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ROH The Final Countdown Tour: Boston Review

The Dragon vs. The Wolf

ROH The Final Countdown Tour: Boston
Boston, Massachusetts 9/25/09

1.) The Young Bucks vs. Up In Smoke (Cheech & Cloudly): ***

Very solid opener from two great young tag teams.

2.) Sonjay Dutt vs. Delirious (with Daizee Haze): **1/2

This was set up after Dutt apparently abused Haze on a recent episode of ROH on HD Net. It was fine match. Enjoyable.

After the match Dutt forces himself on Haze. She slaps him, leading to Dutt putting her in the Camel Clutch.

3.) Four Corner Survival - Chris Hero vs. Petey Williams vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. El Generico: ***

Here we have a very interesting array of opponents. It was a fun match. Nothing overly good, but nice all-out action for a match that went just under 10 Minutes.

Bret Hart does a promo (either taped or live can't remember) thanking the fans & putting over ROH (the usual stuff).

4.) Anything Goes Match - Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen: ***1/4

This was not as good as the Anything Goes Match Steen had with Davey Richards at the last Boston show, but it was still good. Of course Edwards would receive his infamous Elbow Injury here that would force him to wear a cast for Ladder War II. The ending spot was great, and the match as a whole gave fans a taste of what to look for in Ladder War II

5.) Dark City Fight Club vs. Alex Payne & Bobby Dempsey: *3/4

Somewhat of an extended squash for DCFC. Next...

6.) Nigel McGuinness vs. Roderick Strong: ***1/2

I think the opponents were supposed to be different for this weekend of shows but with the announcement that Nigel was leaving for bigger & better things as well, they had to switch things around, and we got this match. Pretty solid work. Nigel cuts the typical "guy leaving" promo afterwords.

7.) ROH World Champion Austin Aries & Rhett Titus vs. Colt Cabana & Kenny Omega: ***

So this is pretty much the same match as the one the weekend before in Dayton except we get Kenny Omega instead of Petey Williams and the heels ended up winning. It was fine for what it was.

8.) Main Event - Bryan Danielson vs. Davey Richards: ****1/2

Davey has been built up over the last year at this point (especially if what Gabe had originally planned before he left was true) as "the guy" to kind of take Danielson's place (air-apparent if you will). Just great work from both of these guys. Awesome Match.

Richards thanks Danielson for the match and for helping him out with his career afterwords. Danielson then cuts a classy promo, putting over Richards.

Overall: 8.0/10

This was another great Boston show from ROH. Danielson/Richards makes this a very good buy, and the rest of the card isn't to shabby either, with only one match you could really skip (and it was an entertaining squash). Very good show overall.

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