Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ROH Civil Warfare Review

Ring of Honor returns to Manassas, Virginia for another exciting night of wrestling action!

ROH Civil Warfare
Manassas, Virginia 5/7/10


1.) Kings of Wresting (with Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey) vs. The Set: **1/4

The KOW are just coming off winning the World Tag Team Titles at The Big Bang! iPPV in Charlotte.  They are in singles matches on the main show, and I guess they wanted a tag match so they got this on the pre-show. A fine little match here. Obvious that the Kings were going to go over here.

Main Show

1.) Ten Minute Hunt - ROH World TV Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Dempsey: **

Hm....well this is certainly interesting. These two have a bit of history with Sweet 'n' Sour and Dempsey's subsequent breakaway. Essentially this is the same concept as the Proving Ground Match ROH actually uses except it's only 10 Minutes. It was ok, nothing special. Odd way to start the show.

2.) Jay Briscoe vs. Claudio Castagnoli (with Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey): **1/2

These two had a match back at Boiling Point. Much like that match, this one let me down a little bit. It was decent, but it could have been better.

If I remember correctly Chris Hero attacked Jay after the match, which led to Mark coming out and getting our next match going.

3.) Mark Briscoe vs. Chris Hero (with Shane Hagadorn & Sara Del Rey): **3/4

This was slightly above the previous match, but still pretty average.

4.) Pick 6 Series - Roderick Strong (1) vs. Erick Stevens: ***

Watching this makes me feel really bad for Erick Stevens. Two years prior he had a killer Fight Without Honor with Roderick Strong, which was one of ROH's top feuds at the time. Then he joined the Embassy and slowly fell into irrelevancy. A fairly decent match here.

5.) Pick 6 Series - Kenny King (5) vs. Colt Cabana: **1/2

The second Pick 6 Series of the night. This was another match that was pretty decent, but didn't reach the level of good I hoped it would. It was another sudden finish as well, which is apparently a big theme on this show.

6.) Pick 6 Series - Kevin Steen (2) vs. Christopher Daniels: ***

This is the first match Daniels has had since his return to ROH after a three year absence. I also think this was a first-time matchup in ROH. For what it was it was good. Steen attempted to use a chair but was stopped by Colt Cabana, which led to Daniels getting a win and jumping into the Pick 6 right out of the gate!

7.) ROH World Champion Tyler Black & Delirious (with Daizee Haze) vs. Austin Aries & Rhett Titus: ***1/2

Here we have a grudge tag team match of sorts. It was pretty good. An entertaining match with entertaining guys.

Overall: 6.0/10

I should note that there are a couple of bonus matches from HDNet on here from some of the earlier episodes so go see those if you get this. By the way it's clear why they included those HD Net matches. This show was very lackluster. While nothing outside the opener (which was a Bobby Dempsey match) went lower than **1/2, but the highest rated match was only ***1/2. Nothing on here wasn't necessarily bad, but nothing was overly good outside the main event. 

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  1. Yeah, I passed on this because it really didn't sound like anything really good was on it. Sounds like a good call since there's more out there more interesting than this