on so many occasions.

Overall: 8.25/10

Black finally winning the World Title is enough reason to get this (any show with a World Title Change is worth getting). The show also featured a great match with Richards vs. Generico and saw angle advancement with Steen/Corino/Cabana/Generico. The rest of the undercard was rather average with only the opener standing out.

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