Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ROH Supercard of Honor V Review

Ring of Honor's annual Supercard comes to New York City for the first time ever!

ROH Supercard of Honor V
New York City, New York 5/8/10

1.) Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Kenny King & Rhett Titus: ***

This was a very energetic opener featuring two great tag teams. Good way to start the show.

King & Titus argue after the match but eventually cooler heads prevail and they head to the back together.

2.) Erick Stevens vs. Grizzly Redwood: **

Redwood has been targeted by the Embassy for some time now. I actually though this would be like the matches Redwood had with Jimmy Rave in 2009 where Rave would beat Redwood in a few short minutes. This one was a little different, and actually turned out to be good. 

After the match, the Embassy goes to finish off Redwood for good but BALLS MAHONEY of all people comes out for the save!

3.) SHIMMER Match - Sara Del Rey vs. Amazing Kong: ***

Kong is coming off being let go by TNA. Why they chose Bubble the Love Sponge over her I have no idea. They loss is everyone else's gain. This was pretty good. These two are some of the best women's wrestlers out there.

Daniels cuts a promo before his match, talking about his return to ROH, Davey Richards, and other things. Pretty solid.

4.) Non-Title Match - Eddie Edwards vs. Christopher Daniels: ***3/4

The TV Title is not on the line here. A very good match. This would be the first of a series of matches that Daniels & Edwards would have. 

Daniels puts over Eddie afterwords, saying he is one of the elite because he is a champion. He once again mentions Davey Richards, saying if he want's to be the best, he has to go through the Fallen Angel.

5.) Grudge Match - Austin Aries vs. Delirious: Good Feud Advancement

Aries comes out for the match.....but isn't dressed to compete. He announces that he now has a manager's license and wants Delirious & Daizee Haze to come out so he can "apologize" for his previous actions (injuring the throat of Delirious on the guardrail on HD Net). Aries offers some things to the duo (and we get some pretty funny chants) but Delirious will have none of it & attacks Aries. A match actually starts but ends in a DQ pretty quickly. Essentially a glorified beat down to advance the story. King & Titus eventually come down and things cool down.

6.) 34th Street Last Man Standing Death Match - Kevin Steen vs. Colt Cabana: ***1/2

El Generico isn't scheduled to be here so we're getting a Steen/Cabana match here. A pretty good hardcore match. Very brutal stuff. The involvement of Steve Corino and his son Colby just shows how far Steen & Corino are willing to go.

7.) ROH World Tag Team Titles - Kings of Wresting vs. Motor City Machine Guns: ****

The Kings come out to "We Are The Champions" by Queen which was used during their first World Tag Team Title run in 2006. I gotta say, despite the DQ finish with the Briscoes, this was still a VERY good match. The Machine Guns looked very good here and proved to be a great matchup for the Kings. Now as I mentioned above, the DQ finish did hurt it, but apparently ROH was in a hard place with TNA not wanting their talent to lose on a ROH house show. During the DQ causing beat down, the Briscoes get their hands on Sara Del Rey and Jay gives her the Jay Driller.

8.) ROH World Title - Tyler Black vs. Roderick Strong: ****1/4

These two had a series of great matches at the end of 2009. Strong slowly became involved in the Aries/Black feud, and eventually got this title match, slowly turning heel in the process. This was a very good World Title Match. Once again, Strong & Black show off their great chemistry by putting on excellent matches. The matches ends in a cradle roll up which was supposed to be a Super God's Last Gift I suppose. I will say the constant kick-outs and lack of selling by Black did bother me slightly. Roderick slaps Tyler after the match leading to a pull-apart brawl. 

Overall: 8.75/10

Oddly enough this show had a lot of current (and former) TNA talent featured. The two main events are more than enough to convince you to see this (despite the finish/selling issues respectively). Only one match was below three stars, and all those that were three stars or better were good to great. It's been interesting to see how Ring of Honor handles the Post-Gabe Supercard of Honor's since they have  (especially V & VI) lacked the outside talent that the show initially thrived on. So far they have generally been good to great, this one included.

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