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TNA Destination X 2012 Review

Austin Aries gets his big break!

TNA Destination X
Orlando, Florida 7/8/12

1.) Last Chance Fatal Four-Way – Rubix vs. Mason Andrews vs. Lars Only vs. Dakota Darsow: ***

Rubix is Jigsaw, Mason Andrews is Scorpio Sky, Lars Only is Johnny Yuma of the RockNES Monsters, and Dakota Darsow is......Dakota Darsow. This was a good four-way. A nice opening match.

Kid Kash comes out immediately after Mason Andrews wins, leading to the next match...

2.) X Division Title Tournament - Mason Andrews vs. Kid Kash: **1/2

A decent match. I kind of expected Kash to lose here.

3.) X Division Title Tournament - Douglas Williams vs. Kenny King: **3/4

Regardless of the situation involving his release from ROH, I am glad Kenny King is getting an opportunity here. Probably the best match of the Four X-Divison Singles Matches. Williams is good as always and King looked good as well.

4.) X Division Title Tournament - Sonjay Dutt vs. Rashad Cameron:  **1/2

Rashad Cameron is known as BLK Jeez (formerly Sabian) on the independents (mainly CZW). This was part of his big summer swing as he appeared for WWE, TNA & ROH. This was another fine match. Nothing special, but solid

After a video package detailing his current situation, Jesse Sorensen comes out. He has been out with a severe injury suffered at the hands of Zema Ion at Against All Odds, and this is his first appearance in the Impact Zone since that night. He thanks fans for their support and promises revenge against Zema Ion. Ion then comes out and the two stare at each other before the next match...

5.) X Division Title Tournament - Zema Ion vs. Flip Casanova: **1/4

Flip Casanova is known as Flip Kendrick on the independents, where he is part of the team of Aeroform. This was probably the worst of the Four X-Divison Singles Matches. Decent.

6.) Bound For Glory Series – Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe: ***3/4

Kurt Angle is currently in 4th Place with 20 Points while Samoa Joe is 2nd with 27 Points. While this was not the best match these two have ever had, it was still pretty good...especially when one considers the match's position on the card. Very good match. Joe gets a Submission Victory, thus earning 10 Points.

7.) Last Man Standing – AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: ****

Styles & Danielson have great chemistry against one another and have a history of great matches....just like Joe & Angle. This time it's Last Man Standing. A very brutal match, but pretty good. Not much high flying necessarily, as this was more of a fight. 

8.) Ultimate X Match – X Division Title – Mason Andrews vs. Kenny King vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion: ***1/4

This is for the X-Division Title, which Austin Aries vacated as part of his deal with GM Hulk Hogan in regards to the World Title Match. It was not the best Ultimate X Match, but it was still entertaining. Sonjay got hurt mid-match, but returned later to finish the match. Zema Ion wins the vacant X-Division Title.

9.) TNA World Title – Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries: ****1/4

A great World Title Match here. Aries & Roode put on an awesome match. I don't know what it was, but when I was watching this, it had that special vibe, like you knew something great was going to happen. Something special did happen as Austin Aries became TNA World Champion, a year after winning his TNA Contract at Destination X 2011. Confetti comes down from the ceiling as Aries celebrates and the show comes to an end.

Overall: 8.5/10

2012 has really been comeback year for TNA. After an relatively horrid 2010 and a decent 2011, they've made great strides in 2012, especially when it comes to the quality of their PPV's. This was probably one of the best shows TNA has put on in 2012. The X-Division was in the forefront as we saw a new X-Divison Champion & fresh faces. We also saw some other good matches with guys that had great chemistry. Lastly, of course, we saw a World Title Change as Austin Aries reached the top of the mountain. Very good show from TNA. Definitely worth checking out.

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