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ROH Allied Forces Review

The night before their big clash in Chicago, Davey Richards & Christopher Daniels looks to dethrone The Kings of Wrestling!

I have to say (by the way) that I really like the DVD cover for this show.

ROH Allied Forces
Dayton, Ohio 10/15/10

1.) Mark Briscoe vs. Mike Mondo: **1/2

This was back when Mondo first started making ROH appearances, which included the "Giant Killer" moniker and that ridiculous sign he brought to the ring. A fine opener. Actually pretty fun to watch

2.) Women of Honor – Daizee Haze vs. Lady Jojo: *3/4

You may know Lady Jojo as Sojourner Bolt of TNA fame. A decent women's exhibition. Nothing overly good, but decent.

3.) Trial Series Match #1 – Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs. Colt Cabana: **1/4

I like the concept of the trial series, but maybe they could have used it with someone who would actually amount to something in ROH other than a jobber who likes to kick people. Anyway, the match itself was fine. Cabana brought out his usual comedy stuff.

4.) Kevin Steen & Steve Corino vs. Kyle O’Reilly & Adam Cole: ***1/2

Steen comes out wearing the mask he took from El Generico at Glory By Honor IX as well as an "Elect Kevin Steen" sign that looked pretty cool. O'Reilly and Cole have of course become known to wrestling fans before this (Both have wrestled in Evolve while Cole wrestled mostly in CZW and O'Reilly mostly in DGUSA's Mid-West shows). This was actually a very good match. You could definitely tell that Cole & O'Reilly are going to be future stars in this one. 

5.) Ricky Reyes vs. The Metal Master: *1/4

Eh....I really don't care for either guy (I actually care for Metal Master a little more than Reyes). This was just there. Nothing really interesting. They do this thing where a fan was antagonizing Reyes and jumped the guardrail but security took him down. I think this was for a show on TruTV (Not really....actuality). Whatever...

6.) Grudge Match – Jay Briscoe vs. Rhett Titus: ***1/2

So this is a spin-off from the singles matches The Bricoes & ANX had at Glory By Honor IX where Titus attacked Jay after his match. This was actually fairly good. Jay looked good as usual and Titus looks to have improved significantly over the course of 2010.

7.) Rottweiler vs. Pit Bull – Homicide vs. Kenny King: ***

This is Homicide first house show back as a regular and he's being put up against one of ROH's rising stars. A good match, but nothing great. 

After the match, Titus comes out & ANX beats down Homicide until Jay Briscoe comes out for the save. However, Jay & Homicide get into a verbal argument afterwords and need to be separated.

8.) ROH World Tag Team Titles – The Kings of Wrestling (with Shane Hagadorn) vs. Davey Richards & Christopher Daniels: ****

So this is the classic "foes teaming up in a Tag Team Title Match" story. I actually enjoy this kind of story a lot more than some others probably do, even though you know in this case the team of foes isn't going to win. Still, this match was very good. Daniels & Richards meshed well together as a team.

Overall: 7.5/10

This show surprised me. It actually turned out to be pretty good. Of course you have the main event, which was pretty good, but you had a fair amount of undercard matches that were very appealing as well. The DVD also comes with a Bonus DVD of the Joe-Punk Trilogy, which was a nice incentive (although since they recently released a Joe/Punk DVD set that includes the matches PLUS their shoot interview, not sure if it would be that much of an incentive). My rating for those matches are below.

Special Bonus – Joe vs. Punk Trilogy

World Title Classic (Dayton, Ohio 6/12/04) – ROH World Title – Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk: ****1/2

Joe vs. Punk II (Chicago Ridge, Illinois 10/16/04) – ROH World Title – Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk: *****

All-Star Extravaganza 2 (Elizabeth, New Jersey 12/04/04) – ROH World Title – Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk: ****3/4

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